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Alexandria’s Genesis: What is it Purple Eye Disease? Side Effects & Symptoms

Alexandria’s Genesis: What is it? Side Effects and Symptoms

Ashish Goyal
by Ashish Goyal — 1 year ago in Future 4 min. read

Alexandria’s Genesis – if you have searched the internet for this, I am sure you are more than baffled by now! There are several mixed opinions about this rare condition. Some believe that the condition is completely made-up or a myth while there are others who believe it is a work of fiction.

Scientifically speaking, neither there is any evidence of such a condition existing in the history nor is there any current record of the same. There is a fair percentage of the population that prefers to call Alexandria’s Genesis precisely an ONLINE myth!

The first reports of this condition are believed to have been traced back to the year 2005 when they are believed to have surfaced for the first time. On the contrary, other reports mention that the condition was first reported almost a thousand years ago in the Ancient Egyptian times.

Among all the unsure facts and confusion, let us learn more about Alexandria’s Genesis from all that we have heard, known or read of the subject around us.

Alexandria’s Genesis — what is it all about?

Alexandria’s Genesis is believed to be a rare medical condition which is a result of genetic mutation. The children who are believed to be born with this condition are believed to have unusual and visible symptoms such as the change in the color of their eyes to purple or a beautiful lilac, all within six months of their birth.

The color can grow to a darker or a deeper shade once the child hits puberty but it still remains a shade of purple in eyes disease. In spite of having an unusual eye color, such individuals have a normal sight just like others who have a normal lifestyle.

It does not just end here! It is alleged that the patients affected by Alexandria’s Genesis, which is believed to be a result of genetic mutation turn into perfect human beings and are characterized by a list of physical symptoms that are almost clearly visible.

Alexandria’s Genesis Symptoms

Whether you believe Alexandria’s Genesis to be a truth or a myth is entirely your choice but the people affected by the condition are believed to have the following symptoms called the Alexandria’s Genesis Symptoms –

  • Their eyes are purple in color which could be present right from birth or could develop later.
  • Even though the eyes are purple in color, they have the ability to see things clearly just like other people with normal sight.
  • They have perfect skin that neither tans nor ages. It does not even burn but only shines!
  • Their bodies are perfectly proportioned.
  • There is a complete absence of body hair i.e. hair does not grow on the face, body, the pubic and the anal region. But they have hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, and ears.
  • Women suffering from Alexandria’s Genesis have high levels of fertility which means they can have healthy pregnancies and bear children as well. But the surprising fact is that they do not undergo menstruation as well.
  • They have an excellent immune system.
  • They have negligible body waste.
  • The patients suffering from Alexandria’s Genesis are believed to have perfect bodies that neither put on extra weight nor lose any.
  • They are believed to live as long as 150 years but there are no visible signs of the aging post the 50-year mark.

Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects

Since there are no facts and figures or even historic evidence of this rare condition, it would not be wrong to name all the above mentioned so-called symptoms as the Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects as well.

Even though the condition is believed to turn humans to virtually perfect, some of its symptoms such as the absence of menstruation in women are nothing less than a side effect.

Instead, most of the symptoms of this condition are unusual like having minimal body waste or absence of body and facial hair, skin that does not tan or burn or absence of any signs of the aging post the age of 50. All such unusual symptoms can rightly be called Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects as well!
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Alexandria’s Genesis — Truth or Myth?

Now this one can get really tricky to answer since there are no records of any individuals suffering from this condition, no medical researches or any studies made into the subject. Some of the symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis that mention patients living up to 150 years of age are difficult to fathom since the oldest living individual is known to be 122 years old.

The others such as an excellent immune system, high fertility levels in women even without menstruation are not just contrary but also difficult to comprehend.

However, there are a few medical conditions that are believed to result in purple eyes disease as well but they have all the scientific facts and figures to back the condition. Some of the known causes that can bring a change in the color of the eyes are genetics.

Melanocyte Cells in humans are responsible for the color of eyes in an individual. Another reason for an unusual color of eyes can be an injury to the eyes that damages the blood vessels. Whether the condition is temporary or permanent will depend on the severity of the damage.

Albinism is another known, rare medical condition or a disorder where an individual lacks melanin pigment in the iris in the eyes which can change the color of the eyes to light blue, red or violet.

Heterochromatin is a medical condition that is known to change the color of the eye of the patient suffering from this disorder.

So there are several medical conditions that are known to change the color of the eye of the patient but none that can back the unusual symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis!

Alexandria’s Genesis – The Final Word

Call it a myth, work of fiction, syndrome, medical condition, people with purple eyes disease or by any other name, the fact is that we are discussing this and we have some so-called facts and figures as well.

It is said that there is no smoke without fire and there is certainly some truth in mythologies as well. But the fact that there has been no scientific study or research on the subject even after being widely discussed is another matter of doubt.

So until we have clear research and concise results, all we can do is, keep guessing!

Ashish Goyal

Ashish Goyal is a Digital Marketing Specialist at a leading PHP MySQL application development company. He understands startups, enterprises, and their needs well. Apart from that, he is an expert in lead generation and inbound marketing. He has also handled the marketing and growing operations. He loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales. You can join Ashish via LinkedIn.

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