Alexandria’s Genesis: Purple Eyes - Fake! Or Real? (May 2024)

Alexandria’s Genesis Or Purple Eyes: What Is It? (A Complete Guide)

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Blog updated on 08 May 2024

Do you have purple eyes or calling yourself Alexandria’s Genesis? I will say it is impossible to have a purple eye naturally and Alexandria’s Genesis Unveiled, debunking the myth.

It is not general that people born with purple eye, instead of black, grey, and brown eyes.

The science behind the eye color change phenomenon has always been fascinating and mysterious to explore and learn. And the Alexandria Genesis myth traced back to 2005 has made the exploration even more spellbinding.

If you’ve never come across the term Genesis of Alexandria you may be asking yourself:

What is Alexandria’s Genesis?

And what is the Purple Eye Disease all about?

For those who know or those who have looked it up, Alexandria’s Genesis or purple eye disease is shrouded in a lot of mysticism and fallacy and not a lot of proof.

Today in this blog, we’ll explore everything about Alexandria genesis; from its true meaning, causes, and symptoms to find out whether it exists in reality or is just true as what others believe i.e. Myth!

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Alexandria’s Genesis: What Is It?

What is Alexandria Genesis
What is Alexandria Genesis?

Based on online myth and ancient people’s talks and doctor reviews, a person with violet eyes born is said to be able to reside for Hundred-and-Fifty years, and they progressively have:

  • Pale skin and perfect human body habit
  • High-level fertility, but without menstruation in women
  • Excellent immune system with very little bodily waste
  • Very little or no body hair

These perceptions developed by “people with the fake eye conditions” are also said to be Alexandria’s genesis side effects.

According to modern definitions and beliefs, Alexandria Genesis is a term given to exceptionally rare, purple or violet eyes, which is seen as a syndrome by experts that suggests that this is fiction.

This means Alexandria’s genesis is a complete fabrication, however, amber eye color does change, but not to purple, at least not naturally, but due to a mutation, inflammation inside the eye, or a condition called people with albinism.

However, there is no scientific explanation given for the affected eye color changing to purple or people with purple eyes.

In addition to this, Alexandria genesis is also known as Alexandria syndrome.

Alexandria’s Genesis: Is It Real Or Fake?

“Alexandria Genesis” or “purple eye syndrome” does not exist in the real world. The internet myth talking about eye color changing to purple or violet in infants is also fake.

However, eye color does change and notably, it is seen popularly in infants.

Scientific research says that changes in eye color will have stopped by the age of 6 and the different color change in eye phenomenon occurs mostly in the first year of life in infants.

Additionally, 10 to 15 per cent of people of Caucasian heritage experience this throughout adolescence and adulthood.

Newborn Eye Colors

newborn eye color
Newborn eye color

Let’s read a little bit about infants’ eye color theory. This would help us to know more about eye color changing study.

Scientifically, the eye is the most sensitive part of the organ. Talking about its structure, the eye comprises 12 components, out of which, the important components are Iris, Cornea, Pupil, Retna, and Lens.

Commonly, eye color represents the color of the Iris (the colorful ring around the pupil), the pupil controls the light blue exposures that enter the eye.

Iris color develops and strongly depends on the presence of a protein called “Melanin”. Surprisingly, this protein is also present in your hair and skin color.

Melanin is secreted from a special cell of blood vessels called Melanocytes whenever needed and when this cell responds to light you see changes in skin color. For example, a Summer tan happens because of this prodigy.

Diving deeper, most babies are born with dark brown color  pigment eyes and Caucasian babies are with blue eyes or gray eyes. During the first year, most parents observe their babies’ eye color change from a blue/gray (low amount of melanin) to hazel/green (medium amount of melanin), or dark brown (high amount of melanin).

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How Rare Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

First of all, there is no such thing called Alexandria’s genesis. This means, the term “Alexandria’s Genesis” is totally a myth.

The term is often connected with genetic mutations that cause people to develop unique violet eyes. Human eyes can be Amber, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel Eyes, Red, and Violet.

Less than 1% of the world’s population has eyes that appear red or violet under certain conditions such as Albinism in humans.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis A Real Mutation?

No, based on media experts verdict, it is not possible to have purple eyes naturally, thus it’s not real. The fame is came from an essentially a piece of fan fiction.

Being said that could it be possible for a real mutation similar to this to occur? Till to this date, there is no case or mutation investigated that led to the fact that people eye color change to purple or infant with purple eyes.

What Causes Alexandria’s Genesis? 6 Significant Causes Behind Eye Color Change

Considering the facts collected from the research and the words from the doctor and scientist, eye color cannot be purple, at least not possible naturally, and no human is being born with purple eye color to this date.

Besides, with the use of artificial eye lenses and makeup elements, eye color can be converted into purple or any wished color. The natural colors of the eye are black, brown, gray, blue, and green eyes, but not purple.

Want to know the reason behind eye color changes, six significant causes are mentioned below:

  • Melanin: Melanin is treated as a protein which is emitted from Melanocytes responsible for bringing the color of the Iris changes as they grow. Lack of melanin or low melanin cause pale skin, white hair and blue eyes.
  • Heterochromia: It is the different colored eyes in the same person. Usually, this happens because of hereditary traits unassociated with other diseases. In this, the color of one eye is different from the other eye.
  • Genetics: Genetics is a branch of science that studies genes and heredity could also be responsible for eye color change.
  • Albinism: Albinism is observed as a genetic mutations or syndrome in which melanin (color-changing protein) produces no or very little resulting in eye color change.
  • Eye Tumor: Two kinds of eye tumors can be seen retinoblastoma in children and melanoma in adults could cause a change color in eye.
  • Fuchs uveitis syndrome: An unusual form of chronic uveitis is swelling and irritation of the middle layer of the eye. Experts suggest that in some cases, it leads to alteration of eye color.
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Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects: Surprising or Horrifying!

Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects
Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects

Alexandria’s Genesis symptoms, Alexandria’s Genesis causes, and most of the arguments supporting the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis are largely fictitious and have no concrete scientific backup, hence doctor belief as well.

So if the existence of this purple eye disease and people with purple eye diseases seems dubious and debatable, what are Alexandria’s Genesis side effects?

All the Alexandria Genesis side effects we have compiled are some of what people through the years thought or assumed people with Alexandria’s Genesis had or suffered from.

  • Purple eyes
  • Perfect vision
  • Perfect body shape
  • Pale skin
  • Longer life
  • Strong immune system
  • Fair skin with no hair

These symptoms can be referred to as the side effects of Alexandria genesis. The reason is that these symptoms are very rare and almost all of them are scientifically impossible, coming from a single genetic mutation.

What Are Alexandria’s Genesis Symptoms?

What Are Alexandria’s Genesis Symptoms
Alexandria’s Genesis Symptoms

Alexandria’s Genesis is considered a genetic disorder that affects humans in infancy. It turns their eyes from blue or gray at birth, to the color pink due to a mutation of the person’s genes.

But as they grow and enter puberty, the color darkens and turns purple. This change color in eye is said to not affect the eyesight of people with purple eye diseases.

In addition to having fiction around violet eyes, here are some of the features or symptoms of purple eyes disease.

1. Immunity From Burns or Tans

Yep, you read that right. Alexandria’s Genesis gives you immunity from burns and skin tans under the sun.

In addition to that, people with purple eyes have no hair on their body aside from the ones on their eyelashes, brows, head, and nostrils. This means that the pubic area, arms, and legs have no hair on them.

2. Pro-weight Loss

One alleged symptom of this disease is that people with the mutation are immune from a lot of gain weight conditions due to high metabolism.

That is to say, it doesn’t matter how much they eat, they do not add weight and unlike the average person, they don’t produce a lot of waste.

3. Near Immortality

Another feature of Alexandria’s Genesis is the ability of sufferers to live longer than the life expectancy rate.

This is because when they get to about 50 years old, ageing stops for them and they begin to look much younger than their age! Reports and assumptions say they can be able to live even up to 150 years of age.

4. Fertility

Another Alexandria Genesis symptom has to do with women alone. It is said that the violet eyes disease makes women unable to menstruate.

However, in surprising and contradictory terms, women with purple eye diseases remain fertile despite not seeing their time of the month.

5. Pale Skin and Perfect Shaped Bodies

It appears that this gene mutation doesn’t disfigure, but enhances both internal and external features.

Alexandria’s Genesis symptoms add pale skin to its list of symptoms. In addition to it, sufferers are said to have perfectly proportioned bodies.

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The Verdict: Truth Or Mythical Internet Stories

The purple eyes disease is not a medical eye conditions and so does not exist and does not affect any known living person or persons that ever lived. Its symptoms and side effects not only sound dubious and impossible, scientifically, one mutation cannot have all of them.

Even though actress Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes was known to have extraordinary violet-colored eyes, it did not have anything to do with Purple Eye Disease.

Alexandria’s Genesis FAQs

Does Alexandria's genesis exist?

No, Alexandria genesis is only the mysticism and fallacy since 2005 and some belief before that too.

Do natural purple eyes exist?

Not at all, A man or woman cannot be born with purple eyes. So, it is not natural to say you have violet eyes.

What happens if your eyes are purple?

First of all, eye color cannot be purple. It can only be maneuvered by the use of an artificial lens or other contrived ways. You look more charming, handsome, and pretty.

Can a person have unique violet eyes?

A person may have brown and black, even green and blue along with gray eyes but not purple.

Is purple the rarest eye color?

Yes, purple eye color is rare, but no scientific evidence has been developed to prove the real existence of purple eye color in human beings.

What disease causes purple eyes?

If you think Alexandria Genesis is syndrome behind purple orb then you are wrong. It is just an online myth.

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