How Is Virtual Reality Training Creating A Buzz In The International Market

How is Virtual Reality Training Creating a Buzz in The International Market

by Jane Smith — 4 years ago in Future 4 min. read

Technology is at par with making some dynamic changes in the field of development and up-gradation of our traditional techniques of workflow and lifestyle. With the advent of smartphones, we can carry the world in our pockets both in a real and virtual platform like never before. Here we are to discuss Virtual reality training that’s making a potential difference to training for varied purposes. It’s expected to hit $150 billion revenue by 2020 and also $500 million VR sets are expected to be sold by 2025.

So, Virtual Reality Training is an artificial environment training that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. Training plays a very important role in any sort of expertise. To be a connoisseur of an activity or work program an improper or lack of training can be a major drawback for both the employee or staff working for the company as well as it also jeopardizes the reputation of public relations of the company, therefore, app development companies have taken this objective on a serious note to develop some unique featured training apps

Lack of resources, infrastructure, Impromptu unnatural situations, a dearth in management of an organization finds it very challenging with advanced real-time training, well! How about replacing that with Virtual training, which itself is nothing less than real-time training with maximum benefits and cutting cost features. It’s already being applied in full swing by some of the top companies who prefer to train their workers/ staff and employees in a virtual platform which is a thumbs up in comparison to the traditional methods of training. 

To Name a Few Top Multinational Companies Using VR Technology Training:-

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  • Larsen and Toubro
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Tyson
  • Walmart 

How can a Company / Industry Benefit From Virtual Reality Training:-

Reduced Physical Training Sessions-

Having continuous physical training for a huge team in case of heavy training activities is very daunting as a lot of cost and management are involved in it. It’s not always possible to have repeated training to meet up to perfection in that case VR training is a life savior. It’s a one time cost with lifetime benefits.

Life Risk Situations

Rigorous training for example mountain climbing, deep-sea diving, defense training, etc leads to impromptu situations where even death accidents have also been recorded. Due to this reason a lot of them fear to go about with the training and we lose out on talents and expeditions, therefore VR training is safe it has no place for life risk situations.

Increase In Concentration Level

There is a lot of learning involved with training for example in the case of the medical field which requires subjective knowledge generation for an anatomy class is equally important along with practicals. In that case, hesitation to meet cadaver anatomy of heart, kidney, brain, etc can be replaced with VR training which can give a detailed 360-degree intricate anatomy training class with an active concentration of every medical student without fail.

Increase Workflow In a Company-

All companies wish their employees to be trained well in their expertise to maintain professionalism and high productivity. Advanced training automatically increases the workflow in an office and also increases the level of professionalism. Therefore having an inhouse app with VR content can be used with the kind of training you wish to give way even if you lack the above-mentioned resources. A lot of app development companies have developed unique apps related to this objective.
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Laboratory Experiments deal with very fragile equipment, toxic chemicals which can cause serious harm to our body if not trained well to handle with care. A lot of fatal accidents have also been reported in the past, in that case, VR training is a hassle-free experience training even in ghastly places like gas chambers, Nuclear power plants, and radioactive power plants.

Training In Industrial Construction Site-

This involves the handling of heavy complicated machines, heights, and operations. A lot of workers fail to understand the on-ground safety training techniques involved for a lot of causes like loud machine sounds, language barrier, complicated procedures which are difficult to retain in mind without a comprehensive training, in that case, VR safety training measures should be a industries 1st preference to solve this decade problem.

Business Training-

A lot of companies fail to provide sufficient business training to its employees, in that case, a VR training is very interactive and also socially engaging for all the employees working to create a healthy working sphere.

Space Training Using VR-

Nasa is using Virtual reality to train its astronauts. Space training requires huge complications and it’s a time-bound training, therefore candidates can now learn the basics of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station using VR.  
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VR technology has made some rapid progress in justice provision for victims. Applying this technology through the use of the HTC Vive tool they can further their knowledge of Investigation and also train the department regarding serious evidence collection techniques with real-time situations in a virtual platform.


Virtual reality is an amazing contribution to technology. There are endless points to still touch upon by this gift of technology. Although it’s in a slow process of development among the widely accepted sectors among the mass, no sooner it’s going to be a necessity in development. Virtual reality app development companies are in the tough competition already in developing extraordinary featured apps to meet up with their expertise. If you are in need to develop a VR app, an opportunity to hire app developers should be your interest to meet the desired needs for the development of your business.

Jane Smith

Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, a popular . VR game development company Working with global companies he knows about the VR prospects and hence tries to utilize it appropriately so that the gamers across the globe can be served with utmost ease and efficiencies. Being a tech-enthusiast he loves to read and write a lot about the trending technologies to help aspiring game developers enhance their core competencies.

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