Is It Possible To Go Up A Career Ladder If You Work Remotely?

Is It Possible To Go Up A Career Ladder If You Work Remotely?

by Micah James — 9 months ago in Future 2 min. read

Advancing in the corporate world once required significant physical presence at the workplace. However, the emergence of telecommuting alternatives has presented employees with distinct and evolving circumstances. On one hand, ExpressVPN showed problems with remote workers, such as online shopping, gambling, and searching for other jobs during working hours. On the other hand, Forbes mentions a study that reveals working from home makes employees 47% more productive.

So, can employees advance their careers while work remotely?


Remote workers must have equal access to professional growth opportunities, just like their counterparts in traditional office settings. It not only indicates a thriving remote work environment but is also of paramount importance for individuals seeking remote employment in today’s world.

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12 Strategies for Advancing Professionally in A Remote Work Environment

Here are our most effective strategies to foster and enhance your professional trajectory, seizing every chance for personal development and progression, regardless of your workplace setting.

  1. Maintain office presence: Even if your company allows remote work, don’t abandon the office entirely. Make efforts to be seen by scheduling regular in-person meetings with your boss or lunch dates with colleagues. Occasionally working from the office will keep you connected and informed about department and company updates.
  2. Be responsive: Communication is crucial in remote work. Speak up, ask questions, and respond promptly to emails and messages. Keeping colleagues updated and demonstrating your reliability will showcase your responsibility and willingness to take on new challenges.
  3. Show initiative: Take proactive steps to suggest ideas, offer solutions, and foster collaboration with other departments. Highlight your skills and strive to remain visible in the workplace, ensuring your contributions are recognized.
  4. Utilize remote tools: Familiarize yourself with digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Asana, or Trello to effectively collaborate, manage tasks, and maintain productivity in a remote setting.
  5. Increase face-to-face time: Make an effort to increase face-to-face interaction with your team, despite the remote setup. Organize virtual social events, and as said earlier, consider visiting the office occasionally to stay connected and involved in team dynamics.
  6. Stay top of mind: Regularly check in with your team to offer assistance, stay informed about company goals, and make your interests and capabilities known. By proactively communicating your value and aspirations, you increase your chances of being considered for key projects and opportunities.
  7. Advocate for your development: Don’t forget to prioritize your career growth in a remote work environment. Share your career goals with your manager, seek feedback, and collaborate on a plan to acquire the necessary skills and experience for advancement.
  8. Build a network: Actively engage with colleagues outside your immediate team to expand your professional network. Attend virtual team-building events, volunteer for cross-functional collaborations, and establish connections within your industry for broader career opportunities.
  9. Align with company values: Understand your company values and the metrics used to measure success. Align your goals with the organization’s objectives, demonstrating your commitment and positioning yourself for future promotions.
  10. Document achievements: Keep track of your accomplishments, especially as a remote worker who may not receive immediate recognition. Create a portfolio or a spreadsheet showcasing your successes, building a comprehensive record of your progress and accomplishments.
  11. Embrace continuous learning: Seize opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether attending online classes or conferences, embrace self-improvement and show dedication to personal and professional growth.
  12. Have a career vision: Develop a long-term career plan to avoid complacency and maintain motivation. Regularly evaluate your progress and ensure alignment with your career goals, allowing you to dream big and strive for success in your remote career.

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