The Next Generation Smartphone Is Here - The Nothing Phone

The Next Generation Smartphone is Here – The Nothing Phone

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Future 4 min. read

This year a lot of heat will be caught (some had and some about to be) with the launch of a despicable new phone called ‘Nothing Phone’. Don’t be fanatic or so-hyped because this phone is not normal, it’s next-generation and most of you may not have heard it yet.

Every year, the phone manufacturing companies design and deploy dozens of smartphones with all different features, specs, and heat of catch.

Be ready! Because a new catch is about to be revealed this summer.

Learn Everything About ‘The Nothing Phone’ That We Know So Far!

Nothing is a new passion project of OnePlus founder Carl Pie which is about to kick off this summer in the month of July (continue reading to know the release date) therefore, people are already hyped and excited to know more about it.

So far, the internet is hyped with Nothing phone rumours, leaks, and others. Since the tease of the first-look of this Nothing phone surfaced online, people rushed to hit search to know about this new, next generation smartphone.

And, here’s what the internet covers and what our community knows so far about this phone.

Starting with epithet, Nothing brand’s first smartphone named Phone 1 (numeric only) is the most anticipated release of the year because as I told you earlier ‘it is not new normal’ and distinct from others available smartphones in the market.

The Phone 1 is based on the verge of technology of the present day, and the Carl pie’s vision.

As of now, the entity and professionals know little about this upcoming phone as the company keeps it official for so long. However, the design of the phone is revealed by the company.

Some sources claimed that the specifications that have also surfaced on the internet shall meet with the official launch event. However, the end game still depends on the official predicament.

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Nothing Phone 1: Design and Hardware

By referring to the official Nothing website and the words of Carl Pie, it has confirmed that the nothing phone has transparent back design, much keeping parallel to Nothing Ear 1 design.

The Nothing Phone 1 Design

As you can see in the above image the back has no cover body, instead transparent revealing a look at the guts of the phone, with metal plates holding with screws giving protection to the individual parts of the handset.
Continuing, the image also illustrates two cameras alignment with flash built-in while a Nothing logo in the centred. And on the right side, there is a volume button dedicated to its function while on the left side there is power button.

As for the hardware features, the idea and suggestions are scratching to predict the display could be a 6.55-inch OLED with a resolution of 1080 x 2400, though this isn’t confirmed yet.

Nothing Phone 1: Software

Coming to the software talk, Phone 1 will run Android, it’s confirmed but can’t be promised. If it goes, then the system will have NothingOS which will be kept leight, promising, and fluent for users overall to facilitate better experience.

Adding more information on this fewer notes, the company also released its Nothing Launcher to Play Store as a beta for only to limited phone models OS. The launcher somewhat has the interface of typical Android while comes with a distinct home screen interface and experiences.

Nothing Phone 1: Release Date and Price

The Nothing’s first ever smartphone is about to be released with a virtual event, according to the official sources on July 12, 2022 at 11am ET/ 2pm PT/ 4pm BST. Additionally, the sale will be kicked off on July 21, based on leaked information sources.

This next-generation smartphone is aligned with the competition to Google Pixel smartphone which is a flagship-category. The words of speculators of market experts predicted that the price would come in at about €500 in Europe. At current exchange rates, that’s about $535 / £425.

In India, the expected price of nothing phone is INR 31,999 for the base variant with 8GB +128GB while the price of nothing phone with 8GB+128GB is INR 34,999 and the highest segment price is INR 37,999 with 12GB+256GB.

Where Phone 1 is available to buy?

As we know, it is the entry of the Nothing smartphone in the industry. Currently, the company is planning to make the Nothing Phone 1 available for a few continents.

As per sources, the Nothing Phone 1 will be coming to most of Asia and Europe, leaving North America totally off the launch. Therefore, people will completely miss out, including Canada, Mexico, and the US.

Additionally, the Nothing Phone (1) will also be launched in India via digital medium and the availability marketplaces could be either Flipkart or Reliance Digital Store.

However, the mystery will be only revealed after the event (July, 12).

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How To Buy The Nothing Phone (1)?

The Nothing Phone is available as a ‘Invite only, Pre-orders’ module for selected users as of now. Before the sale goes on, users who pre-registered can get the smartphone early. The Nothing will send pre-order passes to those who pre-registered to buy a new Nothing Phone.

The program is available to the date 30 June 2022 only.

Here’s how to register and buy the nothing phone:

  • Go the to official Nothing website
  • Click on ‘Join The Waitlist’
  • Enter your email address or continue with Google or Apple ID
  • After signing up, users have to wait and view their position on the waitlist
  • Send an invite code to your friends and when they join, your waitlist will go less

You will receive an invitation code from the company which you have to enter on Flipkart before June 30 and pay a refundable amount of Rs. 2000 to pre-order the Nothing Phone 1.

Upon successful clearance, users then have to log in at Flipkart after the event launch date to pay the remaining amount and order the device.

This means the price will be only revealed on July 12 in the official Nothing event. Till then, make yourself on the waitlist journey.

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