What Does Your Social Media Footprint Say about You?

by Alex Noah — 4 years ago in Future 3 min. read

Ever since the concept of composing’ has been conceived, people have listed their thoughts and happenings in everyday lives in diaries or journals. These documents show exactly what our ancestors thought and cared around, and hand down knowledge from 1 generation to another. Social networking has moved to the area formerly occupied by diaries, but how we use it is not quite the exact same anymore.

A journal entry is frequently a thoughtful procedure. It is just like a mirror that reflects your own emotions, as well as the events that occur in your lifetime. A tweet or Facebook status upgrade, however, is quite much in the minute –that the fancy restaurant you ate at or the style item you bought. Worse would be the trolling minutes so many participate in; which makes fun of the strangely dressed man on the train, or assaulting buddies since they encourage another political party.

Social networking supplies a twisted mirror image of how folks live because often it reveals not what we actually feel or think, but we want other people to view us. There is pressure to think of a shocking remark, a humorous line, or even a humorous picture, that your buddies will’enjoy’ and retweet to make it viral.

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Why is it that we have this dire want to be noticed, enjoyed, affirmed and spoke about? Are we ready to do anything for this? Regrettably, yes.

Social networking has provided us a superb power, but one that we might happen to be misusing. The electronic world enables us to have a real-time dialogue, a dialogue with people throughout the world. It enables us to be near distanced family members and friends. It allows us place our ideas out there, openly, for the entire world to view and possibly learn a thing or 2 from. We utilize it as a port for our psychological distress. We use it to battle and fight with individuals over trivial matters.

So ask me, suppose each text, societal article, email, and also uploaded image was eternally –an electronic mark that will form that you become and the way you are remembered? Can you still use social media how you do today? Possibly not.

It is important that we know the long term effect of social networking, reminding ourselves not to post that photograph, these impolite comments, or people awkward personal details, as everything you place on the web remains there. This implies, if you want it or not, you’re creating a legacy that will live to show folks a variant of you that you might not actually be.

So just take a few minutes now and scroll down on your own FB timeline. Envision yourself as your own descendants, 100 years from now, reading your articles. What will they take out about who you were and what was significant for you? What can they learn from you?

Give them an opportunity to understand you for the great you have as opposed to the poor.

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Here are a Couple of things you Can Begin doing right now to make a lasting positive Social Networking heritage:

  • Do amazing things online like creating educational groups, travel blogs or social service campaigns and make a difference
  • Turbo boost your own social media with happiness
  • Bring your virtual avataar as close to your real avataar
  • Give someone a compliment, appreciate the good stuff
  • Use a filter to filter out negativity
  • De-clutter your social media, de-clutter your mind
  • Take charge of your social media

Social networking is your communication tool that defines our era. If we alter how we use itmore thoughtful and reflective, the ripples could just create a positive shift on the planet for a long time to come.

The new money of the world wide web is positivity–How far are you worth?

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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