You Will Find A New Way To Like’ A Video, Image On Facebook

You will Find a new way to like’ a Video, Image on Facebook

by Micah James — 5 years ago in Future 2 min. read

Facebook is obviously striving new features and changes in the UI of its program to generate navigation simpler for users. Since the exact same firm owns the popular picture and video sharing system Instagram, it’s attracted many features in the program to its own main, standalone program through recent years. And today, it’s attempting to bring another attribute that will likely make it a lot easier to’Like’ a photograph or a movie.

According to @MattNavarra on Twitter, Facebook is attempting to present a brand new feature in its program which will require users to just double tap on a picture or a movie into’Like’ it. This is very similar to what we’ve observed on Instagram. While the exact same attribute on Instagram is for the two Android and iOS users, the sole seen on Facebook is just believed to be for iOS users now. It’s not for certain if the dual tap gesture is simply for the’Like’ or to get different responses too. Navarra also posted a screenshot in the program that revealed a pop up saying’New! You can now double tap to enjoy this.’

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This may create a few users (or even stalkers) bit difficult to use Facebook because the dual tap, for the time being, zooms into the picture to both iOS and Android users. On the other hand, the next time they might attempt to perform it, they may just wind up enjoying the picture or the movie.

Facebook, couple of months back introduced a brand-new UI for its smartphone and desktop program. The plan makes it easier to browse through the pages, groups and search for other profiles. It appears simplistic and much more compact on both the programs. Throughout the Facebook F8 programmer’s seminar, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the provider is making the site faster and a great deal of attention will be on both communities and groups.

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