How Do Headphone Produce Bass

How Do Headphone Produce Bass Frequencies

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

Bass is sound in the music that is used for enhancement of enjoyment. It is one kind of music that produces the lowest instrumental music behind the words of the music.

A clear good base makes the ears comfortable and makes it sense for enjoying, on the contrary, lower bass or those headphones don’t have any bass make the headphone worthless for any ears.

So the bass is a must for any headphones.

Bass in the open air:

Nowadays every speaker uses bass for better sound quality. For this, we need to clarify the bass of speakers too. Sounds created from the pressure of waves and they also travel through the air with the pressure of the waves.

So it goes with the flow of the air and you’ll get the actual sounds when you’re on the side of the airflow.

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Bass at the larger speakers:

Large speakers are for high-frequency sounds. These speakers can make high moves off the air pressure so that the air can escape around the edges.

High frequencies need a longer period of time for longer wavelengths because the air needs to spread out every small corner around it before a low frequency can get a start. It takes high transducer moving and fort for creating low-frequency pressure.

You may easily get that large speaker can produce large waves of bass. They are specially designed for producing the waves with the speed of songlines.

If you get the measurement and sound quality of bigger woofers than you’ll understand why phones, laptops create small bass than the larger woofer.

Low Bass:

Low bass is the range of frequencies that is responsive for all the rumble and thump and the range of low bass is 20Hz-80Hz. Some headphones can’t hold the actual target because of the lack of them. 

If the headphones fulfill the target line then it can go with the perfect hearing system.

At least make sure the bass up to 3db but not more than of it. Too much low bass isn’t good for ears and hearing.

Mid Bass:

The range of frequencies between 80Hz-150Hz is considered as low bass. This bass isn’t for headphones and if it is more than that it’ll make boomy sounds.

It’s not perfect when it’s combined with the low bass.

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High Bass:

The bass which consists of 150Hz – 250Hz is called high bass. This range of high bass adds warmth and makes it fuller. It doesn’t make it too bad for listening to music but it depends on your choice of enjoyment.

How Do Headphone Produce Bass

Before it, we talked about the loudspeakers but the headphones are different from headphones. The difference not only about the size, but there are also other things too.

The headphones aren’t used in the open air, they are used in the air canal and that’s the biggest difference between headphones and woofer.

When we put our headphones on the ears there is little space for outing ears from the air sometimes there is no space for it.

There is an ear monitor in the headphones which measures the flow of the air and makes the base according to the music and need of the ears.

Some headphones have drivers to make the airflow in the ear canal properly.

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Deep Bass

The frequencies between 16-80 Hz is called deep bass. This extended bass is below the limits of hearing. This deep bass can make sense of pressure in the room silently.

Body conduction

Bass also depends on the conduction of your body’s bones. Sounds are created from the vibration and then the sound goes with the specific bones. 

The headphones don’t create much more than 80 Hz, otherwise, you won’t get what’s going on in the headphone.

Though headphones produce 80Hz the brain can control the frequencies and turn it down to 20Hz because low bass is powerful to create germs in the ears and the other bones on the head skull.

For better performance make them attach to the bones than they can contact with the skull bones. Make sure headphones are big enough to fit in the ear canals, so it can contact the skull easily.

How to create more bass on headphones?

You can easily enhance the bass of your headphones by customizing it.

Click your headphone on the right button and select the “properties” then you’ll see the “enhancement” option and boost it as you want. From here you can also make the bass low as you need and suit your ears.

Equalizer setting for best bass

You can set an ideal equalizer from the setting which produces the perfect bass. Make the mid-range at 910Hz and make it lower 230Hz to 4db. After that, it’s the perfect frequency bar at 60Hz which is perfect for the bass of your headphones.

The importance of bass

The importance of bass is really needed for any listener but it’s not necessary for all kinds of music like the session of music and movies aren’t the same.

But when the importance comes at the point of music it must be needed.  If you want to control the bass you can do it too.


The importance of bass is really important while you’re enjoying your music. The importance of actual bass depends on your true test. So make the best test and enjoy the bass of your headphones.

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