Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Unique 2in1 Tablet/PC

Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Unique 2in1 Tablet/PC

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Microsoft introduced many devices from its surface range. The Surface pro 7 being the top end device. But what took our attention was the surface book 3 that has come with very little improvements this year but looks sleek and stylish.


It looks like the 2017 model so nothing crazy new in the design here. The keyboard design is premium and overall device itself looks and feels premium.


The surface book 3 goes up to Quad-core 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor & Up to 32GB RAM and 2TB storage

Max Turbo Speed 3.9 GHz.

It comes with either RTX 3000 or GeForce® GTX graphics depending upon the model.
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Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Unique 2in1 Tablet/PC 1

The 13.5” and 15” LCD displays are good to look at. The display is color accurate and punchy.

Screen Resolution is 3240 x 2160 (260 ppi, PixelSense)


The battery in the surface book 3 is average. The system automatically uses both batteries – a small one in the tablet section and a bigger one in the base.

Camera & mic:

The camera on the device is good quality compared to competitors. The microphone quality is also good which makes video conferences and calls bliss on this device.
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Our Verdict:

This 2in1 tablet PC is a very difficult one to recommend. The Surface book 3 is priced at $2800. There is so much competition at this price range and some high performing laptops will easily sweep the surface book off the table.

But there is a benefit of buying this 2in1 tab. Its unique. It can turn into a tablet and with such powerful internals specially GPU, it is a blessing. There is no other device that is detachable and is this much powerful on the internals.

The Surface book 3 can run almost everything that you throw at it except for hardcore gaming. But other than that, it can run almost every designing and editing softwares.

Also, With the touch input and Pen input, it’s easier for the designers to draw and work.

If you are looking for a powerful PC that can run any task with no issues and can handle hardcore games, then this Surface Book is not for you.

This is a different device that needs a little bit of polishing. Hopefully we could see a better battery and a better display in future updates.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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