No One Will Buy Huawei Smartphone Without Google Playstore And Facebook

No One will buy Huawei Smartphone without Google playstore and Facebook

by Evelyn Addison — 5 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Huawei ‘Smartphone’ without Social Media App

The absence of apps like Facebook or WhatsApp that truly define user experiences is a double whammy for Huawei.

Be honest and ask yourself: Can you purchase a smartphone which neither supports Android operating system and Google programs nor comes pre-installed with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram? This is the situation which Huawei (and its own sub-brand Honor) smartphones stare in the long run – and an impending fall if the problem doesn’t get solved in the upcoming one-two quarters.

Even though the Chinese communications giant intends to establish its own operating system known as”Hongmeng” to substitute the Android OS on its own smartphones but ‘now a starting days’ since the OS must find the light of this day and after that users’ acceptance, that’s the most essential part.

Not having programs like Facebook or even WhatsApp that really define user encounters is a double whammy for Huawei.

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Presently the second largest smartphone participant on earth (driven by stupendous expansion in metropolitan areas like Europe and Asia), Huawei has sensed the challenging road ahead. A recent report from Nikkei Asian Review maintained that Huawei has”downgraded its forecast for total smartphone prices in the second half of 2019 roughly 20 percent to 30 percent from the last quote.

Based on Navkendar Singh, Research Director, Devices and Ecosystem, India and South Asia, IDC, nearly half Huawei’s smartphone amounts come from outside China using its broad smartphone portfolio that runs on Android with Google Mobile Services (GMS) – a selection of Google software and application programming interfaces (APIs) that help encourage functionality across devices.

“China has its own ecosystem of programs that are hugely popular but just in China. Outside it, virtually all popular Android programs are out of Google or by US-based businesses. These programs are the center of experience of almost any smartphone user nowadays,” Singh told.

“With no programs present on its OS, it is going to be very very difficult for Huawei to pull demand because of its phones operating on its own OS,” he added.

Sandwiched between the continuing US-China trade warfare, Chinese telecom equipment important Huawei is looking to salvage its stature and speedy cover the missing ground.

The business is also taking a look at the Indian smartphone marketplace that has touched 450 million smartphone consumers and has a fantastic capacity to grow.

“In India they have never been able to scale to be a significant player. But considering that the growth potential in India, the conclusion by Google and Facebook has put a spanner from the Huawei’s potential competitive strategies for the nation as another growth market in next two-three years out China,” Singh told IANS.

Huawei pipped Apple since the 2nd biggest smartphone vendor at the first quarter of 2019 later Samsung. It clocked 17 percent market share in the global smartphone market, based on Counterpoint Research.

The Chinese technology giant, meanwhile, has denied reports that it’s cut down smartphone production.

The organization, however, is reassessing its goal to become the planet’s top-selling smartphone seller by 2020, after the US trade ban was set up.

On May 15, US President Donald Trump effectively prohibited Huawei using a nationwide security arrangement.

Evelyn Addison

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