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Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than Vietnam War

Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than Vietnam War

by Amelia Scott — 4 months ago in Health 2 min. read

Three months after the first known American death before COVID-19, more than 58,220 Americans died in Vietnam for more than two decades due to a coronovirus epidemic on American soil.

According to Johns Hopkins University, ET’s death on Tuesday evening reached the US death rate of 58,365.

While the epidemic in that war and the American death toll the U.S. The number of people lost in the US is nearly the same, with a significantly higher death rate from coronovirus in the US. It is now about 17.6 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Throughout 1968, the deadliest season to the U.S. at Vietnam, the death toll of 16,899 happened at roughly half of the pandemic’s speed — 8.5 soldiers were murdered for every 100,000 U.S. inhabitants.

The pandemic has also been indicated by nationally death tolls exceeding 2,000 about six days this past month. The greatest daily cost fAlso read: What is an HR's Role in Preventing COVID-19 at Workplace?
or Americans fighting in the Vietnam War was on Jan. 31, 1968, when 246 U.S. employees were killed during the Tet Offensive.

There are several other parallels — and contrasts — involving that conflagration and what is unfolding now.

It was television that brought a war on the opposite side of earth to Americans’ living rooms to the very first time, as on-the-ground reporters chronicled the grinding mayhem of Vietnam for evening network news shows.

By the exact token, this outbreak might be the first to be televised on a daily basis.

coronavirus vietnam war dead - Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than Vietnam War

But while the five presidents — from Dwight Eisenhower to Gerald Ford — that held office throughout the Vietnam battle only sometimes spoke to the country about the struggle, the American people has witnessed President Trump projecting himself as a wartime leader and commanding long news conferences televised live nightly by the White House.

The asserts Trump has made in his pandemic pronouncements — out of stating his government had”enormous” control within the virus into promising it’d”miraculously” return to accusing the information media of attempting to”inflame” the outbreak — have done little to improve his credibility.

Greater than a quarter of those respondents in an recent nationwide survey professed a high degree of confidence in Trump.

Similarly, as early as 1966, critics of President Lyndon Johnson’s optimistic portrayals of an unpopular war pointed to some”credibility gap” It had been defined by then-Sen. Ernest Gruening, D-Alaska, as”a euphemism for what really goes on — specifically, the American men and women are being duped by their own administration officials.”

Vietnam has not reported one COVID-19 departure, and as of April 24, it’d 268 supported cases.

Parallel to the total lives lost so far for epidemics in the US may be a 2017–2018 flu season, the deadliest in the past decade. 61,000 influenza-related deaths were reported nationally by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a period of about eight months.

Amelia Scott

Amelia is a content manager of The Next Tech. She also includes the characteristics of her log in a fun way so readers will know what to expect from her work.

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