How To Enjoy And Improve Yourself In Quarantine Period

How to Enjoy and Improve Yourself in Quarantine Period

by Aditya Kumar — 3 years ago in Health 5 min. read

These are stressful times. But we’re all in this together!

“Shops are closing. Social events are being cancelled left and right. Bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms all are close so there are only one thing left that how I improve myself in this quarantine: stay at home.”

So what is there to do from which i can enjoy and more improve to me and how to keep myself busy? Don’t afraid from this quarantine. This is time of we can do something for others and can live own without problems.

How to Enjoy and Improve Yourself in Quarantine Period

SO I suggest something unique ideas to do in quarantine –

1. Watch the webseries & Movies on your Mobile

Some OTT platforms have paid subscription  but which has best of series (Prime video, Netflix, Zee5) so  i suggesting some best of webseries on free platform like , MX Player Beta , Hotstar ( free movies available), Voot  and Youtube has so many free movies , web series .

2. Cook for your Family & try new dishes

Cook for your Family

Because it’s a pretty basic survival skill, to be honest and this thing help you in future time . when you cook meal for your family this is the great experience and also you can control ingredient by himself  and improve your sleep and reduce your stress. and you can also open a YouTube channel where you make new dishes and can teach people also.

3. Go on a Virtual/live Concert

In this time many your celebrities are doing online podcast on YouTube and other platforms , where you can join the  session and can enjoy with your favorite one. Well, for now, at least. But, you can enjoy a virtual show for sure. You can visit all the previous concert videos available on the internet like BANGBANGCON if you’re into K-pop or enroll in live events. It’s that easy!

 4. Try to grow a plant

grow a plant

Growing a plant have too advantages. and there are so  many physical benefit from it. This thing can help to reduce symptoms of your physical anxiety and you can also make a fruit and vegetable garden at your home in this pandemic time.
And now this Pandemic time you know the value of oxygen

5. Learn a new language for Future Knowledge

it has too much benefits-

Advance Your Career, connect to new people, Feed Your Brain, Deepen Your Connection to Other Cultures , See the World , Go to the Source , Become a Polyglot , Boost Your Confidence , Gain Perspective ,  Respect in society country. so you have to learn new language.

6. Boost your Talent

Boost your Talent

Take out your hidden talent in Quarantine and live it openly.

We don’t like change. We usually resist it. No matter how bored we become with our professional or personal lives, we don’t appreciate it when our comfort gets disrupted.  So now this is best opportunity to get out your talent like singing, painting, story writing, poetry writing, dancing etc. And also you make your video of your talent and make publish it.

7. Buy a Pet

Buy a Pet

Having a own dog is too satisfy thing. because you don`t feel loneliness also having a dog your physical activity being good . According to research pet owners have less problems of B.P and depression.

Having a pet your home security and your children’s safety are being too less . Pets are too sensitive who understand our feelings. There are so many pets which you can raise such as cat, dog, horse, parrot and dogs are too clever who cares more of his owner.

8. Start Earning on online

In this quarantine , you can earn online , a new business so I suggest something earning online platform Chegg Online tutoring, YouTube ,Google AdSense, Amazon, Digital Marketing ,Upwork ,Shutterstock , Zerodha , you can try a blogging website. (tryout this video for online earning)

9. Make Instagram Reels

Creating quality 15 seconds of video content, Instagram reels not only allow you to upload a 15 seconds video, but also allow you to add music and filters to your content.

Get your content on the Explore page

You can become a social media sensation and a famous influencer who guide his fans ,so make it viral

and Instagram also promote your content because uploading a video by using Instagram’s feature, it promotes your content to new audience
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10. Play video Games , Exploring new Music

Video games increase vision of your eyes but playing too many hour is also too dangerous for your eyes. Playing video games is make  connection with new  people on online. You can enjoy playing video games with your children, parents, friends . So that type of movement is always a piece of happiness.

exploring new music on Spotify , wynk music , jio  saavn music.

And you can enjoy the old music ,old movies with your family

So These were some ideas through which you can spend a happy time with your family.

4 Ways to Improve Yourself

1. Find a new hobby

You have to tryout a something you have never done before maybe you will enjoy it because this thing Keep you busy and encourage your personal growth. In a man improvement is always necessary.

2. Workout


Because in this period You can’t use excuse that I don’t have time.

So be ready and improve your body

“Just Do It” and you don’t need a gym you can also try with home equipment’s and build a better physique.

3. Read a book

You can enjoy with reading stories and historical incidents. And by this thing you encourage your reading capacity . you can also try to solve the puzzle games. Reading is good for mind .
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4. Care about your Skin

We have a organ that is skin so we should care about our skin. You can watch the videos on YouTube about skin care routine where we find about face mask or moisturizing treatment. And A good face always strengthens confidence.

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