How To Utilize Machine Learning For IoT Analysis

How to utilize Machine Learning for IoT Analysis

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Machine Learning 4 min. read

Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been the buzzwords for the decade. These technologies find application in almost all industries, from enabling artificially intelligent powered digital assistants to the supply chain’s automation.

They have revolutionized not only how we interact on social media but also how we pay the bills. Here is how to use Machine Learning for IoT Analysis.

Taking a glance at the Google tendencies analysis below, one can be sure that these technologies offer a profitable career, so many people are interested in learning about these.

You previously know what Machine Learning and IoT are.

On the other contrary, the Internet of Things refers to a method of internet-connected items that will communicate over wireless networks.

IoT devices create a lot of data, which may seem useless to people, however, that is where the function of Machine Learning comes into the picture.

How Can Machine Learning be useful to IoT?

Talking about data analytics, Predictive and regulatory Analytics both utilize machine learning and find software in the realm of IoT.

For illustration, in smart lighting systems, the sensors can gather information about luminance, movement of people and vehicles and public transportation list, time of the day, year, etc… Based on the data received combined with the historic data, the Machine Learning Algorithms can predict the appropriate lighting based on the conditions & this will authorize the city government to decrease their electricity costs.
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Smart Watch utilizing a broad range of detectors is an illustration of Prescriptive Analytics.

Tesla Vehicles have always been in the news broadcast and even more so today. Likely it’s a fantasy car for many people.

Have you ever imagined how these Self Driving Automobiles get the job done? These vehicles have many sensors such as lidars, radars, cameras, IoT devices that communicate with each other and send the information in the kind of images and numerical values to a dedicated host.

Based on the data received, various Deep Learning models like Convolution Neural Network and VGG16 are applied to make the car learn mechanically and enhance over-time with knowledge.

Advantages of Using Machine Learning to IoT Data Evaluation

Machine Learning may be used to recognize patterns in data and create real-time predictions. For illustration, it helps to create a better user experience when combined with appliances like Air Conditioning. The machine learning models can learn from the previous data at what temperatures you’re more comfortable with.

  1. It may routinely optimize the room temperature according to your necessities when returning home from work by using past data and current temperature.
  2. Machine Learning and IoT can automate some industrial actions and ensure employee safety in risky areas by using IoT, and Machine Learning enabled instruments to track and optimize processes.
  3. IoT Analysis helps in taking cost-saving measures in Industrial Applications. We are done with the older school idea of ‘Scheduled Maintenance and we are now looking forward to decreasing the surprise downtime utilizing Predictive Maintenance.

The problem with planned Maintenance is the production halts once the machine breaks down, leading to a large revenue loss. It’s also likely that while doing the maintenance, some parts that were working completely before were removed and exchanged with the new parts. It results in an overhead spending that no company person would find out suitable in the right mind. This is where IoT is looking to cut the cost of Industrial Software.
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Modern machines use detectors that monitor a broad variety of data, including bandwidth, usage, energy intake, and a log of program disruptions. In case of a problem, the historic data combined with the predictive analysis done by Machine Learning Designs informs the worried individual about the whole life cycle of this part and how the quality of the generation as a result of defective part.

  1. Machine learning can be used to estimate risks by using past data and automate responses for this threat.
  2. You can get process effectiveness by utilizing Machine Learning together with IoT. Machine Learning models can maximize a procedure to maintain the preferred output using data from the past to adjust parameters in real-time. For illustration, In the case of a Smart Traffic Management System, CCTV Cameras fixed onto the top of traffic lights can capture real time pictures and, dependent on the Algorithm it is trained on, can detect if or not a road is overcrowded or not.

At exactly the same time, this info can be reverted into the taxpayer and advice a better route to achieve their destination.


While we have talked a lot about IoT’s reward and how fantastic it is, there is a clear question mark in the form of its safety.

A details published by Thales Group, among the pioneers at Cyber safety, says that 90% of the customers lack self-confidence in IoT Devices’ safety. Additionally, about 63%of the users in the developed world have termed this equipment as ‘creepy.’ With increasing Statistics Breach cases reported today and then, the end-users are more concerned about if their data is misused or not.

IoT Devices hold a great deal of personal info and even the least breach might signify all your information is compromised. Therefore, there is an ever-increasing requirement to make these intelligent devices even more protected.

The first step for any IoT company is to experience a thorough security risk assessment that examines vulnerabilities in devices and network systems and customer and client backend systems.

To address these safety challenges, IoT devices and manufacturing companies ought to have a good plan.
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We have thus seen how the mix together of ML & IoT is changing our lives and we all wait for to examine a few of the technological advancements in this area. We also discussed the advantages and a few challenges confronted in implementing Machine Learning to IoT equipment.

Rapidly, using IoT and ML, we might predict unlucky events such as train crashes and crimes even before they happen. These technologies are, for positive, opening the door to unlimited opportunities.

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