7 Mistakes To Avoid For Creating React Native Apps

7 Mistakes to Avoid for Creating React Native Apps

by Sarah G. Ferry — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

The hardest part of mobile app development is to decide on the target audience. It is in the best interest of your clients that your app must work everywhere – all platforms. It is precisely the reason React Native has gained so much popularity among mobile app developers

React Native is a JavaScript framework from Facebook, which is the open-source in nature. It allows mobile app development companies to create high-quality apps for both Android and iOS platforms. 

The greatest advantage of using React is code reusability. It works for both Android and iOS platforms. It considerably reduces the development time and curtails the mobile app development cost. 

It is quite easy to develop apps with React Native with the knowhow of official documentation and web development. We build it on top of ReactJS and that gives an advantage. It increases the speed of development since it has open-source libraries containing pre-developed components. 

Since the developers make use of the same programming language for both Android and iOS platforms, so there arises no need to hire different developers for app development. This offers a cost-efficient solution for mobile app development. 

However, while developing an app with React Native, the developers make mistakes that need to be avoided. 

7 Mistakes to Avoid for Creating React Native Apps

Here are some mistakes while creating a mobile app with it:

Mutate State Directly Inside the Redux Function

In React Native, View and State Store are connected with each other. The following diagram shows the connection.

React has a set state function which takes the new object state, comparing it with the previous state. The Data Store contains all data in the component and we render a view based on the state. 

We can view the new state taken from the Data Store on the screen. The above process occurs all throughout the component life cycle

The Data Store also contains the new state merged with the previous state. 

The following will occur if you mutate state directly:

  • Uncontrol state inside the component 
  • Write unmanageable code with larger app
  • Write custom code instead of React
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Improper Plan of Redux Store

Redux is a tool that helps to manage application and proper storage of the data. But, Redux was used for managing and debugging of app states in larger applications. Improper planning of Redux Store leads to the generation of issues. However, Redux does not play any role in app performance.   

Use Bad Coding Practices 

If the developers do not follow the best practices on coding then they face the following: 

Reduce readability of the Code

The developer increases the readability of the code with the following:

  • Use meaningful variable names
  • Define Proptypes
  • Use Property Destructuring
  • Split Render Elements into readable helper functions
  • Segregate lifecycle, methods and the Component-based Render Elements

Unable to Extend the App

With new requirements new code must be written. The developer writes lot of code due to lack of extensibility of the code. However, before writing the code, the developer must carry out a proper plan.
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Leave ‘Console.log’ Statement in the App

The developer quickly detects bugs with the help of ‘console.log’ statement. The statement points out to the line of code causing the problem and why the app fails to perform as per expectations. 

After completing the debugging, the developer must make sure to remove these statements. If not removed, the statements make a negative impact on the app performance and slow down the app.

Not Optimizing Images

Optimized Images not only enhances app performance but also makes the app lightweight. One of the major mistakes by a React Native developer is the lack of optimized images when it becomes essential. 

Incorrect Estimation 

Incorrect Estimation of project layout and forms need to be avoided by the developers at any cost. Estimates need to be prepared for Android and iOS separately. Validation layout estimation is carried out with form estimation.   
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While developing apps with React Native, the developers are bound to face other mistakes to be avoided. We have stated here only some of the commonly occurring mistakes.  

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Sarah G. Ferry

Sarah G. Ferry is a business strategist at Cliffex Software Solutions LLP, one of the top ios app development companies that delivers high-end mobile app solutions to Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises.

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Keval Padia
Keval Padia
3 years ago

Excellent post Sarah. You have essentially included all the most prominent mistakes made by developers working on react native apps. I specifically agree with improper use of Redux and not optimising images which can make things worse instead of improving for the development team.

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