Best Tips To Avoid Abandonment Of Your Mobile App

Best 8 Tips to Avoid Abandonment of Your Mobile App

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps < 1 min. read

Researches show that 25% of users abandon mobile apps after one use. These numbers can change over time. Apps are an integral part of every person’s daily life. Every person in the world wants to use an app created by developers. The creators of mobile apps strive to make your life easier and more helpful.

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Some people might not like the apps they use and may abandon them. These are some tips to help your business and app create better apps that everyone wants.

Best 8 Tips to Avoid Abandonment of Your Mobile App


Notifications can have both good and negative effects on your business and brand. You can use it as a call-to-action and connect with your users by sending emails. While notification can be a great way to promote your app, it can also cause problems for your business and frustrate people who use your app.

Users can be annoyed by too many push notifications. Apps that receive a lot of push notifications are most likely to be abandoned. Too many notifications can cause your app to stop growing.
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Most users are aware that ads cost money and free apps are not available to them. They are therefore willing to accept advertising in apps as long as it isn’t intrusive. Users can find intrusive advertisements, such as too many push notifications, annoying.

You can ask them before you show them ads, and they will respond. For example, the app will display in 10 seconds. Or you can present ads every 15 minutes.


Your users will be more likely to trust your app if they find it secure. It is important to ensure that they are safe and secure with their data, as well as build trust. Trust builds trust and leads to more users. The more users you have, the easier it will be for you and your brand to grow.

Users will abandon apps that don’t show security features. The safety and security of your app are what you should be focusing on. Technology is constantly improving and people want something safe.

Besides, knowing about android application development in Australia can help you by developing your app and tightening your app security.
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If something goes wrong while coding, it can cause serious damage to your app. Apps that are experiencing problems such as crashes, errors, or freezes will most likely be uninstalled or removed by users. These issues can be fixed by paying attention to any potential errors.

It is also possible to test apps before they are published. This will help you spot any bugs, errors, or crashes.

A crash technically can refer to many things. It could be the operating system closing it, the process hanging, the interface stops responding to an application, or anything else. You just need to figure it out.

Load Time

A shorter loading time can also hinder your app’s ability to be abandoned. Technology is improving rapidly, so everyone wants to wait for as little as possible for their app to load. It is not possible for mobile apps to abandon the page. This means that other applications will have to load it.

A load time of less than two to three seconds is the best. To load the content that you wish to display, try to have a quick load time. Do not make your users wait. Give your users what they need to be satisfied.

Battery Life

Although smartphones and mobile phones have many amazing features, each one can cause battery drain. The main areas that can impact the battery life are the screen, Bluetooth, and wi-fi radios.

How you use these resources will determine the impact of your application’s battery life. Network calls are necessary due to the frequent use of wi-fi and cellular networks to upload or down load material. You might be able combine or reduce network calls.
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UX Design

Poor user experience design can cause confusion, lead users to take the wrong path, and derail their goal. However, good UX design can help users achieve their goals and provide the best paths to reach them.

A professional user experience design is a great way to prevent your app from being abandoned. For knowing and deciding which UI/UX design is better for your app, you can take a look at UI/UX design essentials.


What is omnichannel? Omnichannel, also spelled Omnichannel, is a multichannel strategy for sales that aims to provide seamless customer buying experiences regardless of whether customers are purchasing online on a desktop or mobile device.

To understand why and how customers switch between a mobile device and a computer, it’s important to create an omnichannel experience. It’s crucial to keep users using the app on their mobile devices and computers.

It’s also a way to display the features of different versions to different devices. Because it doesn’t make sense to suggest similar features in an app on different types of devices,
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There are many ways to increase the number of users and prevent your app being abandoned. Apps can help you expand your brand and business. Apps can be introduced to others and have better security.

You should also consider how battery life is affected. A load time of around 3 seconds is a good example. However, you need to remember to fix errors and crashes. Push notifications and ads are important to be managed and not overdo it.

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