Best App Review Sites 2021 For Android & IOS Apps

Best App Review Websites for Marketing and Promotions in 2021

by Bajayanti Samal — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Various apps provide product service reviews for the end-users to visit and apprise themselves about the best features. They also acquire knowledge about future products or services to be launched.

Some websites provide app reviews for a specific platform. On the other hand, some websites offer app reviews across the media, such as iOS, Android, and Windows, or niche targeting such as gaming or productivity reviews.

For app developers or bloggers who are desirous of getting the right audience exposure, they need to submit their apps to Best App Review Sites that specialize in app reviews.

The most important method to attract the maximum target audience is to be visible in various app review websites that generate massive traffic through SEO. It will enable us to draw the full audience who may turn out to be loyal users.

The app review process is straightforward, and it can be achieved by visiting a particular site and submitting the app to the admin to be reviewed.

In case there is no option for introducing the app, the app can be submitted to the site email, writing about the app’s salient features and the reason for it being reviewed.

Hereinbelow, some of the prominent websites are identified that are useful in reviewing the apps, based on their preferences for various platforms and other features.
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The top websites that cover iOS-specific apps for reviews are:

  1. 9to5Mac

This site covers Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Music, and TV, and for those having a Mac or iOS app, it is one of the best destinations for getting the app reviews done. It will enable pushing the app’s visibility forward to the appropriate target audience, resulting in more downloads.

2. AppAdvice

It is, again, a beneficial app review site. This online resource brings new and relevant iOS apps closer to users.

This app review site publishes app charts, apps of the week, month, games of the week, and the month’s games. However, this site covers only iOS apps. It also provides iOS news and app discovery.

3. 148apps

It is one of the best app review sites for iOS, iPad, and Mac apps. This online platform offers recommendations and reviews on iPhone OS apps, and also extensively covers iPhone apps, games, news, tips, guides, etc. Also, the website has a separate section specifically for iPad reviews.

Therefore, for the promotion of an iPad app, 148apps is the perfect and preferred website.

It’s very easy to have your app listed on 148Apps.

4. AppAddict

This vital app review site covers iOS, Mac applications, and software to be reviewed. It presents the reviews in perspective as these are well written, covering every aspect of the app.

5. AppSafari

It is another app review site that covers iOS and Mac apps. Apart from these apps, it boasts around 2 million page views each month and ranks amongst the premier directory platform for iPod touch apps.
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Marketing Apps

  1. Feed My App

This site covers a broad spectrum of app reviews, such as database, marketing, email, fun, management, software, etc. Therefore, for those entities willing to spend more on an app marketing campaign, this is an excellent choice for the app reviews.

  1. MobileAppDiary

This website covers a wide range of topics, such as productivity and photography, apart from thorough apps reviews. It attracts many social media followers and an ideal choice for the app to convert a broader target audience into loyal users.

Additionally, those entities having a marketing budget can also use its paid promotion activities to enhance brand presence for the app. It enjoys a large number of email subscribers.

The various social media marketing tools and activities such as walkthrough videos, press releases, etc., are made use of and adopted with creativity bound to impress the end-users.

  1. PreApps

It is one of the apps for the marketing entities, especially those looking for a digital marketing agency to promote an app. Additionally, it also covers app reviews of Android and iOS apps from various categories, such as productivity, entertainment, etc.

  1. GetApp

It is one of the best platforms not only for discovering and comparing apps but also for making it possible for users to search for apps easily, thus, making it a preferred choice to feature the app.

It covers the various categories for app reviews, including business intelligence, billing & invoicing, project collaboration, customer support, campaign management, etc.
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Across Platform Apps

Product Hunt

It is one of the leading app review websites platforms that feature technology blog from across the world. The app is sure to be featured irrespective of its underlying technology.

It caters to the Android app. Therefore, if the app is based on a health or iOS game, it must be published on Product Hunt. However, it should be noticed that it receives a large number of requests from the users.

Therefore, there is a greater need for your app to be unique and wide-ranging in being useful to the end-users.

To be published on the most popular platform, a few things need to be kept in mind:

  • Before submitting the app on this platform, an account needs to be created at least a month in advance, and one needs to be active on the platform;
  • There is a need to engage with the community through discussions. It will help in forming relationships with the people on the forum;
  • Once the app gets published, the Product Hunt team can be politely asked to upvote and share the product with others;
  • Making sure that the app is free from bugs and bears a fantastic UI/UX


  1. Mashable

Due to its large reader base covering a wide range of topics, such as video, entertainment, tech, science, and social good, it also boasts of a strong social media presence. Thus, if an app gets featured on Mashable, more considerable exposure to social media is ensured.

  1. TechCrunch

Another leading technology blog makes it one of the best sites for an app review, covering topics such as startups, apps, gadgets, audio, gift guides, etc., which ensures maximum benefit to the app.


Thus, it can be concluded that depending upon the preferred choice, and the above mentioned best ways to grow app, it is possible to enhance the app visibility and brand presence.

Bajayanti Samal

Bajayanti Samal is a Marketing Communication Manager & PR Strategist Writes about app trends, mobile app development, tech news, and all about technology!

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