How To Export Outlook Contacts To Yahoo Address Book

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book?

by Lindsey Smith — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

When making a shift, the process to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo address book is one of the complicated tasks. Contacts of any user are the most important possession when talking about business.

MS Outlook and Yahoo mail, both provide the option to save the contact list and provides access whenever the user requires.

Outlook stores its address book in two formats i.e., PST and CSV. Whereas, the Yahoo mail saves its address book in the CSV file format. A CSV file is nothing but the comma-separated values that store the contact data in tabular format.

“I have been an Outlook user for the longest time but as it is a desktop application, I cannot access it from my office PC.

Also, we have been assigned Yahoo mail IDs under our corporate domain. Therefore, I have been planning to move my contact list from Outlook to Yahoo Mail. How can I make this transition possible?”
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How to Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book?

You can complete this task by using two methods, one is an automated professional solution and another one being a manual method.
However, let’s first find out the various reasons behind the reason why people are moving towards Yahoo mail from Outlook.

  • Yahoo does not impose any storage space limitation (provides 1 TB storage space)
  • Outlook saves its address book on the client’s device whereas Yahoo saves it in cloud storage space. Hence, Yahoo is safer to save data when compared to Outlook.
  • Needless to say, Yahoo is a free service but Outlook charges you money after the trial period is over.

Here comes the first method to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo address book.

Method 1: Automated Professional Solution

To import Outlook contacts to Yahoo, the PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter is the best software. It is a highly advanced tool that provides unlimited features such as:

1. It exports multiple contact files into Yahoo mail
2. Provides automatic scan and load mode
3. Converts corrupted or orphaned Outlook contacts
4. Exports password-protected contacts as well
5. Does not require Outlook installation
6. Option to automatically load the file
7. Supports more than nine formats

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book

1. Download and install the PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter software. Add contact file(s) or folder.

2. Option to scan the file for corruption or any form of damage.

3. Preview the contact files along with all attributes and details. Select the contacts you want to export.

4. Now, click on CSV file format, provide a destination location to save the file. Next, hit the export button.

You have successfully created a file that is compatible with Yahoo. Next, you have to simply import it into Yahoo mail. Follow the below-given steps to find out how:

5. Launch Yahoo email client, click on the contacts icon

6. Now, click on the more options icon > Import

7. Select the platform to transfer the contacts from > Import

8. Next, sign in the account & give Yahoo permissions to migrate contacts

Method 2: Manual Method to Export Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Address Book

There is a direct method that you can adopt to complete this work manually. However, there are some limitations linked to this process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to find out how you can do this.

Exporting contacts from MS Outlook:

1. Launch Outlook and click on File

2. Click on Open & Export > Import / Export

3. Select Export to a File > Next

4. Click on Comma Separated Values > Next

5. Choose the contacts folder to export

6. Browse a location to save the file >Finish

Now, to import this CSV file into Yahoo mail, follow steps 5 to 8 mentioned above.
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In this article, we explained several methods to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo address book. Users can choose any of the methods as per their convenience and choice.

We have given a complete method to do this task manually, however, as already mentioned, there are numerous demerits associated with it.

Hence, for the users who would like to follow a secure, fast, and easy method can use the software that we have mentioned in the article. This software supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other various of Outlook.

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