Launching An On Demand Delivery App: Guide For Entrepreneurs

Launching An On demand Delivery App: Guide For Entrepreneurs

by Jennifer Atkinson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Every business sector experiences a peak once in a while. There can be varying reasons contributing to its massive boost in sales. One among the few businesses witnessing huge turnarounds nowadays is the on-demand delivery app services segment.

As a blessing in disguise, the COVID-19 pandemic is propelling excessive use of delivery apps among people worldwide. People fearing virus contractions were in the pursuit of looking out for alternative ways to obtain services. 

Nowadays, whenever people have problems, they lean towards the internet and smartphones. By doing so, they have realized the convenience of doorstep deliveries, especially in these unforeseen situations.

The success and popularity of multiple delivery apps have turned the sector into a lucrative business option among various entrepreneurs. 

Are you among those aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make the most out of the current situation with an on-demand delivery app? In this blog, let’s have a comprehensive look at the steps involved in delivery app development

Launching An On demand Delivery App

Familiarize yourselves with different types 

There are multiple types of on demand delivery apps varying fundamentally in their approach. They include, 

  • Person-to-Person (P2P):

In this type, a person offers delivery services to the customers. If you are opting for courier delivery services, this is your best choice. Apps like Postmates work on this model.

  • Enterprise-to-Person (E2P):

In this type, an existing business entity comes up with on-demand delivery apps to supplement its sales. Most of the food & grocery delivery services come under this model. The E2P is the most sought-after among businesspersons.

  • Enterprise-to-Enterprise (E2E):

For a large company to manage its business seamlessly, this model can come in handy. Business giants like Walmart can coordinate grocery delivery activities happening in multiple branches through this model. 
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Know the top-performing delivery services 

To enhance your on demand delivery app’s sustainability, you need to offer services that the customers demand. Let’s discuss some of the top delivery services here, 

  • Food delivery services:

If there is one everlasting delivery app, it will inevitably cater to food delivery services. According to BusinessWire, the market is anticipating to reach a whopping value of $154.34 billion by 2023, with a healthy double-digit CAGR of 11.51%.

  • Grocery delivery services:

The market for grocery deliveries has gained instant popularity amid the COVID-19 crisis. Even before the onset of the pandemic, the online grocery delivery services market has forecasted 22% growth between 2018 and 2022.

  • Alcohol delivery services:

Apps like Drizzly, Minibar, etc., have already established their apps in this sector and have gained a positive reception. Online alcoholic sales have skyrocketed by 230% ever since the lockdown period. 

Apart from these delivery services, there are a wide array of options, including but not limited to, 

  • Medicine delivery services
  • Flower delivery services
  • Medical Cannabis delivery services
  • Parcel delivery services 

Launch an on-demand app providing all these delivery services by developing an app from scratch or implementing a ready-made on-demand delivery app solution

The initial thrust is vital 

There are multiple steps involved in developing a delivery app. But if you can crack the initial stages, you can eliminate various hurdles down the way. Hence, keep an eye on these initial steps. 

  • Identifying the right audience:

It is critical for any business to focus on a set of audience. Before stepping foot into app development, identify your target audience, and visualize their expectations.

For example, if you are to establish a food delivery app in an urban locality, millennials and corporates can be your target audience. The sooner you identify your buyer persona, the better the chances of success.

  • Have an eye on the bigger picture:

Multiple strings connect to comprise a delivery network, and the coexistence of these systems is vital in sustaining in the industry. You need to supervise the service providers who offer services, the delivery chain that reaches out to users, the customers who require services, and the app site that interacts with other systems.

  • Your competitors are your trump cards:

Upon finding your desired delivery service, the next step is to analyze your competitors in the sector. This way, you’ll get a more precise visualization of what is expected of your app.

Besides, you’ll get to know the areas where your competitors are lacking. Focusing on these areas can let you have a cutting-edge over your rivals. 
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Interacting with your customers can make all the difference 

Your delivery app must offer an enhanced experience to customers. When discussing app experience, you cannot neglect the two fundamental terms, the app design, and features of the app.

If you can offer a feature-rich app with a seamless workflow, you escalate your chances of registering a place in users’ smartphones. 

  • The impact of UI/UX:

The app design creates an initial impression with the users. A simple and intuitive framework, guiding users to find their services effortlessly, can make them come back to your app in the future. However, bear in mind that the complexity of an app design can lead to the loss of potential customers. 

  • Features can be your selling points:

If you look at parameters that can lure the audience towards an online platform, it is the feature-set of the particular app. As a result, make sure that your app houses a perfect blend of vital and stand-apart features, thereby creating an impression among the people in the shortest turnaround. 

Are Super apps recreating the on-demand app industry? 

What if there’s a provision to offer multiple delivery services under one roof? Doesn’t that elevate the chances of an app’s success to a considerable extent? The rise of Super apps meant just that to the on-demand app industry.

Multi-service apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., are scaling greater heights with each passing day. These multi-service apps come with a dual advantage; while customers needn’t switch across different apps for multiple services, entrepreneurs can boost their ROIs significantly. 

Nowadays, several app development companies are rolling out Gojek clone app solutions to entrepreneurs at affordable prices. You can customize this clone app according to your needs and can venture into the market instantly. 
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Wrapping up

The market for delivery services apps is breaking records with each passing day. Do not hesitate or have second thoughts about investing in your delivery app development.

You can opt for the Gojek clone app offered by the app development companies if you wish to venture into multiple delivery segments within a restricted budget. Give wings to your delivery business when the sun is shining at its brightest!

Jennifer Atkinson

Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth Hacker at AppDupe, a pioneer in app development is a one-stop solution for all your ride-hailing business needs. Also a blogger and a growth hacker who loves to find new business ideas and help startup entrepreneurs with business consultation.

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