The 10 Best Android Apps 2020

The 10 best Android Apps 2020

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 5 min. read

Are you looking for the best apps for Android? If yes, make your life easier with these updated lists of the top 10 most popular apps.

Mobile apps have been the center of innovation for quite a few years now. With the ever-growing market and upcoming modern technologies, it’s very hard to stay relevant and competitive.

As per Comscore’s yearly U.S. portable applications report, 57 percent of Americans spend more than half of their digital media consumption time on mobile apps.

We examine apps from across the entire Play Store, including camera apps and picture editors, wellness and physical fitness apps to increase your health, and customization and security apps to help personalize your telephone so that it works for you.

There are so many Android apps in the Play Store, it can be hard to know which are best. Reviews can be helpful, but can also be subject to manipulation, and editor’s picks only skim the surface.

The 10 best Android Apps 2020

This is the latest Android app we’ve chosen to feature, refreshed every few weeks. Our choices are usually new apps or apps that have recently received a major update, but occasionally hidden gems and other essentials will also be highlighted.
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Uber is the world’s top on-demand cab service app for cyclists, which is used by over 8 million people in 400 cities around 70 distinct nations. Uber is a technology-based platform that joins together the drivers and riders.

The app aids the riders receive a ride without needing to wait considerably. By integrating Google Maps in their apps, they show that the user where the pick-up stage is situated, where the taxi is situated in the time of booking, and its estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The app service has made the payment style quite easy by adding (besides money payment) payment gateways related to the consumer’s credit or debit card and cellular wallets. Additionally, after each ride, the driver and the riders get to speed one another and discuss their opinions.


Instagram gives people a simple way to connect with others through videos and images, and using the proper sort of hashtags. Actually, it’s strongly suggested that you utilize hashtags as this raises your followers also.

Instagram’s prominence was growing relentlessly because it appeared in 2010. The app presents a range of opportunities in social websites in regards to digital advertising through advertisements and resources.

With over 500 million active users, it’s significantly more powerful when compared to Facebook and Twitter. If we take a look at the truth, Instagram articles get 58 times greater involvement than Facebook and 120 times greater than Twitter. Marketers are falling in love with all the stage as they constantly Search for Greater ROI to their business.


TikTok is a favorite app, built from the Beijing-based company ByteDance, for sharing and creating brief videos set to songs. The most well-known genres are lip-synching and dance. Most founders utilize it as a platform for viral”challenges”, emote over famous monologues from movies and TV, or create smart illusions via editing.

Its popularity may be judged from the fact that the app surpassed other famed apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in monthly installs in 2018.

Plus it had been downloaded a thousand times worldwide by February 2019. TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance, has been the planet’s highly appreciated startup in October 2018 with an estimated value of $75 billion.


Airbnb is a booking app which could assist you with organizing your vacations better and provides certainly greater lodging alternatives than resorts.

Furthermore, in case you’ve got extra space in your house and you need to provide it for vacationers, Airbnb is your one-stop alternative. Airbnb came up in the year 2012 and was a move to app for several consumers since 2016.

With the support of technologies, Airbnb assembled an exceptionally user-friendly app that raises the simplicity of performing trades. It took out the pain of searching and reserving lodging.
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Netflix is a subscription-based video-on-demand app. It’s the world’s foremost subscription service for consumers to view films and TV shows in your smartphone.

This mobile app provides the very best experience anytime anyplace. The vast majority of millennials locate Netflix better than every other video-on-demand app, which offers a vast array of films, displays, and genres to select from.

According to Forbes, Netflix, with nearly 2 million readers, has comprised 5.2 million subscribers from the next quarter of 2017. It has conquered its own predictions of 3.2 million new subscribers and keeps growing.


Amazon has become easily the most obvious eCommerce platform round the world. Amazon, with the assistance of the world wide web, creates real value for clients focusing on a huge array of items they’re searching for.

This, finally, contributes to more sales. The app is mild in addition to quick to use. It allows you to filter and search a broad number of goods on various parameters with just a few taps.

It gives numerous payment gateways for easy checkouts and also you get the latest updates regarding your order status. With the support of all localization, users may similarly benefit from supplies from local regional companies.


YouTube is thought of as the world’s most renowned video system, for its individuals, and from the people. It assists countless founders around the globe to share and add their distinctive content together with the target market.

It attracts millions of viewers to see whatever they would like to. According to wordstream, 25 percent of YouTube’s visitors is generated by cellular, and cellular video opinions have risen by 300% because 2012. Even Google has gained (and remains profiting) from YouTube, through movie advertising revenue.

The YouTube mobile app lets users view videos that they prefer and upgrades them with the hottest movie on the stage. Enrolling into YouTube on cellular phones enables users to get channel subscriptions, buddies’ action, and recommendations.

The movie system also lets users share, remark, and join to movie, exactly like the desktop computer or notebook experience permits.
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Dropbox is a trustworthy and well-designed cloud storage app that works admirably on multiple gadgets. It aids in sharing documents within the group or customers. You may even comment on files you’ve shared with different folks, and navigate all which you’ve saved online.

They’ve implemented many expansion hacks to gain clients. Dropbox has obtained several awards, which comprises the ideal complete startup for 2011 and Macworld’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Award for Software. This is very like Apple’s iCloud Drive and Google Drive. You may upload pictures from your smartphones and save them in Dropbox.


Spotify is popularly referred to as the ideal music streaming app with exceptional capabilities. The app has ad-supported free variant attributes, whereas a Spotify superior membership eliminates ads and provides additional attributes like offline style for tunes download whenever you’re not able to stream.

Spotify was started for a restricted number of customers in Europe in 2008. Just those having a paid subscription can access it. Afterward, Spotify premiered from the U.S. for many listeners in 2011.

According to bbc, the Spotify app is utilized in 61 nations, has 159 million active users plus also a library of 35 million tunes. The app is currently grown to be the largest streaming platform on earth.


Founded in 2009 from Brian Acton and Jan Koum, and marketed to Facebook for about $19 billion in 2014, Whatsapp is among the most popular and popular chat software which also supports communication between global phone networks.

Presently, it’s over 1.5 billion users globally. Additionally, it’s end-to-end encrypted, so favored by men and women in states where security might be a significant concern.


The app has a strong presence in 180 from 193 countries from the Earth, that’s the biggest share of all messaging and social websites. The app turned 10 on Feb 2019.

Pocket makes it possible to save and discuss items like videos, posts, emails you encounter in your smartphone to return later on using a browser. The app allows you to obtain the tales in a tidy, efficiently readable interface for offline reading. It reads articles to you within an Siri-like voice.

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