Top 5 Cool New Android Apps You Must Try

Top 5 Cool New Android Apps You Must Try

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 2 min. read

We have got many robot apps that square measure distinctive and engaging within the Google Play Store. typically, we’d install such a big number of apps quickly and will not use it once downloading. however here I’m getting to list out the 5-super cool, productive, and distinctive apps that might be helpful for your day to day modus vivendi.

We have got plenty of app classes. just like the news app, finance-related payment apps, fitness hunter apps, productivity applications, totally different AI camera apps, gaming, diversion then on.

Here I’m getting to list out the useful reasonably 5 Cool New Android Apps

Let’s directly jump into the list.

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboard app offers you 1000+ emoji choices whereas you’re typewriting in your smartphones. This app provides emojis for robot text electronic messaging. It brings plenty of cool emoticons that might add flavours to your text messages.

It supports one hundred fifty languages, trending GIFs, and many of colourful themes. this could add a fun component to your surroundings and discard the strain levels. get pleasure from the globe of emojis.

Surprise your friends and family with super cool emoticons and GIFs. If you’re bored of your existing keyboard, then provide emoji keyboard a contend a fun-filled expertise.
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Scanner App to PDF- faucet Scanner

This is a helpful app wherever you’ll be able to scan something around you with the phone camera and convert them into a transportable document format. you’ll be able to save your greenbacks for accessing a full-fledged scanner device.

Faucet scanner would serve you the simplest in scanning the documents and keep them within the PDF format—such a productive app.

Offline English wordbook – Vocapture

Offline English wordbook may be a lovely app wherever you’ll be able to access the full of nation wordbook offline. you would like not ought to access the web whenever to understand the that means of a brand-new English word.

it’s simply your dictionary with nice support. you’d ultimately tend to feature a lot of vocabulary to your memory. It serves you the simplest with correct pronunciation, usage of the word with an exact that means.


Grammarly may be a super helpful app for checking your synchronic linguistics, spelling, and also the voice of the sentence whereas you’re typewriting on-line with Grammarly, you’ll conquer the globe of English synchronic linguistics. it’s handy and straightforward to use.

By mistreatment this tool, you’d eventually learn English synchronic linguistics any higher. this is often a must-try app to nourish your synchronic linguistics skills. Use Grammarly and carve your synchronic linguistics skills.
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Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle may be a super cool app for eBook lovers. you would like not have the big-ticket or fancy kindle device to access the kindle eBooks. simply install Amazon Kindle to get pleasure from the globe of eBooks.

it might introduce you to the globe of moneymaking concepts and facts that might nurture your mind and soul towards success. Here you’ll be able to obtain eBooks, share, retrieve, and skim any reasonably PDF document with reader-friendly options.

These square measures the 5 most unusual and helpful apps you must have in your robot smartphone for the higher productivity of your day. provides it an attempt to reap the bounties.

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