Top 14 Live Streaming Apps For Business In 2022

Top 14 Live Streaming Apps for Business in 2022

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Live streaming is becoming more popular as more businesses go virtual. A live-streaming app is a great way to connect with your team, whether you are hosting live events or using pre-recorded video and live features. This article will help you choose the best live streaming platform.

What is a Live Streaming App?

Live streaming apps allow you to stream, share and capture live video as well as pre-recorded footage. A live-streaming app allows you to create live broadcasts that other people can view.

The Best Live Streaming Apps for 2022

You can access many live streaming apps on different devices. It is important to evaluate apps to see what type of live streams they can do and what features they offer to make them more enjoyable for viewers.

This includes cameras that are specifically made for live streaming and video calls, such as the Papa look. We have compiled a list of the top live streaming platforms in 2022.

1. Streamlabs

The Streamlabs app lets you set up live streaming on multiple social media platforms including Twitch, Youtube, Facebook. With the Streamlabs mobile app, you can quickly set up live streaming and stream to multiple platforms using your custom mobile themes.

Available on: iOS, Android

2. UStream

UStream, also known as IBM Cloud Video, is great for live streaming events because it has advanced features such as AI-generated captions or real-time analytics. UStream also includes live streaming, transcoding, and automated speech-to-text. This makes it an excellent platform that businesses can benefit from.

Available on: iOS and Android

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a popular live-streaming app. It’s extremely convenient because you can stream live directly from your Facebook app. You can also download live streams from Facebook to share on other social media platforms.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

4. YouTube Live

Another popular option is Youtube Live. This video platform allows you to stream live content including talks and YouTube gaming streams. You can stream live videos from anywhere in the world with a variety of streaming features.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

5. Brightcove

Brightcove offers event professionals a better video streaming platform with live event support. Multi Bitrate streaming is also available, which allows for better quality live streams and communications.

Brightcove has video analytics and marketing features. There are also a variety of integrations that make video management simple for businesses.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

6. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is another option for streamers who want to stream on social media. LinkedIn Live allows you to stream live fast and easily and reach a large audience of professionals. LinkedIn Live features include audience engagement tools and content inspiration.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

7. Instagram Live

Instagram Live, which is a popular live streaming option, is also incredibly popular. You can stream video, connect with your audience via social media networks and reach large audiences for your stream using Instagram Live.

Instagram Live is similar to Facebook Live and offers live streaming for free, audience analytics, as well as other features that make it easy to stream live.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

8. Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live is a great option. You can store your videos on Vimeo and also stream live via VimeoLive. Vimeo Live is a great live streaming app that makes it easy to start. The app is reliable and high-quality streams are available. There are also multiple options to allow you to host different types of events.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

9. Notified

Notified transforms webcasts into interactive events. It is perfect for professionals. You can use it to plan events, such as automatic recording, an online lobby for managing viewers and audiences, or event-specific features like picture in picture, which allows you to run simultaneous presentations with the live event.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

10. 6Connex

6Connex offers an event-like experience, which is a slight departure from other live streaming apps on this list. 6Connex allows you to live stream video and host hybrid or in-person events. 6Connex is more than an event technology platform. It also offers live streaming to enhance the event’s immersion.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

11. ON24

ON24 allows users to host interactive and engaging webinars and virtual events, and to deliver customized content to their viewers. ON24 is a great live streaming app because it offers many features that make it easy to stream live videos, such as keynote sessions and breakout rooms.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

12. YouNow

YouNow is a great option if you want to live stream and also meet other live streamers. YouNow, which is similar to YouTube events and built a community around it, is an online streaming platform. It offers many streams and allows users to stream them. YouNow allows you to stream live music and chat with live streamers.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

13. Dacast

Dacast provides live streaming services to businesses.

It offers both a free and a paid version. Dacast offers secure video hosting, reliable and flawless live streams, integration with your website and other advanced features.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

14. Restream

Restream is a streaming platform that offers multistreaming. Restream allows you to have your online video go to multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Restream also features that ensure stream reliability and decrease broadcast delays such as video quality monitoring and stability.

Available on: desktop. iOS. and Android

How do you choose the best live streaming app for your business?

There are some things that you should look out for when choosing a live streaming app.

These are the key features you should look for in any live streaming app:

  1. Accessibility on different devices, such as Android or iOS
  2. Advanced Event Features
  3. Tools for engaging with the audience
  4. Analytics to better understand your viewers and content
  5. Ability to stream to multiple social media networks
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