Top 5 Apps Which Can Help Students While Studying

Top 5 Apps Which can Help Students While Studying

by Kim — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Technology is unstoppable, and if you can use it to gamble, you should be able to get some apps that can make your studies more manageable, right? There are several apps today that students can use for their class material but these five are the best in our book.

Lecture Capture Apps

What seems like years ago, students would struggle to scribble as much as possible on their notebooks during lectures. They moved to use their tablets and laptops, but recent inventions have made this utterly unnecessary.

Now, there are things you cannot avoid, such as writing assignments, but you can delegate this to Gradesfixer professionals.

They will provide you with free writing samples that will help you visualize and structure your essay. This takes care of part of your coursework so you can focus on the main exam.

When it comes to note-taking, you can use the best iPad apps for students to capture entire lectures without spending an extra dime.

SoundNote (iOS) is a recorder and notepad that will allow you to capture the visual and audio forms of your lectures, while Office Lens lets you photograph a whiteboard and convert it into PDF or Word.
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Revision Apps

Lots of students use flashcards to revise, and this isn’t ending any time soon. Most students are now ditching manual cards for electronic ones such as StudyBlue that collects all your study material to create revision cards out of the topics you study in your college course.

You can also create your own cards if the automated ones do not work for you. GoConqr has it all – revision charts, mind maps, flashcards, notes, and quizzes, and it allows you to collaborate with like-minded people all over the world. Exam Countdown (iOS) counts down to the days when your exams are due.

Planner Apps

Among the best apps for college students are planner apps that make it possible to schedule things effectively. Time management is everything if you do not want to rush all over the university campus at the last minute.

Timetable (Android), My Class Schedule (Android), and Class Timetable (iOS) are designed for customization so that students can map their activities easily for constant follow-up.

My Study Life (iOS, Android, windows, chrome) also gives you lots of flexibility with your calendar and events planning. With these guiding you, you will never miss a test, paper due, or exam. You will no longer be writing manual timetables either.
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Safety Apps

You will veer off-campus time and again, and it helps your friends to know you are safe. The Circle of Six, available in iOS and Android, is meant to help close friends stay in touch when they are out of each other’s vicinity.

At the touch of a button, your chosen friends will be notified of your location through GPS. bSafe and React Mobile are also designed for this purpose.

Video Call Apps

When schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of video calling apps rose. Skype, FaceTime, IMO, and Tango are now household names used by almost everyone.

Want a friend to help with homework? Skype from your iPad to get things done regardless of the geographical space between you. Technology has indeed made the world a small village.
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So Many Options

You have apps that will help you work on your eating habits if you are planning to be healthier. Rockin Ramen (iOS) and MealBoard (iOS) are some of the options you have for creating healthy menus at your student budget because a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Most of these apps are free, and the premium ones only charge the price of a good cup of Joe.


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