What Are The Benefits Of Custom Mobile App Development?

What are The Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development?

by Jowita Kessler — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

The mobile app market is forecasted to exceed 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2023, according to Statista. Mobile devices grow in popularity and capabilities, persistently becoming the epicenter of people’s lives.

Consumers worldwide continue to choose the mobile way of interaction with brands and products, making mobile applications a go-to solution for businesses.

Depending on the needs, many companies choose ready-made or custom apps. While off-the-shelf products do have their advantages, customized development carries great potential in building online visibility and securing competitive advantage.

How can Custom Mobile App Development Improve Your Business?

As a result of creating a tailored solution related to the product or service, your company is expected to record improvements in several aspects:

Customer Experience

Building your own app gives nearly total freedom of adjusting the digital product precisely to the taste of your customers. Instead of struggling with a shelf product, you can deliver the intended value with intuitive, engagement-building creations. Tailor-made apps support customers in finding answers to pressing questions on their own, instead of spending precious time on calls with helpdesk staff (also leading to a reduced workload on your side).

The custom app is established to help you cater to the needs of your clientele, and data gathered on the way is used to improve the experience by counteracting occurring issues and preventing problems before the user notices them. Additionally, adding social buttons is a popular way to encourage customers to share their experiences, reaching a greater audience.

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Increased User Interaction

Individually created mobile apps arm businesses with a tool crucial for building and maintaining customer relations. The relationships are strengthened through personalized updates and gathering real-time feedback, giving users the feeling of being heard. The better the relation, the higher customer satisfaction, resulting in lower churn and improved retention. Greater engagement translates also into better Return on Investment, improving your products’ results.

Furthermore, however popular and widely used, there’s more to mobile app development than just smartphones. It’s the wearable devices and smart assistants that complete the field, opening whole new grounds for user interaction with digital products in everyday life.

Brand Awareness

In times of digital transformation and technology conquering all aspects of life, including marketing, it’s not anymore about just building a good product. Custom mobile applications serve as a means of improving brand awareness and improving customer relations. Anytime your user opens their device, your logo is there, and its ongoing presence in Google Play and the App Store displays it to millions of mobile users daily.

Additionally, creating a dedicated app aimed particularly at the previously recognized customer groups, allows you to stand out from the crowd, offering unique experiences compatible with your business. Applications like IKEA Place, interior design, and furniture planning tools are the brands’ trademark items, paving the way for other companies to employ augmented reality solutions for the convenience of their clients.


Custom applications are designed and built to fit individual business needs. As such, they will protect your data the way your operations require, also with the option to create individual security levels dedicated to clients, employees, etc. Being there when your app comes to life gives you the opportunity to decide which safety measures should be implemented from the very beginning, instead of a long search for a ready-made solution with desired safeguards.

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Improved Efficiency

Unburdening staff from mundane tasks is one of the best things you can do to improve efficiency in the workplace. Don’t let your staffs’ potential go to waste on repetitive duties that can be carried out automatically. Creating a custom mobile app streamlines internal processes (e.g. data collection, reporting), leaving the human potential ready for more demanding duties, resulting in increased engagement.

Platform Independence

Creating your own application gives you the freedom to decide on which platforms it will be available, without restricting to options offered by generic solutions. The wider the scope, the more users can engage with your custom app, and since platform-independent apps enable up to 90% code reusability, their time-to-market is often significantly shorter than using separate ready-made options.


Going for a tailored application, you’re in a better position for scaling your operations. No matter if it’s downsizing (usually undesirable, but sometimes necessary) or upgrading, your custom app will give you more flexibility in changing the scope. The scalability potential varies depending on used technologies, but as a rule of thumb, custom development enables more options when adjusting the capacity depending on needs.

Cost Savings

As a result of the above advantages, custom apps, when properly developed and implemented, enable significant savings. Starting with a custom-made application is usually more costly than choosing a generic solution, but it’s an investment worth consideration. Your very own app can let you achieve your objectives with smaller numbers of employees, thus reducing the labor cost.

Choosing Custom-Made or Picking a Product from The Shelf?

However custom mobile apps solve many problems companies encounter and lead to major improvements in carried out operations, they’re not a miracle solution. Some companies will be perfectly fine without developing their own application but considering an alternative to off-the-shelf products and taking the time to recognize actual needs is worth a shot.

Summing up the above, all aspects of your business can benefit from launching a custom mobile app, especially taking into account that the majority of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Do you think about streamlining operations and are looking for a way to improve profitability? Consider incorporating a custom mobile app into your business and use its potential to convert prospects into customers.

Jowita Kessler

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