What Is The Latest Trend In The On-demand Economy?

What is the Latest Trend in the On-demand Economy?

by SpotnEats App — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

On-demand startups disrupted the business world because of their leaning towards technology. Having said that, it is inevitable for them to evolve day by day and adopt relevant technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, etc. Already AI applications are increasingly adopted in online food ordering services. So if you are into any on-demand app-based business, it is high time that you make immediate strides in taking your startup to the next level.

Customer engagement, in-app chat, analytics, supply chain are some areas in the on-demand sector that has a good scope for new advances. 

First, find the key areas where you can get maximum benefit by bringing in new advances. Or find any places where applying new advances is inefficient so that you don’t waste time and effort.  Now let me explain some new trends you can absorb into your startup.

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendation is an application of artificial intelligence. This functionality is best used while the users are using the search option in the app. 

In personalized recommendation, the customer behavior is analyzed and highly precise search recommendations are shown. For example in an on-demand food delivery app, a lot of data on the user’s ordering history, search history, preferences, frequently ordered menus, etc are assimilated, filtered and analyzed to find patterns and these patterns are used to provide results.

Amazon applied this function into its app and recorded a 30% rise in overall sales. Accurate search results increase retention rate and this feature can be applied in on-demand apps with minor tweaks.

Removing fake/unauthentic reviews

Bookings and ordering in on-demand apps are highly influenced by online reviews and ratings. It is said that 80% of the customers make decisions based on existing reviews ratings. Having said that, fake negative reviews can have detrimental effects on the service. 

AI bots are available which can assess all the reviews and verify its authenticity. Though it does not boast a 100% success rate, still it makes everything better. Most viewed and most helpful reviews by the users are given verified badges to improve the veracity of reviews.
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Social selling

Social selling is the next step in social media marketing. Social media ads and social media enabled login are already present but now it is time to reinvent the social media approach. 

Social selling is simple, like others it harnesses the power of social media to get the on-demand app service to the users efficiently. 

It helps to connect directly with prospective users. You can partner with social media firms to target specific users based on location, age, and past food ordering history. This model may seem absurd but it works when optimally approached in user chats. 

Brand awareness increases and users get more inclined to use your service. More accurate and precise messages can be sent to users since we have more than usual info on their likes and dislikes. E-commerce sites overwhelmingly use social selling as a means to increase sales.

Making a product description

On-demand services need eye-catching product descriptions not only to get the attention of users but also to accurately appear during searches. 

Artificial intelligence tools are available to generate high volume, unique, and SEO friendly descriptions. These tools use natural language generation which was done manually before.

Ginnie.ai and bestpractices.ai are some top firms to get product descriptions.

Instant app

This is a new feature unveiled by Google and it is available only for Android. Users need not download the app to use it. Normally, this feature made available only for app testing purposes. Now it is made open and to get an instant app for your on-demand solution, you just change some settings in the play store.

Customers who want to check the app service without even want to download it will be pleased by this feature.
Another advantage of instant apps is that the end-user will not leave a negative review if not satisfied with the app. This enables you to make changes in the app without affecting the customer base.

What next?

Technology is the core of on-demand businesses, but many are becoming complacent of it by not discovering enormous opportunities that the latest trends can bring to their startups. It is predicted that in future, major changes in technological trends will also involve areas like customer engagement, social media marketing, chatbots, etc. It will also be easy to travel with the trends in the future if you decide to pull off these changes.   

So it is the right time to revamp your on-demand tech startup by applying all or any of the above-said trends.       

Another wave of on-demand startups will start to come and sweep those tech startups that are not aligned with it. Users too will comfortably move to the better and convenient ones. It is better late than never.
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Winding up!

There are many developers in the market who are specialized in customizing the on-demand app solutions. Search and pick the right one for you. Ask them for the tools used, quality of testing, expertise in design, and long term assistance.

Finally, my advice to on-demand founders is to go beyond applying relevant trends by identifying customer preferences as well. This you do to completely satisfy what your users expect. 

SpotnEats App

SpotnEats is an award-winning food delivery app development company in the market. We partner with on-demand food startups to develop food delivery apps with powerful languages and well made designs. Apart from developing the app, we also extend long term support for the solution so that the food delivery startup is launched successfully and functions smoothly.

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