Developing A Motorcycle Taxi App: Learn How Gakoda Became A Successful Bike Taxi Startup

Developing a Motorcycle Taxi App: Learn how Gakoda became a Successful Bike Taxi Startup

by Jennifer Atkinson — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

multiple jobs, and since this often involves travelling from one location to another, multiple times a day, functional transport systems are the need of the hour. This includes buses, trains, taxis, motorcycles, and e-scooters. Last-minute commuting facilities are making their way through transport application development like Lyft, Uber, and Taxify.

Application development for motorbike taxi apps is fast becoming important sub-sectors in countries all over the globe. Gokada is a shining example of this, the motorbike ride-hailing app that has made inroads in Nigeria, Africa.

Recent reports from TechCrunch state that Gokada has raised 3.5 million US$ led by Rise Capital. The investment was joined by Adventure Capital, IC Global Partners, and Illinois-based First Midwest Group. Finances intended to increase ride and fleet volumes while creating a network that offered goods and services to its drivers. 
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  • Gokada was co-created in the year 2018 by Fahim Saleh and has provided approximately 1 million rides since that time
  • The business has trained and on-boarded >1000 motorbikes and pilots on its application
  • Its primary objective in fundraising is to increase fleets and provide riders with a Gokada shop that contains everyday necessities like rice, yams, and plantain
  • The motorbike taxi business intends to develop an Amazon Prime-like membership. It aims for an ecosystem-based around the driver which offers other services like motorbike insurance, maintenance, personal life insurance, and micro-finance loans.

With the aforementioned knowledge about the Gokada app, let’s understand the scope for your motorbike taxi startup. The statistics will provide you with clarity on success or failure, in addition, it will also provide a motorbike taxi business plan.

The key insight for entrepreneurs looking to enter into a motorcycle taxi business is that it is easy to go through the app development part by using the ready-made app solutions like Uber clone app.

Scope for Motorbike Taxi Application Development

Waiting in the queue to catch a vehicle is always a hassle, and it is particularly stress-inducing taking into account current traffic levels. Motorbike taxi applications are ahead of other on-demand transport app development projects. The commuting times attached to using a cab or a bus are much longer in comparison to motorcycles. Motorbikes are a faster and more cost-effective option for everyday travel.

Interesting statistics in relation to bike taxi services demonstrate the overall increase in search prevalence of motorbike taxi application development. A motorcycle taxi is a frequently looked up a keyword. The statistics are based on the previous twelve months, from June 2018 to May 2019. It demonstrates considerable growth during these months, which can be stated to be a wider scope of applications like Uber clone app.

An increase in gasoline prices is a major problem in the global market today. Demand for two-wheelers is increasing due to fuel efficiency and has amplified the necessity of motorbike taxi app businesses. On account of swift urbanization, the segmented is expected to remain dominant over the course of the upcoming half-a-decade.

motorcycle taxi app

In an interesting twist, even regions in the USA are starting to search for bike taxi apps for their travel needs. This is representative of revenue and profit for the motorbike taxi application service. The demand for motorbike taxi apps is obvious, but supply is not up to the mark; supply is representative of a good motorcycle business startup.

Upon understanding the scope and importance of such motorbike taxi apps, let’s take a look at the solutions offered by the Gokada app which can be taken into consideration for a fledgling motorbike taxi business startup. 
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  • Request rides and view fare estimates

The ride request feature, is obviously a critical aspect of a transportation application. Ride requests have two functions: i) it alerts the user with regards to the booking of a motorcycle. ii) Secondly, it enables a user to book rides for somebody else.

Gokada ensures to display fare estimates. These obviously specify pricing according to the fuel prices and also specify any relevant discounts.

  • Rider safety

The Gokada app emphasizes the safety of riders. Increased safety protocol has drastically increased user retention rates. The application is authorized by the Department of Transportation.

bike taxi app

  • Rider training and selection

As a transport startup, this solution empowers, just as good quality petrol fetches good mileage and reduced engine damage. Drivers are the pulse of any transportation business, and goodwill is produced according to the driver’s service.

  • Incentives for riders

Transport businesses are dependent on drivers and vice-versa. Incentives need to be provided in order to retain drivers. Gokada provides pension plans, health services, and recreational services. The motorbike ride-hailing app also provides a desirable income with perks for the riders. Upon completion of a year, riders can own their motorcycle with the business. These incentives are a constant boost to riders.
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Uber clone script is a perfect option for motorcycle taxi app development. With regard to transportation apps, entrepreneurs need to realize those good ideas stick. Believe your instincts when you think that your idea for an app might be a big hit. Emulating Gokada’s strategies is a surefire way of gaining visibility for your app.

Jennifer Atkinson

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