Outsource To India - A Good Idea For Mobile App Development?

Why should You Elect India for Mobile App Technology

by Nishant Sharma — 5 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

The latest advancements in software development have made life easier for people all over the globe. And today customers are ready to pay higher if the company is providing them some convenience. 

It can be in the form of time savings or effort reduction or both. And the technology of mobile apps is doing a fantastic job in helping businesses who want to provide the best services to their customers.

India is known for its diversity. It is called the land of colors. Once infamous as the region of snake charmers or the third world country, India is one of the fastest developing economies of the world now. 

Here, business is growing in direct proportion to technology. One of the most significant assets of India is its human capital. The country with the second highest population on the Earth can offer you technical experts in millions. And this is when the other nations should become proactive. 

The abundant supply of human resource by this country can be utilized if businesses start outsourcing in India. The previous statement raises two questions. 

First, why outsource?

Today, startups mostly have core ideas revolving around a mobile app, while traditional businesses use them to expand their reach. But both of them generally struggle when it comes to execution. 

They need technical expertise. It means that they should go for a competent external group of people who can provide them with the best solutions quickly and that too in lesser cost, which is aka outsourcing.

Second, why outsource to India?

This question demands a more detailed answer, and the following points will tell you why it is beneficial for your business to hire offshore developers from India:

1. It’s Economical

The most critical factor responsible for outsourcing is cost. India is the best place in this regard, according to an article published on Kelton Tech. This piece of writing informs that the mobile app development in India costs around US$ 20-40/hour while in the USA, the rate ranges from US$ 100-170/hour. 

It means that an offshore development team in India will develop your app at almost one-fifth of the US price. Since these prices are based on general assumptions and approximations, you should keep in mind that app development costs are subject to scale, complexity, functionality, platform, and the developer. Hence, price should not be the only criteria when you are planning for outsourcing.

2. It’s Reliable

Developers in India are highly skilled. It has the fastest growing rate corresponding to the number of developers according to The Week. It houses more than 2.7 million software developers who will soon touch the mark of 5 million. 

Most of the IT service providers have developers with KSAs, which can satisfy the latest needs of customers. Also, software and mobile app development are one of the most lucrative career options for young minds of India. Hence, you need not worry about the future of your app.

3. It’s Comfortable

One of the most significant paranoia a business faces before outsourcing is related to the socio-cultural aspects of other countries. Language barriers and cross-cultural misunderstandings can misshape the whole project.

But you can be relaxed about that if you are going to work with India, especially if you are looking for a country which can communicate in English for outsourcing. Majority of your remote developers in India will be able to converse in English with you during the whole process. Therefore, it becomes easier to manage a remote team.

Also, different time zones between the two countries can stop you from outsourcing. But this is not an issue with India. Here companies can provide you with the workforce, which is not only flexible in working with the different time zones but can also deliver the best results within deadlines. Hence, we can say that a remote development team in India can make your life very comfortable.

4. It’s Frictionless

The Indian government has been the pro-IT industry for the last many decades. The policies are friendly. It is because the IT industry is one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy and provides employment to the majority of the young population.

The formalities are kept to minimum and tax laws will not bother you much. Other operational tasks, like e-filing of documents and digital payment systems, have made the mutual transactions smoother. As far as the privacy of your information is concerned, cybersecurity laws in this country are stringent. So the development journey will be similar to cruising for you.

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5. It’s Accessible

What happens in case of emergencies? What if the complexity increases over time, and it gets harder to manage the team remotely? Don’t worry! Most of the IT hubs in India are present in the Tier 1 cities. They are easily accessible through flights. These cities also provide you with the best hotels and other facilities which you can find in any other developed country. And even if you feel that your business team is too busy to go to India, just call that lead remote developer to your country to sort out the problems.

Most of the Indian workforce is always excited to go to foreign countries. In this way, both the parties can solve the complex issues by physically shaking hands with each other.


Each business decision needs a lot of analysis related to risks and cost-benefits to make sure that the bottom line is green at the end of the day. It is a difficult decision for any company to go for or against outsourcing. But if you do your in-depth research and due diligence, the risks can be minimized. And finally, when you decide to outsource the mobile app development, then keep in mind that India is the first choice for the companies headquartered in the different parts of the world.

You should definitely make your political, economic, social, technical, and legal comparisons between India and other countries. But ultimately, an already established IT culture and the presence of healthy competition in the Indian market would attract you to this land of diversity.     

Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma is the Digital Marketing Specialist currently working for Your Team in India. He is keen to explore new domains in organic as well as paid media marketing. Apart from marketing, he loves watching motivational videos & interacting with new people.

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