5 Reasons Why Solar And Renewable Energy Industry Needs Field Service Software

5 Reasons Why Solar And Renewable Energy Industry Needs Field Service Software

by Mohd Sohel Ather — 1 year ago in Review 3 min. read

As the petition for a greener future keeps growing, companies are also making changes in whatever capacity they can. Most of them are exploring other energy resources like solar and renewable energy. The goal is to reduce the toxic chemicals from releasing in the air and replace them with safer renewable energy. As sustainable and environment-friendly energy sources gain momentum, so does the need to have sufficient facilities.

5 Benefits of Using Field Service Software for Solar and Renewable Energy

Field service software has already made its way into different industries, like healthcare and hospitality, in the global market. Many companies are vouching for this software which is slowly venturing into the renewable energy industry. Its advantages in the solar and renewable energy industry are:

1. Accurate Data Collection and Evaluation

Maintaining solar panels and other equipment which run on renewable energy is a time-consuming task. You will need a proper portal that collects and updates data in real-time for next-generation reporting and monitoring. Solar business software is your safest choice to go with when you constantly need updates.

The software is always working, despite connection and network issues. Every sale, piece of equipment, service session, transaction, and everything else gets recorded in it. For businesses in the solar and renewable energy industry, this is helpful as it gives them access to see the status of their products. They can also schedule maintenance sessions at fixed intervals to avoid machine failure and provide uninterrupted energy flow.

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2. Easy Field-to-Office and Vice-Versa Data Transfer

Many energy fields need continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the expected output from them is on track. Field technicians are always on-the-go to check how each plant is functioning and what improvements it needs. To do that, they need a complete database of each energy plant with details about its setup, equipment used, output level, and more.

You require field service software because it stores all data. Whenever an issue pops up, field service workers know what exactly they need to do and what machinery they need to carry. The team back at the office will get updates on the job status of the energy plant. The to-and-fro transfer of information is seamless when businesses use solar business software.

3. Smart Scheduling of Appointments

With the demand for renewable energy increasing, people are finding ways to inculcate healthy practices in their homes. They don’t shy away from using gadgets and building eco-friendly materials in their residences. However, since solar and renewable energy resources are relatively newer, many may not have a proper idea of how to install and use the equipment.

Therefore, you need field service software for customers to schedule appointments quickly and save time. Field technicians get access to their location and can communicate with the clients. They can resolve the issue via audio or video call or can conveniently schedule their visit at a time when the customer is available, at their behest.

4. Prolonged Life Cycle of The Equipment

The machinery that one requires to produce solar and renewable energy isn’t still manufactured on a wide scale. It’ll take a few more years to set up that equipment in almost all houses and companies. Therefore, people have limited access and have to use their equipment very carefully, considering that replacement isn’t easily available.

To tackle such unforeseen circumstances, it’s up to the businesses in the renewable energy sector to figure out ways to provide high-quality products that will run for a long time. One way to do so is to check the performance of the equipment on the field software at regular intervals. Based on their performance, the equipment may go through troubleshooting processes so that they operate in their best capacity in the future too.

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5. Remote Assistance Unbound by Experience and Location

The scope for solar and renewable energy sources to flourish is more when the location of the energy farms is on the outskirts of cities and villages. Many a time, these places are difficult to reach on time. In such cases, the software can guide a novice on what steps to take to fix problems. Doing so will ensure that you receive timely help always and are not bound by your location.

Field Service Solutions Changing The Landscape of Renewable Energy

To sum up, automation and field service are becoming the two most sought-after features in all industries. In the renewable energy sector, integrating your current system with field service solutions will support servicing from any location or device. It will eventually make the customer experience of clean energy consumption better, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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