Best Netflix Downloader For Mac: MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Best Netflix Downloader For Mac: MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

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Have you ever wished to download Netflix videos for offline viewing on your Mac? The catch is that Netflix doesn’t offer a dedicated Mac app, leaving you with no choice but to stream content through your Mac’s web browser.

Now, with most MacBook/iMac equipped with Apple Silicon chips, theoretically, you could run the iOS version of the Netflix app directly on your Mac. However, Netflix has taken measures to prevent this. But fear not! We’re here to introduce you to the ultimate Netflix downloader for Mac: MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader. Read on to explore how excellent it is!

What is MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader for Mac?

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader for Mac

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader is designed specifically for effortlessly downloading Netflix videos on Mac, even with an ad-supported plan. Besides, MovPilot can help you download those officially undownloadable movies or TV shows to your MacBook Air/Pro/iMac. And the downloaded videos will be permanently saved on your local drive, with no expiration date.

Say goodbye to streaming limitations and hello to the convenience of watching your favorite Netflix content whenever and wherever you like, all thanks to MovPilot.

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What Makes MovPilot the Best Netflix Downloader for Mac?

Download Netflix Videos with High Image&Audio Quality

MovPilot excels at downloading Netflix videos on Mac with exceptional image and audio quality. It helps you to save your preferred Netflix content in high definition, up to FHD 1080P, while maintaining 5.1 surround sound. MovPilot guarantees top-tier viewing quality even in offline mode, providing you with a cinema-like watching experience on your iMac/MacBook Pro/Air.

Up to 5X Ultra-fast Downloading Speed

Equipped with advanced hardware acceleration technology, MovPilot offers remarkably fast downloading speeds, up to 5X faster than other downloaders. With this incredible speed, you can quickly and efficiently download your favorite Netflix videos on MacBook Air/Pro/iMac, all while enjoying an unparalleled viewing experience. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to instant access with MovPilot.

Preserve All Original Multilingual Subtitles and Audio Tracks

MovPilot shines in its ability to preserve the authenticity of your Netflix downloads by retaining all original multilingual subtitles and audio tracks. This feature ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content in the language and format of your choice without compromising on quality or flexibility.

Remove Streaming Ads and DRM Protection

MovPilot effectively eliminates streaming ads and DRM protection from Netflix content on Mac. With this feature-rich tool, you can enjoy Netflix content as plain MP4 files on your MacBook Air/Pro/iMac. MovPilot helps you with uninterrupted streaming while also gaining the freedom to access downloaded content without DRM restrictions(like expiration, device limitation, etc.).

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How to Download Netflix Videos on Mac with MovPilot


Now follow the steps below to download Netflix videos on MacBook Air/Pro/iMac and Mac Pro/Mini without any restriction:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader on your MacBook/iMac. Log in with your active Netflix account to access the content library.

Download Netflix Videos on Mac with MovPilot

Step 2. Enter the keyword or paste the URL of your desired Netflix video to the search bar.

Netflix video to the search bar

Step 3. Click the download button to download Netflix movies to your MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro/Mini. (For a show with multiple episodes, enter the detail page, choose the episodes you want, and click the download button.)

your MacBook Air/Pro

After downloading, go to the History tab, locate and watch the downloaded Netflix movies on your MacBook/iMac.


In conclusion, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader for Mac offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your Netflix experience. It empowers you to download any Netflix content for offline viewing, ensuring a smooth, ad-free, and DRM-free streaming experience. With this best Netflix downloader for Mac, you can take control of your Netflix entertainment, enjoying it on your terms, anytime and anywhere. Download it right now to get a new level of convenience and flexibility!

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