Helldivers 2 Servers At Capacity Issues [Fixed]

Helldivers 2 Servers At Capacity Issues [Fixed]

by Bharat Kumar — 2 weeks ago in Review 5 min. read

Helldivers players were frustrated about the Helldivers 2 servers at capacity error.

Helldivers 2 became a commercial smash hit with the title “the best-selling title on Steam within 24 hours of release.”

It’s the only game that has hit a combined 1 million copies sold on PC and PS5, within 72 hours, according to the developers.

Based on Forbes report, the Helldivers 2 being the fastest-selling PlayStation title ever by selling 12 million units in its first 12 weeks.

In the recent light of the fact, users are encountering several issues in the game. You may have seen ‘servers at capacity’ error in Helldivers 2 online multiplayer game among others.

We will discuss the helldivers 2 error servers at capacity in detail and some fixes that may help you solve the issue.

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Helldivers 2 Explained

Helldivers 2 is a 2024 cooperative, intense graphic, and visually stunning third-person shooter game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

  • Genre: 3rd-person shooter game
  • Platform: PS5 and Windows
  • Developer: Arrowhead Game Studios
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: February 8, 2024

The story of the game continues as a Helldiver defending humanity from alien threats with new weapons and missions. There is no single-player mode, Helldivers 2 is online multiplayer only.

Online games require fast server response and large storage for data management.

Based on the official Discord channel, a developer from Arrowhead said; “Our team is working around the clock to solve these issues. While we’ve been able to mitigate some of the causes, we are still struggling to keep up with the scaling that is needed to accommodate all our Helldivers.”

Why Are The Helldivers 2 Servers At Capacity

how to fix helldivers 2 servers at capacity

A few days after the release of the Helldivers 2 game, an unexpected number of sales was witnessed, resulting in a surge in players overwhelming the servers. Since then the server began to be unresponsive and slow.

Additionally, the company didn’t expect to witness unexpected popularity. Lately, it operated on a limited server capacity, resulting in a Helldivers 2 server at capacity issue.

Presently, the company trying to fix the problem by adding new servers or upgrading existing ones takes time, meaning server capacity issues will continue for a few more days.

How To Fix Servers At Capacity Helldivers 2

Is there a way to fix error servers at capacity helldivers 2 without affecting any settings?

Sadly, you can’t do anything to fix Helldivers 2 server at capacity issue because the main solution lies in the hands of developers increasing server capacity.

The things you still, however, can try as follow:

👉 Be patient and retry: The most common advice is to be patient and keep trying to join a game.

👉 Try off-peak hours: Servers are likely busiest during peak hours and weekends.

👉 Check official channels: Keep an eye on the official Helldivers 2 forums, social media pages, or news articles.

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Can’t Play Helldivers 2 Servers At Capacity

Indeed, many players aren’t able to play the game because of server overflow.

In reality, if you are unable to login into Helldivers 2 server and keep getting either the 10002038 or 10003001 error code.

This pretty much means the servers are at capacity and you just have to wait on the log-in screen until a slot opens up.

How To Bypass Servers At Capacity Helldivers 2

Unluckily, there’s no guarantee to bypass the game server capacity as of now. But you can genuinely increase your chance of getting in.

The only thing you need to do is join a friend’s session.

If you have a Steam friend who is also playing Helldivers 2, you can leverage their connection to bypass the queue.

Doing this would increase the scope of matchmaking and the chance of getting in.

Here’s how it works:

  • Steam: Right-click on your friend’s name in your Steam friend list and choose “Join Game.”
  • PlayStation 5: Go to your friend’s profile and select “Join Game.”

This method essentially restricts the server from creating a new queue, instead of matchmaking based on your friend’s existing connection.

This process isn’t a foolproof solution, but this worked for many players.

Why Does Helldivers 2 Keep Saying Servers At Capacity

There would be two potential reason for keep saying servers at capacity, mentioned below:

1. Limited server capacity: Indeed, the developers likely planned for a certain number of player interests, but the actual demand surpassed and led to server overload. This would result in showing an error message at the time of log in.

2. Many players try accessing the game: At the moment, there may be a huge number of players trying to log in and play Helldivers which causes server overload and unresponsiveness to answer too many, resulting in showing an error code on the login screen.

Other Helldivers 2 issues

Apart from Helldivers 2 server at capacity issue, there are two minor issues I have noticed in a couple of days.

The game is constantly crashing

Particularly for PC users, the game is crashing a number of times. Any PC gamer can relate to how infuriating this can be, ensuring that your system is well optimized for this game including graphic drivers, operating system, and particular access to some files.

A black screen to kick things off

PC gamers can relate this issue very well, and understand how annoying it could be. Many Helldivers players encounter this strange problem when launching the game. When in action, players receive a black screen with no options on it. The developers of Helldivers are saying the cause of this issue is launching the game in fullscreen mode.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt in saying that Helldivers is a graphic-intense and action role-playing game released in 2024.

Indeed, with a high number of users spiked lately, the service has overflowed and become unresponsive for many.

Before ending this blog, look at some tips for cookies.

Tips for dealing with Helldivers 2 servers at capacity:

  • Keep trying to join a game, and you’ll eventually get in.
  • Aim to play during weekdays or early mornings.
  • Sometimes a simple restart can fix temporary glitches.

By following these tips and focusing on what you can control, chances of bypassing the Helldivers 2 servers at capacity increases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Helldivers 2 server capacity?

The available number for the exact Helldivers 2 server capacity is not disclosed by the company, but we do know that the game is designed to handle a significant number of concurrent players.

How many people still play Helldivers?

Since the release of the game, there has been fluctuating notices of players in February 2024. The game boasted over 458,000 concurrent players according to Steam Charts.

How many copies of Helldivers 2 have been sold?

Helldivers 2 has sold over 12 million copies according to several gaming news articles as of May 2024.

How to get around helldivers 2 servers at capacity?

Be patient and try playing off-peak hours such as weekdays or early morning to get around helldivers 2 servers at capacity.

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