Stop Struggling With Manual Board Management And Get Started With A New Tool

Stop Struggling with Manual Board Management and Get Started with A New Tool

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Review 4 min. read

Many directors are surprised that virtual boardrooms are an excellent substitute for offline events during intensive work on improving their company’s sales and popularity. In addition to the advantages, the transition to virtual meetings has allowed board members to corporate governance. Meeting agendas have become shorter, presentations have become better, and discussions have become bolder and more open. It’s possible to involve more top managers and outside experts.

CEOs of boards of directors appreciate all the privileges of online events. They will not go back to their previous format (offline meetings). They see in this possibility an advantage of an online board meeting and know exactly how to work with this.

For example, eBay was recently looking for a new CEO. The company completed the process much faster and more efficiently than usual. The company was able to get to know all the candidates thoroughly.

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Pay special attention to preparation. Ask participants to read the necessary materials in advance. But to discuss them with the help of file sharing or secure chats. Then the meeting will be faster and more productive. The main issue of virtual meetings should be fiduciary duties (asset management). Ask them by email about the rest of the questions.

Discuss and make decisions with the board portal software. It is easier to do this if you know your colleagues. Then you can better understand all the nuances of communication. Usually, board members get acquainted with each other during lunches and coffee breaks. But an acquaintance was planned previously.

Literate Management

After discussions in the breakout rooms, participants should reconvene and discuss proposed amendments. If the time constraints don’t allow for every issue discussed, pick out the time in the schedule for participants to share their opinions. In a face-to-face meeting, you can assess the environment and notice if someone wants to speak up. Participants in online events can chat with top executives to learn more about the company’s situation and its potential successors. For example, board members can spend an hour in a video chat with the CEO.

It’s easy to join a remote meeting. Invite leading experts from around the world to assess your situation or share their expert opinion. It’s an easy and convenient way to introduce new ideas and approaches. The remote format of meetings will become the gold standard for many years. Most companies hold many occasions every year.

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Best Manual Board Management

The BoardRoom must simplify your labor. A lot of management platforms help different companies manage their capital tables and issue electronic securities.

The software supports the management of various equity structures/allocation rules in private equity firms. Submit, track and archive consents and board documents to manage your capital. Instead of sharing option grant data in spreadsheets, manage board management software. Securely share and store boards on an encrypted platform.

Active Approach

Use board software for early-stage companies that have not raised money/not generating revenue. This methodology calculates a company’s net asset value to determine an appropriate valuation. Hold a board meeting with meeting management tools. Your board has a single source of reliable information about consents, agendas, and minutes.

Have all your board materials in one place. Create meeting agendas, track attendance, and share open/closed session documents in customizable groups in advance to provide luxury meetings. The fastest way to identify and approve option grants is to streamline the process. Create and submit approvals in the same workplace.

Approval of Documents Between Board Meetings

No waiting for a paperless meeting solution before approving option grants. If you want to complete the workflow, provide options to employees at the promised exercise price. You need to follow this approval process every time you consider it.

Save time on corporate governance. With the board consent tool, you can send consent using board portal software. Customize templates for consent types, add capital information, and track responses!

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A Single Source of Reliable Information About Board Documents

With a grant, executive hires, board meeting minutes, and individual consents are shared, signed, stored/encrypted. It’s much easier to find the documents you need. For most companies, boards help provide oversight, resources, and expertise to get the company right. But for many founders, there is no instruction on how to handle the board/compose a competent presentation for a board meeting. Prepare ahead of time. There should be no surprises at the meeting.

Build/communicate accurate information about the company and its virtual board software and offer financial and metrics according to agreed-upon KPIs, highlights, and risks. While these metrics will change as the company grows/develops new products, you need to constantly monitor the same metrics at all meetings to demonstrate changing trends.

The board usually consists of founders and lead investors. Earlier-stage companies may not be able to afford to hire outside directors when the opportunity arises. As the company grows, executive teams and boards usually start serious fundraising (including IPOs and acquisitions). At this juncture, the chief executive with similar experiences is a clue.

Submitting Your Subject Access Request

To get as much use out of the board portal, ask them questions in areas where they can help. Executives can also ask for advice on problems or issues:

  • organizational structure,
  • executive team,
  • go-to-market plans.

The CEOs provide the best transparency and timely information in both directions (board/internal teams). Finally, the best founders are busy running their company’s day-to-day. They don’t waste their time preparing for quarterly meetings.


The deep economic crisis has forced many companies to make strategic decisions. However, many companies often neglect the opportunity to meet personally. To save their companies from collapse, boards have opted for online meetings. Most boards are still looking for that balance, but some have quickly adapted to the situation. They have found that virtual meetings are even better than offline meetings.

One unexpected benefit of virtual meetings is improved teamwork. Such greetings may never replace communication, but a timely video call can improve the board’s efficiency. But a start has been made. And this start will impact the company’s online events.

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