7 Things You Need To Know About Surveillance Cameras

7 Things You Need to Know About Surveillance Cameras

by Evelyn Addison — 9 months ago in Security 2 min. read

Surveillance cameras vs security cameras, which one should you choose? Turns out, many people believe that surveillance cameras and security cameras are the same. However, there are plenty of differences between them, such as operation, accessibility, purpose, and quality. If you want to know more about surveillance cameras, here are seven things that set them apart:

Surveillance Cameras Have Higher Video Quality

Surveillance cameras are usually better than security cameras when it comes to clearer images, digital zooms or pans, or even personal identification, animal identification, or vehicle identification. They are technologically more complex than security cameras and often require proper management. Surveillance cameras have HD video quality, but some even reach 4k video quality.

The Footage is Displayed in Real-Time

One of the great advantages of surveillance cameras is their ability to provide real-time footage of public spaces. They can alert authorities to dispatch and move to intercept and stop criminal activity swiftly. Their purpose isn’t only to deter crime but also to help capture criminals as well.

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Significantly Deter Crime in Public Areas

Since the footage is displayed in real-time and surveillance cameras are known to have high-quality images, they significantly deter crime in public areas. In fact, some studies suggest that the mere presence of cameras, in general, deters crime. In some states, you are legally obliged to install cameras to deter crime, or you can be held liable through premise liability if a crime occurs near your property that might have been prevented through security measures, such as installing cameras.

Surveillance Cameras Are Often Hidden

Security cameras are often visible to employees, but surveillance cameras in public spaces are mostly hidden to deter criminals from trying to damage them. Some examples include the surveillance cameras installed near ATM machines. Criminals know they are there, which deters them from committing a crime, but they don’t know where the camera is to block it.

You Can Access Them From Anywhere

One of the most fun things about surveillance cameras is that you can access them from anywhere you are. Let’s say you go on vacation and want to check up on your business or a public space just out of curiosity. You can do so through your laptop or phone with certain apps or by accessing certain websites that allow you to share the view of public spaces.

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Some Surveillance Cameras Can Sense Pheromones

Surveillance cameras can come with various types of sensors to help business owners in establishing a more secure workspace or take care of livestock. Some surveillance cameras have pheromone sensors, a chemical that changes behavior in another animal of the same species. Other surveillance cameras have night vision capabilities and infrared or magnetic sensors to help detect motion even better.

Surveillance Systems Can Detect Motion of Up to 100 Feet

Surveillance cameras are significantly advanced nowadays, with some surveillance systems being able to detect motion from 100 feet away. Most operate between 40 and 100 feet, but it isn’t just the distance that is impressive, it’s also the level of detail and zoom capabilities that come with it.

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