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How To get free Online Cloud Storage

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Many people assume that most free online storage options are a waste of time because they offer limited amounts of free storage space and they are riddled with bugs, slow and not safe. Whilst this may have been true when the first free online storage cloud providers came onto the market, but as the competition increases and with the rise of online review forums, the popular online cloud storage services have raised their game substantially, with regards to the free storage capacity they provide.

When you first sign up to get free storage with a good online cloud storage service, you will usually be entitled to free storage space. Unfortunately, the limited amount offered by even the best providers is not enough to meet the needs of most people today. The free space you can get using these methods doesn’t expire. You’ll have space forever – or at least until the service decides to take it away or close its doors. For maximum free space, use multiple services and rack up free space with each. You could have over 100GB of free space if you took advantage of all the ways mentioned, So here are some additional ways to obtain more online storage free on your computer, pc or mobile device.

Pick A Well Established Provider

free 271x300 271x300 - How To get free Online Cloud StorageThe first step when signing up for online storage is to pick one of the top free providers. This is important because not only will it be less buggy than some of the lesser-known products, it will also have a better customer service department, in case you should encounter any issues and more features and benefits. The big players such as Google Drive, want to remain in pole position, therefore they understand that they have to provide as many extras as possible, in such a competitive market. Security measures should also be taken more seriously if using a well-established provider, which is going to be an important deciding factor if you are going to be using a free online cloud storage system to store sensitive data.

Look For Incentives

businessprice - How To get free Online Cloud StorageMany providers offer incentives as a means to get additional free storage space. This comes in the form of referring friends to their service. For example, you get an additional amount of GB memory space each time someone signs up via you. Or, several services offer you the opportunity to get extra free storage space as a result of downloading their apps on specific windows or mac devices. Providers such as Google Drive, also run competitions and offers, whereby you can win more storage space. MediaFire rewards you with 2GB for installing the MediaFire desktop, and 2GB more for installing mobile apps. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to MediaFire fetches you another 1GB each. And if you spam your social networks about MediaFire, you receive another 1GB of storage.

mobile - How To get free Online Cloud Storage

Multiple Platforms

Perhaps not the most time-efficient solution to getting more free storage, however, you can install various different providers on different devices. If you add together the sum of free storage space, you should have enough to meet everyday needs. This is time-consuming however and it does require some patience to remember how much space you have left and where.

social media cube 1024x922 300x270 300x270 - How To get free Online Cloud Storage Social Media Sharing

Many companies raise brand awareness on Social Media, by running a free giveaway in exchange for likes and shares. Cloud storage providers are no different and many of them will reward you with extra storage space, in exchange for liking or sharing their offer with your friends. Of course, different companies will run offers at different times, so it is important to keep an eye out for when the next promotion is running.

Divide Your Data

In keeping with the above point with regards to using multiple providers, try separating your data into media, documents etc. and see which providers offer what for free. For example, with GoogleDrive Your 5GB of space is actually shared between your Google Drive and Google+ Photos (formerly Picasa Web Albums). However, photos and videos under a certain size aren’t counted towards your storage limits. In other words, you can store an unlimited number of these photos and videos for free. Google has more information about the types of photos and videos that you can store for free. To get more space, try shrinking or deleting some photos. With Dropbox, if you Enable the Camera Upload feature on your phone or computer to automatically upload photos you take to Dropbox, you’ll get up to 3GB of free space.

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Free Trials

Most providers offer free trial periods, with no credit card required. This is obviously not a long term solution however, as once your free trial is up, your storage will no longer be accessible, once you fail to pay up.


The above-mentioned points are really everything you need to follow, in order to earn more free cloud storage space. Different companies are coming out with new incentives every day, in order to grow their client base, so it’s always worth checking out offers. There are also some providers, such as Google Drive, who when you purchase a device associated with Google, will reward you with storage space as an added bonus. The same goes for Windows computers and in app purchases from other companies. Although we suggested choosing a well-known provider in point number one, that is not to say that the newer, smaller companies are no good. Simply, you need to spend a little extra time doing your research and reading the fine print.

Reading websites such as this one, where you can easily access reviews of different products is going to be very beneficial, not only to helping you make the right choice as to which service to choose, but also to give you some insight on speed and performance, any negative points you should be aware of and also the security measures used by each platform. Try and stick to the advice given by authoriy ss, as the reviews will be genuine, unbiased and informative.

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