Healthcare Technology Trends That Will Surge In 2021

Healthcare Technology Trends that will Surge In 2021

by Akshit Chaku — 3 years ago in Health 4 min. read

Technology has surpassed every possible imagination we could ever have in our minds. And this incredible force of technology was much visible when our globe was hit by the pandemic.

The healthcare industry here was the worst at receiving the negative impact of this deadly virus, paralyzing every possible and sought-after (once considered) medical facilities around us.

I know it sounds harsh, but am speaking the fact here, and the disruption caused by the pandemic has left no scope for the healthcare industry to carry out its normal operations. But technology paved a way for us, enabling us to take care of our healthcare needs with the most innovative healthcare technologies.

Now, as COVID-19 is changing its colors every day, and mutating at a rapid-fire speed, are there any more advances to be experienced?

Of course, the coming year is going to bring mHealth technologies to have a mass adoption across the industries and would help in generating future growth.

Curious what more healthcare technology has got to offer you???

There are going to be some of the most innovative healthcare trends that are going to improve the efficiency and performance of every healthcare system. To get a closer look, you only need to scroll further this post…

Here we are with the most immersive healthcare technology trends that will transmute 2021.

IoMT-The Internet of Medical Things

To your surprise, by the year 2025, the IoT industry will be boosted by $6.2 trillion.

Yeah, you heard it all correct and strong, this is the trend that is going to be widely popular during 2021. As we know our world is tackling some of the most insane viruses and chronic illnesses, here combining IoT with telemedicine is the best way to proceed ahead with.

There is going to be vast usage of wearables, such as ECG, EKG monitors, and other medical measurements that can assess skin temperature, glucose level, and blood pressure readings. 
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Blockchain will improve healthcare

Among all the existing trends, one of the most unique approaches is offered by Blockchain technology. Although, most of us think that how Blockchain, a technology that was supposed to ease down the road for financial transactions, can smooth down the healthcare system.

But this is very much a part of the healthcare industry as well and can offer security, and accessibility in the context of interoperability.

With Blockchain technology, it becomes easy to improve transparency and integrity via a digital ledger. And it also keeps a strong check on the supply chain and the quality of the types of equipment and medicines that are being sold across the world.

Improved privacy

Security and privacy are the two factors that are highly significant in the healthcare sector, and compromising the data here, can be dangerous. Hence, the year 2021 is going to witness regulations to secure Protected Health Information (ePHI).

COVID-19 has brought remote communication into practice especially during a health emergency. Hence it is highly important for the telehealth companies to exercise these rules and make their offered services compliant. 


It was not long before, but only a few months ago, when the COVID-19 epidemic turned into a pandemic and we realized that we were in the mid of crisis, having nowhere to go.

And here, the worst affected was the healthcare sector, where not just the COVID patients but ailing patients with chronic disease, and patients with special needs, had no alternative left. 

Here the inclusion of the wearable devices helped healthcare professionals to track the real-time information on patient data from their remote locations only. And helped them get the right diagnosis and treatment without any delay. 

This process of constant assistance through the hands of telehealth would continue to grow in the coming years as well and is likely to get a major boost of $185.6 billion by 2026.
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AI in healthcare

AI holds great potential and would continue to showcase its efficiency in the year 2021 also, and its prominence will form a new set of possibilities for humans to improve precision, speed, and accuracy in the diagnosis.

AI-driven analytics can help healthcare providers to find the right approach to give treatment on the basis of insights.

AR/VR in Healthcare

Yeah, find it surprising??? Well, the fact is that virtual and augmented platforms would be very important technologies to be integrated within the healthcare system.

It will not just enhance the quality of telehealth during the pandemic time, it lets medical students in learning better. 

AR and VR technology, help chronic disease patients to help regain control of their conditions and get healed. It also helps healthcare motor deficiencies to gain control and offers more flexibility to therapists to customize a treatment plan for their patients.

On the other hand, VR headsets help patients to work with individuals who are having troubles with dementia or any other cognitive impairments.

This allows patients to get a hold back onto the memories and improve their conditions. AR has assisted healthcare providers to offer information that is real-time to students to benefit their learning procedure
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In a nutshell

To invest in digital health is not a fad but a necessity, and you must plan it NOW before it gets delayed. The momentum of the digital revolution is going to stay here for the longest and 2021 is going to witness it.

Here, we’ve mentioned a few trends that would sum up to technology trends that will rule our globe and would improve the lives of millions out there. Until next post, stay hooked to this space.

Akshit Chaku

Akshit is a marketing strategist with Techugo. His specialties include digital marketing, content optimization, and brand recognition. When he’s not working, he relishes travel adventures, watching sports, and reading literary masterpieces.

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