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What Is Intent Data & Why It Is Useful For B2...
By: Amelia Scott, Wed April 12, 2023

In the context of lead generation, hiring intent data plays a game-changer characteristic for many B2B verticals. Intent data is..

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Combination of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Mark...
By: Alan Jackson, Fri March 11, 2022

Technology has made the world a better place. One such revolution is artificial intelligence. It can be used by all..

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Top 10 Tips to Adjust Your Current Marketing Strat...
By: Amelia Scott, Mon January 24, 2022

Many businesses employ techniques such as SEO and social media marketing. They use them differently. You may need to adapt..

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The 5 Worst B2B Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoi...
By: Amelia Scott, Mon November 15, 2021

B2B marketing tactics and technologies are constantly changing. Marketers face unprecedented challenges in reaching their target audience to convince them..

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5 Secrets to an Amazing Paid Media Campaign
By: Alan Jackson, Fri October 29, 2021

Paid media campaigns are often well worth the expense to get your content out in front of more people. Most..

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Top 5 Gains from Predictive Marketing Analytics
By: Alan Jackson, Mon August 23, 2021

Predictive analytics is a statistical technique that makes use of existing information—or, more specifically, historical data—to predict future events. It’s..

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The Secret of Inbound Marketing for B2B Brands
By: Alex Noah, Mon August 16, 2021

Imagine if you didn’t have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to reach them. Instead, a..

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Not Sure How to Approach a B2B Client? Find Out He...
By: Murtaza Husain, Fri December 27, 2019

The art of selling is not easy. Whether it is the salesman at a mall urging you to check out..

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