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6 Ways Contact Center Automation Boosts Customer E...
By: Babelforce , Mon July 19, 2021

Customer expectations continue to change. In fact, close to 70% of them expect some type of proactive outreach from outbound..

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How to Choose the Right CRM System in 2021
By: Daniel Abbott, Sat July 3, 2021

Customer relationship management (CRM), manages small business interactions with customers. A CRM that is right for you has tools and..

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Best Small Business Management Software Solutions ...
By: Daniel Abbott, Sun March 28, 2021

In the present world, digital solutions are in trend and have also turned into an important part of our lives...

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How You can Change your Business Paradigm with Sal...
By: Rajabir , Tue September 22, 2020

The pandemic has compelled people across the world to accept the work from home style as the new normal. To..

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How AI and Machine Learning are eCommerce Tech Gam...
By: Alan Jackson, Wed September 9, 2020

The trend in eCommerce has been driving quickly towards AI and Machine Learning. The onset of COVID-19 has accelerated this..

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How To Improve ERP Systems With AI Solutions?
By: Alan Jackson, Tue July 21, 2020

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems refer to software and tools used to connect the myriad crucial business functions like, manufacturing,..

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7 ways to Enhance your Business growth through Hea...
By: Tanmayi Arora, Tue June 16, 2020

Running a business might look an easy task, but it isn’t easy to manage everything and look at every nuance..

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Cost Effective Sales Growth Apps for 2020
By: Abhijoy Sarkar, Fri February 21, 2020

Sales conversion is hard. Software applications are here to help. But they are often expensive. In this article, I delve into four low-cost sales solutions to help your business grow...

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Top 6 Benefits of CRM for Small Business
By: Alan Jackson, Fri January 31, 2020

The old adage “the customer is always right” has obtained a totally new significance in the 21st century. Not only..

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How to Improve Sales Cycle with Customer Relations...
By: Emma James, Fri July 19, 2019

Today, many sales teams share a common goal of obtaining the shortest sales cycle without breaking consumer rapport. Shorter cycle..

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