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Will Machine become a God? – Machine Vs. God
By: Alan Jackson, Thu March 12, 2020

If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles..

News/Machine Learning

How Machine Learning will Transform Companies?
By: Melissa Crooks, Wed March 4, 2020

Machine learning is one of the most promising technologies for the coming decades, a branch of artificial intelligence that studies..

News/Artificial Intelligence

Importance of Data Diversity to Avoid Bias
By: Alan Jackson, Sat February 8, 2020

The world is connected today in more ways than it ever has been before, as billions of objects are now..

News/Machine Learning

Top 10 Trending Machine Learning Courses For 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Thu February 6, 2020

With strong roots in statistics(data), Machine Learning is becoming among the very fascinating and quick-paced computer science areas to work..

News/Machine Learning

How Image Processing and Machine Learning can be L...
By: Alan Jackson, Sat February 1, 2020

Machine Learning(ML) generally means that you’re training the machine to do something(here, image processing) by providing set of training data’s...

News/Machine Learning

Important AI and Machine Learning Trends for 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Tue January 28, 2020

Businesses that range from high tech startups to international multinationals see artificial intelligence as a crucial competitive edge in an..


Technology Trends in Infrastructure 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Wed January 22, 2020

The infrastructure industry is a key driver for the Indian market. The industry is extremely accountable for equipping India’s overall..

News/Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence help Fight Financial F...
By: Alan Jackson, Tue January 21, 2020

It’s not something — firms are utilizing AI and ML to financial fraud. Financial fraud isn’t science fiction. AI solutions..

News/Machine Learning

How AI and Machine Learning will Surprise in 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Sun January 12, 2020

This very simple spreadsheet of machine learning how foibles might not seem like much but it is an intriguing exploration..


Top 6 Technologies That will Reshape Marketing in ...
By: Richard Gall, Fri January 3, 2020

Ingenious search engines which browse a multitude of budding sites, together with the initial online exhibit and search advertisements, marked..

News/Artificial Intelligence

Importance of Chatbots in 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Fri January 3, 2020

A chatbot is only a mechanism where individuals can interact using a device, which comprehends the aim of the individual..

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