10 Best Online Python Courses That You Can Choose In 2022

10 Best Online Python Courses that You can Choose in 2022

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

Python’s efficiency has made it one of the most popular programming languages. Python is one of the most widely used and simple programming languages. It’s popular for its simplicity, ability to create different applications, and ease of web development.

It is also one of the most popular programming languages. Python makes it simple to create programs with very few lines of code.

This makes it easier than other programming languages. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Every programmer and developer should have a better understanding of it. There is a lot of information online that can help beginners understand Python.

Mentors are essential to help them reach expert status. We have listed the 10 best online python programs you can choose from in 2021.

1. Python Fundamentals for Beginners

Offered by: Great Learning

Great Learning Academy offers an online course that will help beginners to learn the Python language. The program provides lectures that will help new learners understand the fundamental concepts.

After the program is completed, students may take a quiz. The quiz will allow them to evaluate the knowledge they have gained from the video lectures.
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2. Python Core: Advanced

Udemy offers this service

This course is the best for learning Python programming. It takes 9 hours to complete and is easy to follow. Udemy provides students with a certificate upon completion that they can present to their employers.

Access to the resources and study materials available during the course is free. This course will help beginners and intermediate students learn Python programming.
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3. Python for Everyone: Specialization


This specialization course introduces fundamental programming concepts, including data structures, networked program interfaces, and databases.

It uses the Python programming language. This language uses the techniques learned in the course of the specialization to create data retrieval, processing, and visualization applications.

4. Masterclass Python: Programming

Udemy offers this service

This course will equip students with the necessary Python skills to be able to work in specific areas like data science and machine learning.

From software developers and professionals, they will be able to create Python programs. They will be able to confidently use Python to improve their chances of being selected for industry interviews.

5. Introduction to: Python

Datacamp offers this service

This course is one of Datacamp’s most popular. The course teaches students the knowledge they need to create applications and be ready for the industry. This course is free and covers many important topics in a very short time.
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6. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

Udemy offers this service

The course begins with an introduction to the Python programming language and then moves on to teaching students how to create professional Python programs.

The online course can be taken in English or Italian. This beginner course includes 23.5 hours of lecture, demonstration videos, 77 study material, and 20 coding exercises that will help learners acquire the critical skills they need.

7. 100 Python Exercise: Evaluate and Enhance Your Skills

Udemy offers this service

This program is intended to improve the Python skills of students. Both beginners and professionals can solve the exercises in this Python course. You will find the solutions in the course so that anyone trying to solve the exercises can quickly assess their results and compare their performance.
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8. The Python Bible

Udemy offers this service

This project-based course will allow students to learn Python programming using English, Portuguese, or Spanish languages.

The course is paid online and includes 11 coding exercises, 9 hours of video tutorials, as well as downloadable study material. Students will receive a certificate after completion that they can use to add to their portfolios.

9. Python Class

Google offers this service

Google Python Class is a course for people who are not familiar with programming. The free course includes a mixture of written material and lecture videos.

There are also a variety of coding exercises. This course focuses on data types and lists, working in text files, creating HTTP connections, and other processes.
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10. Applied Data Science and Python Specialization


Coursera and the University of Michigan offer this course. It teaches data science using the Python programming language. This skills-based specialization allows learners to acquire a basic programming background, as well as the ability to apply statistical, text analysis, and ML techniques.

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