6 General Mistakes Agencies Should Avoid When Develop Chatbots

6 General mistakes Agencies should avoid when Develop Chatbots

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 7 min. read

Although we’ve all experienced bad chatbot experiences, research has shown that chatbots will surpass 90% customer interaction success rates by 2022. These are the top chatbot mistakes that you shouldn’t make and how to avoid them.

Chatbots are becoming smarter.

It’s a lot smarter.

Research shows chatbots will reach a 90% customer interaction success rate by 2022 (source).

Conversational automation is now a standard in modern business, thanks to COVID’s acceleration and the common drive for more with less.

Like any technology, departments and top thinkers are trying to find best practices and improve their use of chatbot technology.

There are many bad chatbot experiences. You don’t get the right answer, it doesn’t understand you or just keeps going around in circles.

These experiences are rapidly becoming passé. Brands can create amazing chatbot experiences with guidance. A single chatbot can bring in large numbers of leads autonomously within months. This is a great way for businesses to get an AI boost.

These are the top mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

6 General mistakes Agencies should avoid when Develop Chatbots

You didn’t plan properly

Failure to plan is not planning… We all know this quote.

Chatbots that guide users to a goal are the best. Each element is well thought out and there are no unnecessary steps.

It is easy to see a chatbot experience that was created in a hurry or without proper planning. The user experience feels confusing, the steps are complicated, and it is easy for the chatbot or to get lost.

Chatbot conversations work well when you use a pen and paper approach. Each step should be outlined on a whiteboard, or by using a collaboration tool.

Chatbots are becoming more versatile and useful as technology advances. Chatbots are no longer just FAQ machines. The technology allows for more complexity and innovation. It also requires more planning.

This is how to avoid falling into this trap: Use whiteboards, pens, and paper, or other collaboration tools. The process of planning an advanced chatbot is similar to a strategy meeting where teams work together to find the best way forward.

Branding opportunities were not taken advantage of

Chatbots are, quite literally, talking versions of brands. It should reflect the core beliefs, goals, voice, and values of the brand.

Chatbots may be the only way users interact with brands. It’s a wasted opportunity if the chatbot doesn’t reinforce why they chose the brand.

Although your chatbot may have one goal, it can’t be overlooked for brand-building opportunities. Your chatbot should have unique messages that stand out from the rest.

It’s amazing how many brands fail in making the most of chatbots, considering they are one of the most interactive mediums available. Individuals and creative teams will have plenty of room to invent. Create amazing branding experiences using a chatbot

Got a quirky, fun B2C brand? You might consider adding some memes or gifs to your website. A professional B2B audience is more appealing? To establish yourself as a thought leader, include links to additional learning materials in your messages.

Think about Wendy’s (an American fast-food chain) Twitter profile. Their humorous and controversial tweets helped them to make a name for their brand. What could you do to help a brand reach similar heights via a chatbot?

Bonus: Chatbots on full-page are great for creating an immersive experience. They eliminate all distractions from the page, leaving only one window for users to interact with.

To build your brand, consider using a full-page chatbot. Have you ever seen a chatbot on a full page? This video will show you everything you need to know.
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You weren’t excited or delighted

Although chatbots are available to answer questions and provide information, they still have the potential to be exciting users.

Businesses often only offer short text answers, but the best chatbots are more than capable of delighting users.

They go beyond answering questions. Instead, they craft compelling messages and add a variety of interesting features to make them stand out. It’s possible to make user experiences that are fun and even funny while ensuring a smooth user experience.

These are some common options chatbot creators forget are available to them:

Rich media. Video content is often referred to as the king content. Why create a chatbot without it! You can swap video content for images, gifs, and PDFs depending on the situation.

Exciting integrations Chatbot integrations include connecting to a training platform for employees, integrating a chatbot into Spotify, and making products ‘live’ during launch. Teams can help businesses achieve new heights with a little creativity.

Personalization enhance edIt is not enough to offer birthday discounts via email. Users expect more. Chatbots offer the ultimate personalization experience by serving unique content based on URLs, time, day, flash sales, and many other factors.

Chatbots can be used by people who think outside the box to delight and smash user targets simultaneously.
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You forgot user experience

Chatbots can help you make your life easier, among other things. Chatbots ensure customers get timely assistance, nurture leads around the clock, as well as helping employees do more with less.

This is the most important goal when you first start using a chatbot platform. Your chatbot should be easy to use.

Chatbots should be user-friendly. These are some of the most common accessibility pitfalls that businesses have fallen prey to over the years.

  • The chatbot sends bulky, long messages

It can be difficult to read long walls of text on a screen, especially for those with poor eyesight and small devices. Users will be more frustrated if they see too many messages and have to spend more time reading them. Copywriting professionals will be able to focus on concise messages.

  • Chatbots use the wrong medium to communicate information

A picture can paint a thousand words but it may not always be the best option. Chatbot builders often get too excited by all the functionality and create experiences that aren’t relevant to their purpose.

Speed is key in the digital age. Chatbot users expect to be able to access the information they require as soon as possible. This can lead to a slowing down of the chatbot user and a poor experience.

Videos should be sent when they are the best and not because you feel it is possible. Keep it simple if a few sentences are sufficient to accomplish the task. You can share PDFs and web pages from within the widget if it requires more.

  • Your focus was on the wrong market

This is true for logo design, social media marketing, and web design.

Despite this, we have seen it quite often. Brands can sometimes forget the basics when they combine exciting features with a new channel. Chatbot creation should always be centered around the end-user.

  • Great chatbots talk as their users do and share the information they expect to find.

Chatbot adoption is increasing, as well as the availability of support. Digital and marketing agencies have started to train their staff on chatbots to help their clients strategically use this powerful form of AI. Here are some tips to help you frame your chatbot. Ask for guidance from agencies you trust. They may have some experience.

This is how to avoid falling into this trap: Follow the ‘as a user, does this help you?’ testing process. You should test every component of your chatbot. Then ask yourself, “As an end-user does this feature help you as efficiently as it can?”

You ‘locked’ users out of speaking to a human

Chatbots’ autonomy is a huge advantage for businesses. Chatbots can be used to assist businesses in many situations.

Users must have the option to contact a human being. If this is not done, users will feel trapped and it will reflect negatively on their brand. Extreme cases can lead to the user feeling unappreciated and may cause them to leave their brand.

Chatbots offer a range of human fallback options.

Chatbot developers can try each method until they find the best one for their business. The chatbot can also grow along with the business by using the various human fallback options.

To best serve their customers, the company can develop more advanced human fallback methods as it grows. The person or team behind the chatbot gets to see their solution become a key part of the company’s plans.

This is how to avoid falling into this trap: For users who require human assistance, you can include human fallback options such as live chat. You can also include a chatbot option to receive a message from your users and forward it to your staff if live chat is not an option.
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Your chatbot can become stagnant

Chatbots can improve by design. Chatbots become smarter through machine learning and AI technology. Chatbots can grow with your business, that’s all.

This industry is growing rapidly and breakthroughs are released every month. It is a waste of time to create a chatbot and then leave it alone.

Brands that leave their chatbot inactive year after year end up with obsolete products. Imagine a brand that has never updated its website. They didn’t add a blog post, change the landing page or modify a call-to-action. It’s not possible.

Builders must strive to improve the chatbot experience. To find improvement opportunities, review monthly reports, and implement new features that delight. Communicate with chatbot users to discover refinements.

Chatbots are an evolving solution that will continue to serve you for many years. Don’t let them get old.

This is how to avoid falling into this trap: If you are looking for innovative chatbot experiences to provide a service to a client, then check out the partner program at used. Regular releases are a key feature of the platform to ensure that your chatbot is always up-to-date.

Your users came to you

Chatbots make life easier, even if it means repeating the same thing. Chatbot users shouldn’t need to make extra effort to interact with them, they should have access to the chatbot on their preferred communication channels.

The wrong channels can lead to low adoption and slow growth of your chatbot. For those who reach out to chatbot for assistance, it can be frustrating to have to navigate from social media to your website.

Chatbot platforms that support social media, websites, and custom-built apps make it easy to be there with your users.

Chatbots will be viewed by the more flexible thinkers as a future-proofing tool. They are aware that their customers won’t use these channels in the next few years. A chatbot that is already in place can jump into action as new channels become more popular.

This is how to avoid falling into this trap: Make sure your chatbot platform supports the preferred channels of your users. You should also look for a flexible provider. Some platforms only offer one channel, such as Facebook Messenger. Others offer more than 30It is important that you select a provider who will be able to provide for your users in the future.
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Driving results with AI

Chatbots are the kings of modern efficiency. Many brands have mastered social media and are now seeking the benefits chatbots bring.

Businesses of all sizes can achieve new heights with automation guidance.

These pitfalls can be avoided when creating your first chatbot.

Some people find the idea of working with AI daunting. It quickly becomes another project once you get rid of the futuristic vibe.

A lot of the skills needed to create a chatbot (such as creative thinking and putting the user first) are also applicable to more common tech projects. Anyone who has worked in the planning or creation stages of a website created an app, or devised a social media strategy is well-equipped to create their first chatbot.

If you’re looking to hone your Chabot skills check out this free course. This series of seven emails cover the basics of business chatbots.

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