7 Best Soft Robotics Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2021

7 Best Soft Robotics Companies to Keep an Eye On in 2021

by Amelia Scott — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 2 min. read

Soft robotics companies are essential for robotics users. Soft robotics refers to the subfield within robotics that deals with the creation of robots from soft, elastic and flexible materials.

It is similar to living organisms. It is based on living organisms that adapt to their environment. Soft robotics technology allows robots to exhibit both dynamic and plastic behavior.


The lack of soft touch surfaces is a major obstacle to soft robotics creation. Silicon is the preferred material for creating touch surfaces that feel soft and human-like. SpectroPlast, a Swiss startup company, provides silicon-based solutions to different applications.

To meet the long-standing demand for silicon 3D printers, the company aims to bridge the gap between cutting edge research technology research and technology transfer. The company produces parts for medical devices and industrial components in soft robotics.
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iCobots is a collaborative robot development company that specializes in industrial automation. This company was founded to integrate the most advanced technology in Israel’s industrial sector.

Soft robotics technology is used by iCobots to package food products such as eggs, fruits, or chocolates that do not require manual labor. These robots work together to combine robot speed with human touch, and can be used in delicate food handling. Robots can handle many products from different industries, including agriculture.

Soft Gripping

Soft Gripping, a robotics company based in Hamburg, produces elastic grippers that can be used for material handling. Soft Gripping offers robust, flexible, and soft-light designs that adapt to all surfaces. They are also ideal for fault-tolerant handling. It strives to provide technology that is simple to use and safe for human collaboration.
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Squishy Robotics

Squishy Robotics is a mobile sensing robot that can be quickly deployed and used for remote monitoring, disaster rescue, and space exploration. The company’s goal is to create fusion robots by combining mobile sensing, machine learning, big data, smart IoT, and machine learning.

This platform can be customized to adapt to changing situations. This startup is currently focusing on developing applications that provide scientific monitoring, delivery services and smart home applications.


Somnox is one of the pioneers in providing a technology that helps people fall asleep. Soft robotic innovation is the company’s specialty. It helps people fall asleep at night and wake up feeling more energetic.

This technology encourages rehabilitation after injuries and encourages a specific behavior such as addiction recovery or improved coordination to therapy. Somnox offers sleep robot aids for people with circadian rhythmic disorders. They can fall asleep quicker and last longer.
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Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics is a company that specializes in providing soft-touch grippers made from smart materials. This allows them to eliminate the problem of industrial robots using end-arm tooling. It uses the most advanced materials to grasp fresh fruits, pens, and candy bars with the finesse that a human can.

Soft Robot Tech (SRT)

SRT, a China-based startup, specializes in software robotics. This includes flexible SRT jaws and intelligent medical aids. The company studies the deformation mechanism inflexible materials and develops grippers that can grasp workpieces of various sizes, shapes, weights, and with one claw.

These claws are equipped with a soft, pneumatic thumb that covers the target and does not know its size or shape beforehand.

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