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Lenovo launches AR glasses for Business Enterprise

Lenovo seems to have gotten the memo that the real money in the augmented reality space is going to be made in enterprise.

Ahead of tomorrow’s CES kick off, the hardware company announced the impending arrival of the ThinkReality A3, a pair of enterprise AR glasses that look to follow the lead set by companies like Epson and Microsoft.

The eyeglasses are put to arrive at a certain stage in the center of this year. No word from Lenovo on pricing — that is not completely surprising to get an enterprise-only apparatus. The headset sports a 1080p resolution, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip.

Some of fish-eye cameras offer movement monitoring, whereas an eight-megapixel RGB camera captures video for remote usage.

The unit was made to tether into a PC or even a few of Motorola (possessed by Lenovo) mobiles via USB-C.

Lenovo launches AR glasses for business enterprise

The eyeglasses follow the statement of the ThinkReality A6 head-mounted screen, which delivers a more conventional form variable (insofar as there’s a conventional form variable for AR, I guess ).

“To be used in situations from factory flooring and labs to active hospitality and retail spaces, accredited turnkey software on the Think Truth platform powers remote help, guided workflows, and 3D visualization,” the company writes. “Today, industrial employees have a light, flexible, and scalable set of glasses to boost productivity and security whilst decreasing error levels in daily tasks”

Certainly Lenovo believes the immediate future for AR is at the enterprise area. The business has dabbled with it somewhat from the consumer area with products such as the Star Wars Jedi Challenges headset, but for today, that feels like something of a one off.


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