5 Tips For Managing & Supporting Staff Working From Home

5 Tips for Managing & Supporting Staff Working from Home

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

With the virtual workplace becoming the norm for many, it is vital that management start to understand how they can support and manage their staff in this new environment. Here are some tips you can use to help and support employees who work from home.

Provide Up to Date Technology

A key cause of employee discontent when they are working at home is the hardware and software they are using. If it’s not up to date, it will probably be slow and cause an immense amount of frustration for your employees.

Providing them with new, modern hardware will improve their satisfaction and their productivity. If they are at home and they encounter a problem, it is easy to just walk away for half an hour and not deal with it immediately. This will impact productivity.

Having hardware that is fast and up to date will stop these problems from happening. Service desk software provides an ITIL CMDB tool that can help to manage your hardware and software.
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Communicate Regularly

You are now going to lack the regular face-to-face interactions you had previously with employees and it is no longer possible for them to just walk into your office for a chat.

While video conferencing is an option, it does not replace the cues we pick up during normal interactions. Ensure you have regular meetings with your employees through whichever method you feel works best.

Remember, it is easy for your employees to put up a front when they are only having a brief interaction with you, so it’s important to make regular contact and address any potential issues.
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Have a Service Desk

As above, if employees encounter problems, they’re going to get frustrated which is why it is essential to have the best possible support available for them.

Helpdesks use automated chat boxes and Artificial Intelligence to search knowledge bases and answer any queries your employees may have. They are cloud-based solutions that streamline workflows and automate repetitive service requests using a cutting-edge UI, which ensures the most up-to-date experience.

The difference between customer service and customer support is that customer support teams support a product, while customer service teams provide service to a customer

Encourage Employees to Take Breaks and Look After Wellbeing

When working in an office environment, working hours are set and there are indications of when the working day is over, such as colleagues leaving for home.

When working from home this is less clear and it can encourage employees to overwork themselves. In the long-term, this will lead to burnout and a reduction in productivity as well as an employee with poor mental health.

Tell your employees that you expect them to take breaks, and finish their working days as they would have when working in an office.
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Encourage Virtual Social Events

Working at home may leave some of your employees feeling isolated, especially if they have been used to working in an office.

Many aspects of their social life will have revolved around the office and their colleagues there. There is also the aspect of worker morale and bonding which is more difficult to do.

Holding online social events can go some way to addressing this, and while it doesn’t completely replace human interaction it will give you a happier and more productive workforce.

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