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The Best Ways To Use Instagram Feed To Improve Email Campaigns

One best way to enhance email marketing efforts and results is to combine Instagram with email marketing campaigns. However, this is not an easy job, even it is a business that has a reliable and effective email marketing plan.

The primary aim is to

  • Drive more Instagram followers
  • Have more fruitful and productive conversions

Make the best use of social media and email both by implementing omnichannel marketing. This encouraged subscribers to interact with brands across different social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter of course

All these were possible due to the technological advancements and its advent in email marketing services. There are several useful tools and software programs available now that have made things much simpler than before. You can now easily add Instagram and other social media feeds right into your email.

Integrating Instagram feed in emails will allow you to

  • Find the latest info in the respective handle
  • Update it automatically when the Instagram followers use it
  • Redirect them to particular mail

In short, this will allow you to drive more organic followers to your account as well as increase the level of engagement on it. All these will enhance the visibility of your Instagram account.

Getting better results

Since Instagram is getting popular more and more with each passing day, integrating it with your email, marketing strategy is perhaps the best and most productive move that you can make.

The nest thing is that you have different options to choose from when you want to use it according to your preference.

For example

  • You can choose to use nine posts in a three by three grid
  • You can use sixteen posts in a four by four grid

However, to ‘wow’ your social media followers, you must focus on embedding your Instagram feeds more dynamically. You can do this easily by including RSS into your emails. This will make your emails more reachable in the public domain, thereby increasing the visibility of your brand.

For this, you will need to create an RSS feed that should include the following

  • Your daily or weekly post updates
  • Feed title
  • Recent Date
  • The links and URL
  • Its item content
  • RSS item author

You may also add a few other elements to this template to make your RSS feed emails livelier. Send it through email to your target audience, but make sure that you integrate your emails based on the hashtags of your brand or the specific contest that you may be running at present.

Integrating Instagram content to the website

To make your email marketing campaigns more productive, you must make sure that the users are directed towards your website to gather more information about your brand and product.

However, for this, you will need to embed Instagram feed on your website as well. You will find this process to be much easier when you use WordPress. Ideally, there are two free options available to do this.

You can use the official option of Instagram embedding your post to your website. For this, you will have to follow these steps

  • Open the Instagram business app
  • Open the photo you want to embed
  • Choose the ‘embed’ option from the three dots in the upper right-hand corner
  • Copy the embed code
  • Open WordPress editor
  • Go to the webpage where the post is to appear
  • Select the editor area to add the code
  • Click on the ‘plus’ icon
  • Select the ‘embed’ block
  • Paste the URL of the post in the input field

However, before you post, click on the ‘preview’ or ‘update’ button to see the embedded feed.

There are some limitations to this process because

  • You can add only one post at a time
  • You cannot customize
  • There is no option for content moderation
  • There are no live content updates and
  • You cannot use performance analytics

Alternatively, you can use third-party Instagram feed plugins for WordPress, but for that, you will need to have an Instagram Business Account or an Instagram Creator Account. These plugins will give you more advanced and professional solutions to generate Instagram photos.

The steps to follow include

  • Go to ‘Instagram albums’
  • Click on ‘add new’
  • Click on ‘connect with Instagram’
  • Select the account to generate posts
  • Go to the feed edit screen
  • Copy the code provided at the top right sidebar
  • Paste it into the body section, and you are done

However, depending on the particular plugin you choose to use, there may be several other options. Therefore, make sure you check out all these available options before you proceed.

Coding a live dynamic feed

If you want to code live dynamic feed-in HTML email to make it even better and bigger, you must first create targeted and more personalized emails.

A dynamic content primarily involves using text or images

  • The textual contents are pulled through using different variables and merge tags through an ESP
  • The dynamic images are typically linked to one particular source file. This file is overwritten dynamically so that it displays a new image for a specific subset of subscribers

All these are based on several different pre-defined and personalized parameters. This process will help you to create a unique, more engaging, and personalized email experience for the followers.

Using it in emails

To have a custom web feed, you will have to connect your Instagram content to the flow of emails.

For this you will need to

  • Set up the feed
  • Navigate the URL and
  • Navigate the data feeds

You can then pull the content into campaign emails and into flow emails.

Bringing emails back to life

With the use of Instagram’s dynamic content, you can bring your emails back to life.

The ways in which you can do this include

  • Conducting dynamic surveys to gather important information about potential and current customers
  • Implementing deadline countdown to entice recipients
  • Using convenient features to have more engagement and
  • Adding special effects and videos to spice things up

Lastly, adding geo-targeting features will also help a lot to improve your email and Instagram marketing efforts.


Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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