How To Move Google Doc To Google Drive – Simple Tricks

Best Method to Move Google Doc to Google Drive

by Lindsey Smith — 3 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Google Drive has gained a lot of popularity amongst the cloud storage services. It is provided by Google to its users. Today everything is moved to the cloud, so users store almost all of their data in the cloud. This is why Google Drive is so popular among users.

In addition, Google Drive has 15 GB of free storage that it can use to store data. So when users run out of space or want to move Google Doc to Google Drive.

Incredible Features to Move Google Doc to Google Drive

This SysTools Google Drive to Google Drive Migration tool is equipped with certain noble features at a very less cost. Users can easily avail them and also a demo version can be tested without even providing any credit card details.

All you need to need to is to click on Free Download and access the tool. Other amazing features are written in the section below to move Google Drive docs to another Drive.

Completely Move G Drive Data

Users can move the entire data of Google Drive using the Admin accounts in an effortless manner. The file formats that can be moved includes images, doc, files, videos etc.

Additionally users can move the data of multiple admin accounts in batches. This results in saving the precious time. This tool is designed by keeping both the technical and non-technical users in mind.

Move New Data Only

By using the delta migration feature, users can move the newly arrived data between the same Drives.

The data which has arrived after the first migration gets completed, can be migrated using this feature. This ultimate feature ensures that there will be no data duplicity and thus, users can completely rely on it.

Several Filters

This tool offers various filters to make the whole process faster. Users can move the data of the preferred or the selected date by using data range filter.

A specified data range has to be provided in the ‘To and From’ fields to move Google doc to Google Drive account.

Move Deleted Items

Another option to customize the Google Drive migration is to move deleted items to another Drive.

When the user checks this option, the software will move the Trash folder from one Google Drive to another Google Drive. Also, it will just need to create a separate folder called Trash for easy visibility.
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5 Steps to Move Google Doc to Google Drive

Follow the steps below to get the results you want when moving documents from Google Drive to another Drive.

  1. Open the software and select the Source and Destination account on the setup screen.
  2. Second, choose the workload and apply the filters as desired.
  3. Then fill in G Suite details as Source and click Validate button to grant permissions.
  4. Next, fill in details for the destination G Suite and then Validate.
  5. Finally, after selecting the users, take them from the user screen and Start Migrating.

Manually Download and Upload Google Docs

Steps to move Google Doc to Google Drive using the download and upload method:

1: Sign in to the account you want to transfer files from.

2: Find the file / folder you want to move.

3: Right click on the file / folder and click “Download”.

4: Sign in to the account where you want to transfer the downloaded file

5: Go to “My Drive” and click “Upload Files” or “Upload Folders” depending on what you’ve downloaded.

6: Download the correct downloaded files / folders to this user account.
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Google Takeout Solution to Move Google Docs

If you want to move all “My Drives” to another account, the Google Takeout Service is the best choice.

Steps to move Google Drive docs to another Drive using Google Takeout Services:

1: Sign in to Google Takeout Service.

2: Under “Create new archive”, click on the box next to “Drive” and click “Next step”.

3: In the next window, you can customize your archive file format by selecting “Delivery method” and “File type” and clicking “Create archive”.

4: A progress bar showing your download status. The time it takes to create your archive depends on how much data you are trying to store, so the download will take up more files.

5: Once the archiving is complete, you will receive an email notification. If not, you can check the status on your Data Downloads page.

6: Click the “Download” button next to the archived file to move Google Doc to Google Drive.

7: After downloading the archive file, you can upload these files to the user account you want to move.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to move Google Doc to Google Drive, users start looking for solutions. We have found both a manual and professional way to move Google Drive docs to another Drive, keeping in mind all the minor or major needs of our users. Try them out and simplify your Google Drive migration process.

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