DBX To Office 365 Migration | Move From MS Outlook Express To Outlook

DBX to Office 365 Migration | MS Outlook Express to Outlook

by Alexa Hopper — 3 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Before going deep in the process for DBX migration, it essential to know why to move from one platform to another often like DBX to Office 365 Migration.

Migrating between emailing platforms is a tedious job, to say the tiniest. It desires investment, planning, close monitoring, effective management, risk-migration, as well as testing to certify perfect deployment.

When it sounds like such a vast effort, why do organizations even deliberate going for it. Assuredly their current mailing systems were serving their determination before the new alternative was launch.

Behind the decision to move from one platform to another are some reasons. Many causes may prompt an organization to need to shift to Office 365:

  • DBX files can store only a maximum of 2 GB size of data. If users need to add more data to a DBX file, Outlook Express maybe crash.
  • Office 365 application is a cloud-based platform that organizations don’t want to invest in preparing the necessary on-premise hardware setup.
  • As all data is on the cloud, protecting it from threats is lacking to Microsoft. It is not a worry for organizations to any further extent, still backing up, however, is.
  • Office 365 updates frequently, so the platform is always prepared with the latest technology.
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Ways to Migrate DBX to Office 365 Account:

For DBX to Office 365 Migration, the user needs to do a conversion from DBX to PST format. The resultant Outlook PST files further will be imported into Office 365.

Here are the steps for DBX to Office 365 migration:

  1. Download and install the latest Windows Live Mail & Microsoft Office 365 on your local machine.
  2. Now, Run Windows Live Mail and then click on File >> Import Messages.
  3. The dialog box “Import Messages” will appear. Choose Microsoft Outlook Express & then click on Next.
  4. Choose the Radio button that says “All Folders” and click on “Next.” Then this will import all Outlook Express mailbox data into Windows Live Mail.
  5. After that, in Windows Live Mail, click on File -> Export Mail >> Email Messages
  6. Now, the dialog box Export Mail Setup will appear. Choose Microsoft Exchange and then click on “Next” to continue.
  7. Once get a confirmation message, click OK.
  8. Now once again, select the radio button that says “All Folders” and click on “Next.” That will import all Windows Live mailbox data into Microsoft Outlook.
  9. Click on “Finish” to done complete the process.

Why Manual Methods are is not much preferred?

The manual method defined above is free, but it isn’t often preferred. The reasons being:

  • After the migration, the data in some email messages might get missing or turn corrupt.
  • The Images & Attachments in the resulting mailbox files might get lost or become corrupt.
  • Email headers might get bounced from the conversion.
  • Also, specific email messages or attachments might get skipped from the migration.

Using Shoviv DBX to Office 365 Migration Tool:

Shoviv DBX to Office 365 Migration is an advanced migration tool that is a picture-perfect solution to migration DBX files into Office 365 as well as more other formats.

Besides, this Shoviv DBX to PST migration tool permits the recovery of DBX file and proficient to converts DBX to EML, MSG, & DBX files itself.

The software also allows exporting DBX files to Live Exchange Server & Office 365 mailboxes. It converts DBX into both UNICODE & ANSI PST format to make it available for all.

Steps for Migrating DBX to Office 365 Account:

  1. Launch Shoviv DBX to Office 365 tool.
  2. Browse and Add DBX files or Folder.
  3. Choose “Export to Office 365 ” at the dropdown.
  4. Put Office 365 credentials & click to export.


  1. It can easily migrate multiple DBX files to Office 365 without any restriction.
  2. The tool also allows converting DBX files to PST, EML, & MSG file formats.
  3. This tool suitably maintains data integrity during the process.
  4. Option to export DBX to Live Exchange Server is also obtainable within this tool.
  5. It originates with the split option to resolve the extensive size file issue.
  6. User-oriented options like the filter option, Preview option, are also existing.

DBX to Office 365

Free Demo Version:

For Shoviv, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance so that, a free demo edition of the migration tool is available to download and ensure.

Users can quickly check the working of the software using the trial version. It allows migrating the first 50 items per folder.
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As we see migrating, from one platform to another is not a very easy task. It becomes more difficult if you are a beginner or belongs to a non-technical background.

Using any manual approach for migrating email data may lead to email data corruption as well as this method is so risky and time-consuming too.

So, it highly recommends using any professional software for shifting the email data file. Likely, in the case of Outlook Express to Outlook migration, Shoviv DBX to Office 365 tool is the best solution.

Alexa Hopper

Alexa is passionate about the latest technology and trends. She is a former Email data migration and & conversion expert from 2008 to 2020. She loves to share their insights knowledge and software reviews with trendy websites so that people aware of the latest trends.

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