How To Boost Your Design Skills

How to Boost Your Design Skills

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

In this modern age, a designer’s skills can quickly become outdated. Designers must have more skills than ever before. Client expectations change constantly. Working in-house can make it more difficult to stay current.

To avoid being outdone by the competition, freelance designers must also be vigilant about their abilities. We’ll be discussing how you can keep up with the latest skills, without becoming overwhelmed by “catch-up” behavior.

Turning It Inside Out

It is important to look at your clients from the “inside out”. This will give you an advantage when it comes to solving their problems. It’s important not to view freelancing only as a means to an end. Instead, you should always begin with your client or their target user, and then place yourself in their shoes.

What do they want to achieve? It’s then a matter of deducing the essential skills needed to ensure that they have the best possible experience.

What do they want to achieve? It’s then a matter of deducing the essential skills needed to ensure that they have the best possible experience. This is a great strategy to use if you are confused about which programming languages to learn or which software to train for. You can change when the user’s expectations change.

Outsourcing for Profit and Fun

Many designers outsource tasks that they are not good at. This is a good idea. I have recommended it to designers who feel overwhelmed by the tasks they have to complete.

However, when consulting with a client, it is essential that you can do the things your client has asked you to do. It will be more difficult to convince clients who are looking for a coder if you hire outside help.

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Do not Look for Crutches, But Assets.

Relying on a contractor to do a critical part of your business is not advisable. If you are a frequent outsourced consider whether it would be better to learn the skill yourself.

Knowing what you do gives you confidence and clients will be more likely to value you because of it.

You could also partner up with someone permanent, perhaps your primary contractor, and offer a shared service to a wider range of clients. While working with others has its challenges, there is no doubt that the right partnership can improve your efficiency and increase your income.

Follow Your Heart

The skills that you enjoy most can often be integrated into your design process, and the services you provide to your clients. Even if you feel a skill is not “weird” or relevant, it can often be integrated into your design process and help you stand out from other competitors for clients with similar skills.

My love for food and cooking may not be related to design. It’s not just a point of curiosity that people are interested in me. I also find that my experience as a chef and restaurant owner makes it easy to communicate with my niche clients.

They are eager to collaborate with someone with genuine knowledge and enthusiasm in their industry.

Mine Your Hobbies

Everybody who reads this probably has hobbies. These are things you enjoy doing in your spare time and don’t expect to get paid. You should also remember that hobbies are skills, and they will help you stay relevant to clients who will value them.

Your hobbies, along with any other skills that you may not consider to be related to design can often point you in the right direction for your career.

All of us should strive to do what we love. It can take some effort, but incorporating hobbies and passions can make this easier.

Target Practice

A freelance project that is more complex than usual can be a great opportunity to learn or practice a new skill. This is the ideal opportunity to get experience if you have a client that needs high-level programming such as Ruby on Rails or a client that wants to branch to video.

Keep in mind that not all clients will fit your unique style.

How has having a well-rounded skill set helped you to advance in your career as a designer What are some unusual ways you have used to increase your competitive edge?

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