Top 8 Most Common Mistakes That Android Developers Make

Top 8 Most Common Mistakes that Android Developers Make

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Development 4 min. read

Android is the best mobile operating system, it provides several features that are free to use. Every update Android comes with new, improved and amazing features, pattern, details

With time the Android use has increased and can be operated on numerous devices such as smartphones, television, tablets, watch, PCs, digital cameras, cars etc.

The security has also increased a lot and it is beating iOS in terms of various features and its consumption.

Is any device perfect in the world? Are the errors can be removed from Android?

If someone is paying for a particular device, obviously they want their device to run flawlessly. Small errors can be ignored as no device is not perfect but yes by taking precautions and performing the programming comprehensively can reduce the small bugs or errors.

Today as the number of Android users are increasing and so are their expectations from the developers, hence it’s become crucial to avoid mistakes.

Now, whom to hire for Android App? Are the errors effortlessly prevented?

To stop silly errors on Android is far better to make the most of employ android program developerwho makes certain that each attribute in the program ought to be on stage. They operate based on the way the customer wishes to be their Android program.

The usage of innovative tools and technologies helps to accelerate Android apparatus. The apparatus free of bug or mistake has great efficacy and plays each function easily.

Let us understand what are the typical mistakes which may be eradicated in future once the firm Hire Android App Developers for each and every distinct application in almost any business enterprise. The seasoned and proficient developer provider works on each little to large attribute and makes mistake-free.

The business should employ the very best android program developer by taking a look at their prior job, to obtain an notion of the way the team functions. When it’s qualified and experienced or not.

Describe to the programmers how you need to be your program, your expectations and what attributes, the quality that you need in that.

Here is the list of 8 common mistakes that can be discarded in future.

8 Common Mistakes that Android Developers make

Avoid cloning

Can you realise that some programs are really similar even they’re used on another platform?

According to a lot of reviews and articles, the majority of the programs are a replica of this iOS platform. Both programs are completely distinct, if consumers are opting for Android then there’s a particular reason should they need the very same attributes like in iOS then it does not make any sense to distinguish them.

What can be done to avoid mistakes –

  • Make an effort not to make status tabs
  • Applications icons should not be inside the 4 sided shape.
  • Avoid using Splash Screen.

There are more mistakes too, try to resist yourself not to make again. Do as per the guidelines and requirements of Android.
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Users should be the priority

If users are choosing for Android still not obtaining those attributes they have anticipated then it induces to reduce the chart of consumers in your system.

And yet one thing to be considered is that each and every consumer has different expectations, therefore every demand should be in the top whilst creating the program.

Know your clients, then analyse exactly what your organization is generating and what changes have to get carried out.

The launch of this new program ought to be carried out only after appropriate checking and assessing if the consumer will like it or not.

Since it does not take some time for users to manually uninstall the program in another if the first-time experience of this program is bad.

How are the requirements of each and every consumer fulfilled?

Yes, it appears hopeless but we could speak from most and understand human character or character. Assessment and rating of those previous programs can be of help to be aware of the audience.

Avoid making confusing apps

The first-time experience of this app ought to be directional.

What exactly does it imply?

New users don’t understand how to use it? Where to click? And if the program isn’t popping and directing up arbitrary pages can produce the user disappointed.

It ought to provide appropriate instructions and guide the way to operate the program.

Messy applications

When the app consists of multiple features then it may show some glitches, errors and result in installation. When a company Hire Android App Developer, they need to tell which app they want the most to prevent an impediment.
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Use Fragments

Fragments are the chief part of Android and it is very like action.

Fragments imply the segregation of actions for an individual based on their behavior. It could be shaped in a variety of designs.

It assists the consumer to acquire the info or use just 1 part at a time of this program depending on their preferences.

Alright, therefore fragments are much better to use. So, where’s the error?

In its execution, until the items are created and implemented since they’re intended to be till they then remain useless.

Avoid blocking Main Threads

Are you really getting bad feedback from the customers? Since your program isn’t responding properly and also the main thread is blocked. Thus, users can not connect to the community and make them more annoying.

The way to prevent blocking main threads?

By constantly having a background thread for community calls, bitmap loading, picture processing, SD composing or reading, etc..

Enough Testing before releasing

This is a very silly mistake of not testing the app properly before it’s releasing. The experienced developers make sure to avoid this as every day thousands of app launches, so to stand out in a crowd it’s necessary to check all the functions appropriately.
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It plays an important role in the success of any app. If you Hire Android App Developer, the skilled team not only develops a productive app but also makes sure to promote offline and online to attract more users.

The common error by a company is that they start marketing without knowing the audience, and do not choose the most used platform.

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