What Are The 6 Elements Of Art That Make A Powerful Custom Design?

What Are the 6 Elements of Art That Make a Powerful Custom Design?

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Development 5 min. read

When a design has elements that can grab the attention of the audience in one move, it attracts. To make custom designs more appealing, creative designs require creativity and dynamic concept.

Open up the Intelligence

The digital design revolves around new ideas, concepts, and designs that make objects unique and attractive. Designers can only create unique designs through custom design if they can use all elements legally.

When brands realize the value of custom designs in branding, logos, and websites, the digital industry becomes a focal point. When creating custom designs, good designers keep the basics in mind. This includes typography, colours, and shapes, balance, hues, values, lines, spacing, spacing, etc.

This article will help you increase your intelligence by explaining six components of strong custom designs. These dynamic elements can create amazing design principles and intelligently align the structural components. Let’s take a look at six of the most innovative aspects and create custom designs.

What Are the 6 Elements of Art That Make a Powerful Custom Design?

1. The Blissful Alignments & Lines

Lines are the main element in custom designs. They can be used to create impressive custom designs. These lines can be of many shapes, sizes, or colors, making custom designs more appealing and captivating enough to grab your attention.

These lines can be made visible or invisible by designers. These lines can be made thicker or thinner to display the variety in custom designs. Bold lines are used to emphasize text or objects via the grab texture.

Designers can create amazing layouts with the “Line Element”. This allows them to set the boundaries and limits of an object to make it stand out in custom designs. To make the layout more pleasing and artistic, lines could be used to divide the elements.

The entire custom design’s creativity is held together by two major lines.

These lines serve a purpose.

  • “Actual lines: Designers can use pen and brush to create these actual lines connecting two points.
  • Implied lines: When any design, shape, or object meets, the implied lines make custom designs more appealing.
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2. The Thriving White Space

Space feels empty until creativity fills it. White Space is the space between and underneath an object in custom design. To make designs more dominant, white space is often found between objects or in typography.

  • Under custom design, the space can be any color. It could include the background space, the space between objects, images, or any other design pattern, as well as the space under or under them. These are examples of white space infamous brands’ logos: YOGA AUSTRALIA and FedEx.
  • White Space cleverly dares the viewer to take notice of its hidden creativity in white space areas of custom designs.
  • It improves design comprehension and readability, making it stylish and elegant at the same time.
  • This allows the custom design to achieve the right balance and offer creative direction.
  • Typography makes use of white space.

Designers always want to use white space in their projects to be more creative in the 21st century.
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3. The Majestic Colours

Only colors can grab your heart at first glance. There is no depth to any design without colors. While black and white have their charms, custom designs can be infused with colors that add a powerful element of magic. The use of color makes designs more engaging, creative, and alluring.

Graphic designers have many options when it comes to using colors. They can use the colour range as backgrounds, shapes, and creative shapes to create dynamic custom designs. Each color has a different psychological makeup depending on the main themes or product images.

Each color has its own characteristics, and each one leaves an impression on the human mind. Let’s find out more. Designers constantly go through the color wheel in order to dynamically access the relevant factors like Hue, Saturation, and Value.

  • Red: Power, Emergency and Rage
  • Yellow: Ecstasy, Joy.
  • Orange: Vigilance, Anticipation
  • Green: Health and Trust. Admiration
  • Blue: Sadness, Grief and Pain
  • Light Blue: Amazement and Surprise
  • Black: Mystery, Power, Elegance
  1. Designers use the Hue effect for color recognition on custom-designed objects.
  2. Designers use the Saturation effect in order to reduce the intensity of the shade.
  3. Designers use the Value effect to balance the lightness and darkness of a color.

 4. The Amazing Shapes

Beauty is always unique and creative. A shape is an action where two-dimensional lines are used to frame objects and highlight the third element. This creates a dynamic custom design.

There are many shapes available to help you design your project. These include squares, circles, triangles and squares. They aren’t limited to humans and animals. You can also express shapes as abstract, organic, or geometric.

  • Geometrical shapes are triangles, circles, ovals, squares, and other shapes.
  • Organic shapes are always found with natural and plane boundaries. Organic shapes are not defined by creative, sharp edges.
  • The minimalist custom design is explained by abstract shapes
  • Ovals and Circles: The feeling of constancy, life and togetherness is always associated with ovals and circles.
  • Rectangles and Squares: These shapes are known for their security and solidity.
  • Triangles: Triangles are a sign of power and vitality.
  • Spirals: The spirals show nature and dynamic revolutions.
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 5. The Sensational Texture

While creating custom designs for clients, your patterns and texture choices should reflect your unique mindset. The custom design should be enhanced by the use of textures. Designers look for the perfect textures to enhance their designs.

  • Designers use textures to fulfill all design needs and satisfy 2D look desires.
  • This is another important aspect of custom design. Designers often use unique patterns and textures as white spacing alternatives to enhance their designs.
  • To make their products, photos, backgrounds, and posts relevant and creative, brands always seek out unique textures.

To make their designs innovative and dynamic, wooden companies choose wood textures or patterns just like textile companies.

Do not use too many textures or patterns in your custom designs. This will make them unattractive and overloaded. As it tries to grab attention, custom designs should only have one or two textures.

6. The Superior Typography

Typography can be described as the heart of some very specific and unique designs.

Design is not as appealing without typography. Custom designs, especially, require creative typography to make them more interesting and attractive to the viewer.

Typography is a crucial part of digital technology. Anyone who neglects it will be out of business. Typography encompasses all aspects of digital media, from logo niches to video animations through its amazing and creative fonts and styles.

Typography is a key component of graphic designers and animators. It helps convey the brand’s core message quickly to the target audience. Typography is the heart of design, blogs, videos animations and websites. It also helps to quickly explain the brand’s services.

  • It allows brands to educate their target audience in innovative and creative ways.
  • Because it attracts viewers, it is the best medium for communicating with your audience.
  • It attracts attention dynamically and transmits educated vibes.
  • Brands can use creative typography to promote harmony, professionalism, and create an information hierarchy.
  • Typography comes in many font styles and families.
  • In severe circumstances, some typography such as Courier New and Times New Roman are still available.
  • Some typography can be considered funny, such as Comic Sans or Open Sans.
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Wrapping Up the Intelligence

Many elements can bring new life to your custom designs with their jaw-dropping, inspiring and creative styles. Although designers are everywhere, not all illustrator and photoshop users are professionals. Only skilled designers can see the dynamic value of the elements highlighted in an article.

These elements can help you to be more creative and allow you to create unique designs for your future projects. Designers are free to design whatever they like, according to client requirements.

These elements can make your custom designs more creative and dynamic while still allowing you to reach your target audience intelligently.

Designers should always be mindful of the most important and primary elements of design. Designers must use the right guidelines to make their graphic design more innovative, sharp, and creative enough to catch the eye of the viewer. Designers are everywhere. You’ll be lucky to find one.

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