Best Starfield Backgrounds & Traits In 2024 (Explained)

Best Starfield Backgrounds & Traits In 2024 (Explained)

by Alan Jackson — 2 months ago in Entertainment 4 min. read

Know about the best Starfield backgrounds and traits!

The Bethesda RPG game, Starfield, is fun and enduring. The game revolves around the futuristic creation of space with variations of missions.

There are multitudes of backgrounds to choose for your character to start playing with your starfield companions. Each background is different and grants you three unique skills early.

Wondering what Starfield background and traits do? How to choose the best background in Starfield?

Today’s blog is all about Starfield Backgrounds. I have picked up the best starfield traits and backgrounds so you could better understand each backgrounds’ history, benefits, and terminology.

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What Are Starfield Backgrounds?

Backgrounds in Starfield are the days of old for your character and with three pre-unlocked skills that you have to choose before you start your “One Small Step” mission. Each character has a different background and set of skills.

Selecting a Starfield background is important so be careful while choosing your character for the mission.

List Of All Starfield Backgrounds

Backgrounds play an important role in who your character is, helping setting mission’s story, integrity, and plotting.

Here’s the list of all starfield backgrounds with their skills:

Background Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
Beast Hunter Fitness Ballistics Gastronomy
Bouncer Boxing Security Fitness
Bounty Hunter Piloting Targeting Control Systems Boost Pack Training
Chef Gastronomy Dueling Scavenging
Combat Medic Pistol Certification Medicine Wellness
Cyber Runner Stealth Security Theft
Cyberneticist Medicine Security Lasers
Diplomat Persuasion Commerce Wellness
Explorer Lasers Astrodynamics Surveying
Gangster Shotgun Certification Boxing Theft
Homesteader Geology Surveying Weight Lifting
Industrialist Persuasion Security Research Methods
Long Hauler Weight Lifting Piloting Ballistic Weapon Systems
Pilgrim Scavenging Surveying Weight Lifting
Professor Astrodynamics Geology Ballistic Weapon Systems
Ronin Dueling Stealth Gastronomy
Sculptor Medicine Geology Research Methods
Soldier Fitness Ballistics Scavenging
Space Scoundrel Pistol Certification Piloting Persuasion
Xenobiologist Lasers Surveying HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Picking out the best character’s background is tough here. With so many variations of character and their traits, choosing the right background in Starfield is important. So, how do you get starfield backgrounds?

What Are The Best Backgrounds In Starfield?

To help you a little, I have picked up the best Starfield backgrounds that really help you accomplish missions and make playing fun.

1. Bounty Hunter

You can start with a Bounty Hunter whose background is a perfect fit for the world of combating and intelligence. It’s a bit of a Jango Fett-type personality, and gives you perks at the start.

His traits are perfect in piloting, targeting control systems, and boosting pack training. This is the best starfield background if you require raiding unsuspecting vessels for supplies.

2. Cyber Runner

His background is associated with crimes and perfect toolkit supplies. This is the best character to get your criminal activity going. You can expect coeval tools you need to start committing theft operations during missions.

His traits include Stealth, Security, and Theft – all aimed for commiting crimes and getting away without notice. His skills can let you bypass difficult locks, lighten unsuspecting NPC’s pockets.

3. Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter is above all but imperfect (that’s a little). He is a muscular man and good at gun shooting. He is also brilliant in tackling and solving strategic challenges. Mission like lethal and intense combating, this character background in Starfield would help you alot.

His traits rides on ballistics, gastronomy, and fitness. Not only this, you get 10% more oxygen available and 10% more weapon damage.

What Are The Best Starfield Traits To Be Played With?

The best Starfield traits include Extrovert, Hero Worshipped, and Raised Enlightened because they grant battling strength, blazed negative impact, and focused decision for your missions.

Extrovert: He holds great traits and is considered good for travelling at most. It increases the amount of oxygen, suggesting gigs, and is very talkative.

Hero Worshipped: He is good as it references Oblivion’s Adoring Fan. It also helps your crew with some of the fascinating tangible benefits.

Raised Enlightened: Choosing this trait at the beginning of the game, will grant you access to a chest full of exclusive enlightened goodies.

Alternatively, there are many traits to choose in Starfield. In any case, if you don’t like them or want to remove traits in Starfield, you can do so by speaking to Andy Singh at the House of the Enlightened.

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What’s Next

After the update of starfield 1.9.67 you may notice several changes in the game. Minor changes also bring for best and worst starfield backgrounds and traits. Mindful choosing the background of your character as it affects your entire gameplay during the mission.

There are more games like Starfield to try. You can play Fallout 4, Baldur’s Gate 3, Star Citizen, and The Outer Worlds.

Starfield backgrounds gameplay involve high-end graphics, intense action, and unexpected missions. Try them all, and have fun 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Does background matter in Starfield?

Yes, Starfield backgrounds are mandatory to choose before your missing begin. It sets your character’s behaviour, ability, and power in time.

Which is the best starting background and traits in Starfield?

The best background and traits in Starfield are Bounty Hunter, Space Scoundrel, and Industrialist. It also depends on how players play it in the game.

What traits do in Starfield?

Traits are the player’s ability in Starfield. Starfield traits actually matter and can change your game experience.

What are the best of starfield backgrounds and traits?

Various benefits associated with starfield backgrounds and traits. At a glance, it is important to pick both starfield backgrounds and traits to begin your first mission. The backgrounds help your character interact, combat, and suggest the right things in the game.

Can I choose multiple backgrounds in Starfield?

Yes. Players can select and play with multiple backgrounds in Starfield. Multiple backgrounds can be selected by using the slm 14 1 console command.

Can I change or modify backgrounds in Starfield?

No. You cannot change or modify starfield backgrounds that you once choose. There is no way to change it unless you start a new game story with a new profile.

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