Employee Workflow Automation: Making Important Changes For Business Success

Employee Workflow Automation: Making Important Changes for Business Success

by Alok Upadhyaya — 3 years ago in Future 4 min. read

If you are an employee reading this, you must remember that everything you do is important to the organization you are in.

If you are an employer reading this, please never underestimate how integral every single employee is in the process of fulfilling your vision and purpose.

Employee workflow automation, is just one more way to make these bonds stronger, simples, and more conducive to doing better business.

Why are employees essential to workflows?

Employees, the heart of an organization deserve workflow automation, and they must be given what they are worth for a plethora of reasons.

1. They are the people conducting the processes

Business processes and workflow automation should be in place to help employees do their jobs better and not hinder their work.

It is a proven fact that speed breakers in the workflow not only make processes longer but also annoy employees and impact their performance overall.

Inducting employee input into this workflow automation process can truly minimize time loss and maximize efforts. Remember, you are important to your organization. 
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2. Employees know which tasks are difficult

No one can tell an employee what they do better than themselves. Employees know how to do their job and best of all they know how to make it easier.

We are sure you are always told a better way to do a process you have spent years perfecting. Only when employees become a part of the workflow automation and business process discussion is when change can be made for the true benefit of the organization you are working in.  

3. Employees understand when things are broken

Stress points in an organization are best understood by the people feeling them. Being up close and personal with processes that cause stress is generally a great way to find ways around them, something employers often discount.

Process automation should always look to clear problems the employees are facing first, before looking into things that are not causing as much stress and discomfort. 

Consider your organization is an army, you, the employees are the first line of defense and your weapons are your workflow. Become a part of this and improve your experience and the overall organizational output. 

Let’s understand employee workflow automation

Employee workflow automation helps streamline business processes to make everyday work easier, faster, and more efficient. Usually, business teams depend on the central IT teams for this automation.

But with the introduction of no-code workflow automation platforms, the business teams can themselves automate their workflows without writing any code or depending on the IT team.

This takes away the back and forth that used to exist and is making employee workflows easier.

Workflow automation uses existing information, material, and processes and transforms them into a centralized automated system.

For example, when you receive a shipment of goods, the next step is to log the shipment and then send an email to thank the vendor.

An automated system will do all that for you at the click of a button removing the room for error and delay. All while allowing citizen developers to feel in control of their actions. 

This means less paper, less individualized processes, and an easier system for less money. No-code software, like Asana, Quixy , or Monday could help automate the workflows and business processes of the entire organization and save thousands of dollars a month.

For more employee workflow automation tools, you may refer to resources like G2.

Want to convince your employer about employee workplace automation?

Here are some facts you can bring to the table to help convince people around you of the benefits of workflow automation. 

  • Organizations lose at least $1 Trillion each year to poor management practices and workflow mishaps 
  • Unproductive prospecting leads to a loss of 50% of what could have been productive sales time due to database issues 
  • Manual document hunting takes anywhere from 1.6-2.4 hrs of an 8-hour workday for the average employee where documents are filed manually. 
  • CEO’s are spending 20% of their time on processes that they don’t need to do since they can be automated  
  • The biggest issue according to employees in the customer service space is time management due to workload confusion. 
  • Employees are innovators in a business and they are often stripped of room to be creative. One McKinsey study shows that employees who are also citizen developers are 33% more innovative than ones who are not.

All this makes it clear that lots of time is wasted of redundant tasks, and in this era of the online workforce, automation is the way to go, for you and your employer. 
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Looking for some ways employee workflow automation can help your business?

No-code workflow automation is citizen developable, scalable, sustainable, affordable and all the other words that describe software that employers love to hear.

It minimizes the workload for IT and helps employees feel empowered in their processes. While COVID 19 was the push for many organizations to move to more digitized business processes, so that productivity goes up.  

1. Seamless process completion

Being an employee in a business sometimes feels like you are not a part of growing the larger entity, however, your work is integral to business growth.

Automation tools like those of employee workflow automation make it easier for each little team to reach their goals.

Automation tools help you manage processes that can normally be a mess in a convenient streamlined fashion. Here, reminders, deadlines, goals, deliverables, and formats can all be programmed into the system. 

2. Hassle-free communication

Work emails can be draining, we know. Most employees spend 3-4 hours a day on just emails, imagine all you could do if you didn’t have to manage 20 different email threads for one task.

Employee workflow automation tools not only remove the weight of email threads but also create channels for information transfer with vendors and clients, automatic filing of the information from conversations and even sending off the information to the relevant parties. 

No more, sorry I forgot to CC you, and oops, I missed that email.  

3. Increased productivity

Performance is directly proportional to business productivity. While we all have days where work is just not the easiest to do, there are ways that businesses can be protected from larger events of volatility such as the COVID 19 pandemic and that is through employee workflow automation. 

The benefits of workflow automation lie in the fact that repetitive, overwhelming, manual tasks are minimized. Business process automation allows full potential usage regardless of the location of the employees, in or out of the office.  
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Final thoughts

Everyone wants to save time and energy in an organization. Here we have highlighted just a few ways in which employee workflow automation can help you and the organization you are in.

However, you can learn more about the ways you can be benefited by going through all the resources the internet has to offer. 

Employees are an often-underappreciated asset to a business and everything from the onboarding process to feedback, all of it can be made better through employee workforce automation. Own your position in an organization and protect it in the long run. 

Alok Upadhyaya

An IITian Mr Upadhyaya’s 44 yrs track record involves successful completion and establishment of World Bank financed Delhi Noida Bridge, India’s largest photogrammetric set-up and prestigious Delhi State Spatial Data Infrastructure (DSSDI) project.

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