The Year 2020 Full Of Lessons! What We Learned From 2020?

The Year 2020 Full of Lessons! What we learned from 2020?

by Gagan Jangir — 3 years ago in Future 6 min. read

“No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear”

At the end of the year 2020 we have taken, New Year’s resolution and decide to prepare a list, goals, and making game plans for everything we wanted to achieve for ourselves and our family.

Life was good and we were all happily unmindful of the fact that our worlds would be completely turned positive aspects down.

The year 2020 was a dream and this generation has never seen anything like it before. For a moment, it felt like the world actually stopped for a second and we were just stirring in slow motion.

We should focus on other things to earn money as the job is not everything, this lesson we learned from this year 2020.

We know that this year was very dangerous as well as we have learned some good things from this year time to our family was a great pleasure for us, keeping patience also a great thing and many such things have done well.

I can’t truly express myself for others, but I can speak for myself. If it wasn’t for this time of year in life, we wouldn’t have been in a place where we had to face our image in the mirror.

It happened – COVID-19 and Quarantine period also. I can still remember the first lockdown period before we could even flicker an eyelid, the local school systems closed down, all government and private offices closed, Domestic & International Flights canceled, entry to all states was banned, all spiritual places closed and in a stock of days, the whole world went into panic mode. Lockdownenforced me to ask me something:

COVID-19 has been hard on us, but even harder on those who have less than us. Counting our blessings and trying to help others in any way we can is what 2020 was and 2021 will be better for all of you.

Is what I’m worried about really worth the importance I’ve been engaging on it?”

Despite the darkness, we think about the development we deserve. It is not a good thing for us to get lost in misery and luck, but our expectations can make hope.

Some of us, including myself, we’re waking up to the power to help us improve the beginning of 2021 because what we were in 2020, we do not want to be in 2021. Here I listed some things that I learned from this 2020 year:

The Year 2020 Full of Lessons! What we learned from 2020?

1. Find happiness in simple things: –

Find happiness

Happiness. When you think about it then you may often think of the future in some way. The dream holiday coming up, the promotion you are employed towards, the baby that is on the way, or the dream date with someone new in your life. But happiness can also be found in small and simple things.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
Marcus Aurelius Antonius

We all need to feel happy, and each of us has different ways of receiving there. Happiness and fulfillment are within your grip, but sometimes just out of reach. Understanding what works best for you is the first step in finding them more often.

2. Difficult times reveal the truth: –

reveal the truth

There is no doubt that Life is too difficult but one of the things that make those hardest challenging periods worth it is the fact that they always tell the truth.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Difficult times open our eyes and provoke us with reality, and sometimes even though we cannot see, these changes can be true blessings in the mask.

It cannot be funny how difficult times show us the truth about life and about the people around us. None of us thought that how will the Epidemic CORONA disease come in the year 2020? The whole world was stalled, we were locked in homes, and we praying the God to save us from these Epidemic conditions.

3. Follow your passions first: –

Follow your passion

The loss we’ve seen this year has been truly recorded. We’ve seen the highest amounts of death. We’ve realized industries completely container to the point of no return. We’ve also lost things that were more personal to us like close human collaboration.

In quarantine time, when we stay home, we think about our passions that we forget because of job and project work, etc.

Do these things that lit a fire in your heart. Life doesn’t wait for anyone, this thing I learned from year 2020, so why left-over your valuable hours doing something you don’t feel passionate about? So, find joy and actually make time for interests you are passionate about. You should personal development or develop yourself and by looking at the surrounding environment.

4. Never stop learning: –

Never stop Learning because Life never stops Teaching

I agree on this thing that the year 2020 is actually a savage year, but we learned many things from this year, one of these, never stops learning. One of the countless joys of life is to learn new skills, new languages, new recipes, new crafts, new sports, and new cultures.

When the world is motionless around us, our travel followers found ways to keep discovering from home. We watched TV shows that took us to far-pitched places. We investigated with new recipes from cooking we hadn’t begun before.
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5. Be happy with what you have: –

This year we were all enforced to stay home, spend more time with our families, and taught to make use of what you already have. It was an amazing and blessing feeling for everyone. Instead of worrying about all things yet to come, in this year, I start learning to be completely happy. I hope you all also noticed this thing.

6. There is always a positive side: –

positive side

In the high temperature of the moment, it can be tough to spot, but there is always a positive side of opportunity.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope
Martin Luther King Jr

Here’s hoping that closed offices and schools meant more time with your kids and money saved on the go back and forth. Here’s hoping more time at home has meant more opportunity to nourish yourself with home-cooked meals.

7. Learned to be calmness:


The year 2020 was probably very fierce; in the coming 2021 time, it is going to take us into a phase of economic challenges. Some have lost their jobs, may or may have. Some have suddenly down, may or may have. Remember that this situation has not come because of us.

2020 has taught us just that and we’ve learnt the art of being patient and not getting frustrated.

Do not blame yourself. Do not feel humiliated at the loss. The path will not be seen, but do not lose courage, at least spend less it, do not be alone with your mental troubles, talk to friends, talk to relatives, because all of them going through this situation, if they have any kind of bad care, do not let anyone get away from this situation, they can slowly prepare themselves to cut mountain and make a new path. Let us live in every situation for the better tomorrow.

Life is made up of changes, do not be afraid of any changes, but accept it all, some changes will bring us success and some will teach us the qualities of being successful.

This year has taught us calmness and the courage of success has also increased a lot. So, keep your spirits up and keep the spirits of others also.
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Final Thoughts

As someone who struggles with concern, 2020 was terrible at times and completely disturbing. There have been so many terrible things happen in the world and everything we see all things through the news and social media nowadays is going to negative.

Even, after all, some things happened positively like we all spent much time with our family members. We are reminding our childhood with our kids and doing some creative things like art and craft with kids, and also follow our passions, etc. We have welcomed 2021 with the hope that everything will be good in this new year.

Gagan Jangir

Gagan Jangir is SEO executive at xtreem solution, Shopify website development company and have rich experience in mobile and web app development. He loves to travelling, dancing and writing short stories.

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