5 Ways To Digitally Declutter Your Phones To Avoid Distractions

5 Ways to Digitally Declutter Your Phones to Avoid Distractions

by Kenny Trinh — 4 years ago in Gadgets 3 min. read

Like everyone else, your phone is very likely your lifeline. Phones are our overall portable device which lets us connect, learn, play and almost every other thing it is capable of and according to the-next-tech.com this is how the smartphones will look like in the future so we may find more features and uses soon. I bet others are reading this from their phone or tablet right now.

But oftentimes, your phone is the source of distractions. In this blog post, we will help you enjoy more productivity and fewer distractions with our 5 ways to digitally declutter your phones to avoid distractions. Decluttering is basically we redraw boundaries between ourselves and others, relate it to your phone or laptop computer and it simply means getting rid of unused applications and minimize unuseful notifications.

Delete unutilized apps

Almost all of us have downloaded an app only to discover it was not useful as you thought or you’ve used it before and now you don’t. I know you may be anxious about deleting your apps thinking you may need them in the future, well, you can always reinstall them if that happens. In the meantime, there is no point in keeping apps you never use.

Both iPhone and Android have an app tracker where you can see how much you’ve used a particular application or you can use your own judgment on this and delete all the applications you don’t use. Deleting unused apps will declutter your phone and also make your device run smoother, a win-win situation.

To delete apps, for Android just simply long-press the application you desire to delete then drag it to the topmost of the screen where a trash bin logo would appear. For iOs, long-pressing the app would have a shake effect on apps with a small “x” on the top right part of the app logo; just tap the “x” and choose to delete the app.
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Create Folder For Related Apps

As what the folder does in real life, a folder can help you keep your files organized so as to the applications on your phone. Creating a few folders or a bunch of it depending on your style. Your folders may be based on usage, type of app and every category you may find helpful.

An organized folder helps you declutter your phone. Organizing your apps by folder seems logical, the same goes for your browser bookmarks. Doing so may fasten your app hunting which could result in having more time doing useful things.

To create a folder, just drag an app to another app and a folder would automatically be created, name your folder depending on the category. You can create a folder inside a folder to keep the once in a blue moon apps you used.

Limit Notifications

We are flooded by notifications every day which could distract us and hamper our productivity. The buzz or chimes on your phone can easily distract you and can damage your performance in attention-demanding tasks.

Turning off notifications from apps that are not so important, such as shopping apps, games, social media. Limiting notifications applies to those apps that you think are important like work-related notifications that may need immediate attention. Another way of ensuring that apps are not disturbing you is by enabling silent push or indicator alerts next to the app icon.

Clear out Inbox

Emails are everybody’s problem, they create a ton of to-do list which prevents you from getting anything useful done. Stagnating them in your inbox is not good so try to clear them out or organize them as possible.

Delete those unnecessary emails and keep those important, it’s also good to act on them as soon as possible so that it won’t stagnate in your inbox. Group everything by sender allows you to know who is occupying your inbox and delete or archive the emails in just one go.

Prioritize Important Apps

There are apps where immediate and constant access is necessary, so set up or log in only those applications, remove sync inboxes that don’t need to be checked regularly, games, social media. This would reduce your time spending on unproductive apps and declutter your phone at the same time.

Perks of having a clear and decluttered phone help you navigate your digital spaces, efficiently get work done, and may cut down your screen time. All are good benefits for you!
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Well, everyone gets distracted easily and unknowingly strays from the tasks you are doing, good thing there are ways you can avoid this or minimize it in your favor. Phones are really helpful and would be more of a help when it does not count as a distraction, but with these guidelines, you now have a better idea of what to do in order to avoid Phone distractions and boost your productivity.

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